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Chapter 594 Quick Trip [Bonus]

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Chapter 594 Quick Trip [Bonus]

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Most Untamed Awakened could only afford one new Soultrait Symbol, one Soultrait Upgrade to 4-Star, and one Soultrait Upgrade to 3-Star.

Nobody could afford to upgrade their Soultrait to 5-Star, but that was expected. Upgrading a Soultrait all the way to 5-Star costs between 2500 to 3500 SoulStar Fragments. Michael couldn't give a discount for such a heavy expense even if he wanted to. He had less than 12,000 SoulStar Fragments left.

Maybe, everything would have been a little bit easier if he had more. However, upgrading Extraction to 7-Star had been high highest priority. It was his main Soultrait, after all.

Most Untamed Awakened decided to purchase one Soultrait that suited their combat style and upgraded it as high as possible. But there were also a few Awakened who chose to purchase two Soultrait Symbols. They upgraded them to 2-Star before fusing with them. Their reasoning was pretty simple. They wanted to use three Soultraits whose powers could be combined to create a more versatile fighting style with more surprise effects.

At the end of the day, the Untamed Awakened purchased a total of 53 Soultrait Symbols and 4,560 SoulStar Fragments for Upgrades. Michael doubled down and secretly added more SoulStar Fragments to upgrade all 2-Star Soultraits to 3-Star Soultraits. He asked some Awakened if they were willing to expand their Jungle Loan with a special loan to upgrade some of their Soultraits to 4-Star.

That way, Michael ended up with 4,000 SoulStar Fragments and 418 Soultrait Symbols left in his possession.

He didn't spend the remaining 4,000 SoulStar Fragments because he recalled that their trip through space would end soon. It was almost time for their spaceship to arrive at the Saphirelake Military Academy. Michael was not certain if the leftover SoulStar Fragments would come in handy, but he had a feeling that the SoulStar Fragments would go farther in the Saphirelake Military Academy.

After the Flag War, Michael didn't manage to get many Human Awakened as his subordinates because there were mostly Descendants from prestige families who'd participated in the Flag War. However, there were various Adventurers in the Saphirelake Military Academy, not only Descendants.

The Saphirelake Military Academy was the best place for Michael to get his hands on well-trained Adventurers with great techniques and Soultraits. But then again, it was unlikely that dozens of Adventurers would flock to him just like that since most Awakened were already affiliated with other big families.

Descendants who lost their territory would usually try to fight their way through the Origin Expanse to reclaim their Lord Powers by re-establishing their territory somewhere more secure.

"The Heart of the Blazing Lion army has been sighted near the northern border. The reports state that they've begun with the reconstruction of a large military camp. We've already recorded several energy distortion devices, spatial seals, and several other means that prevent Zeroa and Stinger from infiltrating their camp with their spatial affinity and special abilities." One Scout reports while another one adds.

"My Unit was discovered and we were bombarded with arrows, fire spears, and other long-range projectiles. I cannot be certain about what or who attacks us, but their attack range is roughly three kilometers. Their accuracy was not that great, but two Scouts in my unit were hit. They sustained severe injuries and are currently in the infirmary fighting for their lives."

Michael had been busy dealing with the Soultrait Symbols and Soultrait Upgrades of the Untamed Awakened until the Scouts found him. Their reports were a bit worrisome, but it was good that the Heart of the Blazing Lion army decided to set up a military camp and rest instead of attacking right away.

The Untamed Awakened need some time to get used to their new Soultraits. Getting used to their new powers and experimenting a little bit until they can use them well enough in battle will require a few days of practice. Michael hoped that the Zentika Empire was afraid enough of the Untamed Jungle to spend a few more days resting and preparing thoroughly for the invasion.

It was a risk, but Michael had to take it, especially now that they were about to reach the Saphirelake Military Academy. Maybe, he could get his hands on more reinforcement.

He told Rebecca to stay in the Origin Expanse for the time being. Rebecca could leave the Origin Expanse and call him on the crystal watch the moment the forces of the Zentika Empire were to make their move.

Michael, on the other hand, left the Origin Expanse to take a look outside after he told the Medics to use whatever they needed to tend to the injured Scouts.

Upon emerging in his cabin within the spaceship, Michael noticed that they were not in space anymore. They'd already landed in Kelta.

He was welcomed by a small robot that moved through his cabin upon sensing the energy fluctuations of his Runic Gate.

A projection appeared above the robot.

[Welcome back. Please follow me to the shuttle. I will bring you safely to the Saphirelake Military Academy!]

The robot left the cabin a few seconds later and Michael followed.

Half an hour later they arrived at the Saphirelake Military Academy. At least, that was what he thought.

The shuttle glided through the air, granting Michael a good view of the Saphirelake Military Academy from a bird's view. However, what he saw underneath shocked him to the core. The Saphirelake Military Academy didn't look anything like before. The academy grounds expanded fivefold, hundreds of new buildings had been constructed while he was away, and a single glance with Spirit Eyes showed that the number of students had increased even more.

Michael could see the energy fluctuations of countless students from his elevated position, and he couldn't quite believe it. There were so many students. Most were Lesser Lifeforms, but Michael detected hundreds if not more than a thousand Higher Lifeforms as he channeled some energy into Spirit Eyes.

There were not only Descendants and Human Awakened but also hundreds of Berserkers and Warlock Centaurs. The first batch of Berserkers and Warlock Centaurs had already arrived, and they got used to their new home quickly.

A smile crept up on his face as he observed the changes at the Saphirelake Military Academy. A few minutes later, the shuttle landed and Michael stepped out.

His nose wrinkled after he took a lungful of air and he chuckled lightly. A notification attracted his attention. It was a message from Kraft Viton. Michael messaged Kraft Viton earlier to find out whether the elder was in the Origin Expanse, or if he was outside right now. Fortune was on Michael's side. Kraft Viton was in the Saphirelake Military Academy and his office was close as well.

Michael hurried to Kraft Viton's office and entered with a sly smile.

"You didn't change a lot in the last few weeks. Looks like you're doing well," Kraft Viton said, but Michael merely shrugged.

"I doubt that you're here for a lesson. You want something from me, or the Bartholomew Corporation, don't you?"

Michael smiled at the old man. Kraft Viton had a great perception.

"The last few weeks had been quite busy. I joined a war against a Council of more than 100 Lords. That didn't work out as well as I expected, but it's not that bad either. The Council is a mess. They fight against each other internally. Either way, I'm here because i need lots of things to defeat the shit out of some enemies. Of course, I have various goods to sell."

He retrieved a spatial pouch where he'd stored all duplicated blueprints, 115,345 to be precise, followed by 12,405 Artifacts. Both the blueprint duplicates and the Artifacts were incredibly valuable, but Michael threw the spatial pouch toward Kraft Viton as if they were worthless. fre ewebno

Kraft Viton's eyes widened slightly after he inserted a trace of energy into the spatial pouch. The surprise in his eyes disappeared in the next second, a nonchalant expression appearing on his face.

"What do you need?"

Michael retrieved a sheet with items listed. There were only a few items, but they were all quite valuable. Michael would have a hard time procuring most of these items without Kraft Viton and the Bartholomew Corporation. Fortunately, he had the best Master, a Master with great intellect and connections. 𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝒃𝒏𝓸𝓿𝒆𝙑.𝒄𝓸𝙒

"That should work. When do you need them?" Kraft Viton inquired.

Michael stared deep into Kraft Viton's eyes.

"As soon as possible. The enemies are already knocking on my doors."

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