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Chapter 1162 Forced Charm

Chapter 1162 Forced Charm

1162 Forced Charm

"W-What did you do to me...?"

Morwen questioned with a confused look on her face. Nux on the other hand, was too busy dealing with the pain in his head that was increasing continuously and didn't answer her question.

Being ignored like that, Morwen's anger shot up and she screamed,

"You bastard! What did yo-"

However, before she could even complete her sentence,


The Slave Seal's intense pain came in and she started screaming in agony.

"This is bad..."

Nux muttered to himself, this was his first time using this technique, so he didn't know the consequences, now however, they seemed much worse than what he initially thought.

The pain in his head continued to increase, he was now having difficulty keeping his eyes open and his body felt unreasonably heavy. To deal with this, Nux sat down and closed his eyes.

Then, he recalled his conversation with Ambrosia, 'Most Vampires aren't able to learn this technique because getting into the state of Incomplete Charm requires much more Mental Power than one would normally have, it is not about training, it is simply latent talent. The only person other than you who I believe has enough Mental Power to learn this technique is the Vampire Hero.'

'What if one with inadequate talent tries to learn this technique?' Nux questioned.

'They cannot.' Ambrosia simply shook her head.

'What if they try really hard?'

'Nux, I have already made it clear, this is not about Hard Work, the technique in itself is quite simple once you get the essence of it, what one really requires is adequate base mental power. It is not something you can train, it is what you are born in.

If you try to force it, you will simply exhaust your Mental Power and once that happens, you will experience intense pain in your head that would stop you from doing anything else and would only go away with time.

And I can tell you from personal experience, it is not a good experience.

Well, not that you would remain unknown on this pain, as you continue to train my Incomplete Charm, you will eventually exhaust your Mental Power and will feel this pain.'

Nux finally understood what this pain was.

Him forcefully Charming Morwen has exhausted his Mental Power.

Normally, the pain related to Mental Power was not that intense, at least not what Nux would consider intense after the training he went through with Vyriana, right now, however, what he was currently experiencing was not a normal pain one would experience from just Exhausting his Mental Power, he was experiencing a backlash for using both his Mental Energy as an Incubus and a Vampire and exhausting them both.

In simpler words, he was experiencing pain from Exhausting the Mental Energy he didn't even have, since, fundamentally, both his Mental Energy as an Incubus and as a Vampire, are the same.

"I am not doing it again. It is not worth it."

Nux spoke to himself.

This was [Forced Charm].

A new Technique he had invented together with Vyriana while they were working with his Vampire Powers and were trying to combine it with his Incubus Powers. The Essence of this technique was to combine Vampire Mental powers with Incubus's, resulting in stronger [Charm] and [Illusions].

And... it failed.

At the least the stronger [Illusion] part did.

This was because the two Mental Energies focused on different areas and couldn't just be combined. Not until Nux recalled what Ambrosia had taught him before.

The Skill she created on her own, the Charm that remains active all the time, the Incomplete Charm.

Using that technique in his Human Form, Nux brought Human Blood into the mix as well, and extending its adaptive ability as a base, he combined Incubus and Vampire's Mental Power to create [Forced Charm].

The technique he used on Morwen.

The technique that allowed him to Charm even a Complete Saint, when he himself is only a Semi Saint.

But whether it was worth it or not...

Well for now...

"You fucking bastard! If you think this pain can make me submi-"

Morwen continued to resist the Slave Seal's Pain, a commendable feat that almost no one had achieved before, Nux, however, was not in the condition to appreciate that and,

"Can you fucking go away?"

He grabbed her hair, opened a Portal, and threw her into the [Core] as if she was some trash sack.

He then waved his hand, closing the portal and the things around him finally turned silent.

"Haaahh..." Relieving a sigh of relief, Nux fell to the ground.

He needed momentary rest.

Thinking about that, Nux closed his eyes, however, when this 'momentarily' rest turned into a long slumber, he couldn't tell.


"You are awake."

Nux heard a soft voice as he slowly opened his eyes. His eyes then fell on a beautiful black-haired woman whose face appeared to be right above him. It didn't take him long to realize that he was resting in her comfortable lap.

"Lane..." He muttered in a soft voice.

"You should take proper care of yourself. I was worried." Lane spoke in her usually gentle voice.

"You are here to do that for me, aren't you?" Nux smiled lightly.

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't look after yourself," Lane spoke as she cupped Nux's cheeks and started gently massaging them.

Nux closed his eyes as he enjoyed the care.

"How long has it been?" He suddenly questioned.

"You have been asleep for an entire day." Evane stepped in as she answered.

Behind him, other women walked in as well and Nux was quickly surrounded.

"A whole day...?"

Nux was surprised.

He knew his Mental Power was exhausted and that he needed time to recover enough of it to function properly, but an entire day...?

Wasn't that a little too much?

He was usually fine within a few minutes.

'Was this the Side effect of abusing my Bloodlines...?' He wondered inwardly. He could tell that he still hadn't recovered all his Mental Energy.

Heck, he barely had 10% of his total amount.

Right now, he was extremely susceptible to Charm, Illusions, or other abilities related to Mental Power and honestly, he had no clue how long would it take for him to recover.

"Wait..." Suddenly, Nux's expression changed as he recalled something that he had completely forgotten.

"A day has passed..." He muttered.

"That is correct." Amaya nodded, confused as to why Nux was suddenly acting like that.

"Then it must mean 5 days must have passed inside the [Core]."

Nux spoke.

"Yes, that shou-" Amaya nodded again, however, this time, Nux quickly opened the Portal and Directly stepped in.

Then, his eyes fell on a woman, who was lying on the floor, a strong odor came from her body and Nux could see liquid, covered with Blood around her body. The woman's entire body was trembling, her previous anger and arrogance that could be seen in her Green eyes, were nowhere to be seen.

When the woman's eyes fell on Nux, they brightened up, she was missing half of her left arm and both her legs were charred black, completely unusable, however, she still dragged her cripple body towards Nux, then rubbed her forehead on his shoes as he reached near him.

"S-S-Stop t-this..."

Those were the only words she could muster. She didn't have any energy left in her body, her eyes looked soulless.

She could only show her message through her actions, which she did by continuously rubbing her forehead on Nux's foot, even going as far as licking it. Morwen didn't look like a respected Complete Saint at all.

The women standing behind Nux frowned,

"Who is she?" Evane questioned, not liking the situation at all.

"Yes, who is she?" Amaya questioned, not liking the situation either, her reasoning, however, was completely different than Evane's.

"That looks kinky." Aisha, on the other hand, was thinking about a completely different thing.

"I was about to say that..." Edda nodded.

Aisha glanced at the tanned woman, the tanned woman looked back, and suddenly, the two nodded at each other.

A new friendship was formed.

The two perverts weren't thinking about the woman dragging herself on the ground at all, one had seen such a situation enough times in the past to care about it, the other's mind was simply filled with too many other things to even bother with something like that.

"Nux..." Evane, on the other hand, didn't sit still and held Nux's shirt from behind.

Knowing what she wanted her to do, Nux waved his hand, the pain Morwen was feeling subsided, and,

"Haah... Haah... Thank you..."

She spoke, showing her gratitude by resting her forehead on Nux's foot again, and before Nux could order her to move away, he realized that she had passed out.

A Complete Saint Stage Cultivator, a Cultivator who can create a strong impact in current Yrniel, even making the Divine Stage Cultivators tread carefully in front of them, lying on his feet like this...

Once again, Nux was reminded of how horrifying the Slave Seal could be.

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