Chapter 362: Chapter 248: Li City Evil Creatures (Part 2)

Chapter 362: Chapter 248: Li City Evil Creatures (Part 2)


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Li City’s night.

With the dim yellow streetlights and the lighthouse’s illumination, the city seemed to be draped in a layer of noble elegance, highlighting the gorgeousness and grace of its entire body…

Central City West Street was a residential area in the center of the city. Although it was just one street, it stretched very long, with numerous residents on both sides like a dense forest.

When nighttime fell, this street seemed quite desolate and mysterious, as if it had entered a town surrounded by mountains and wilderness. When flying through the air, one could even feel the presence of a thin mist that seemed to hover around.

“There must be something strange going on. Heh, just don’t let me catch you…” Dongqing sneered and lowered his Cliff Feather Bird a little.

Chu Mu and Dongqing rode together on the Cliff Feather Bird. Although the Night Thunder Dream Beast could tread the air at night, it still couldn’t fly freely in the sky like winged Soul Pets.

“The team leader is here…”

“Team Leader!”

“Team Leader!”

In the alley, several Soul Pet Masters riding their soul pets formed a circle, sealing off the entire residential alley and preventing others from approaching.

Chu Mu and Dongqing had jumped off the back ridge of the Cliff Feather Bird and landed steadily in front of five city guards.

Dongqing took large strides towards the spot with filthy blood, his gaze fixed on several horrifyingly gnawed corpses. His expression turned somewhat solemn.

Chu Mu also glanced at the corpses, and his eyes showed a slight change.

Before Chu Mu were two human corpses and three Soul Pet corpses. Since the Soul Pet corpses had been gnawed to the bones, it was hard to tell what Soul Pets they were just by the few remaining limbs.

The two humans had been killed outright. One had his stomach ripped open, the other had half of his head severed. There was no sign of any bloody mess elsewhere on the bodies, so the killer seemed to be uninterested in human flesh.

“Team leader, this is the sixth case. Though the news has been suppressed, it’s hard to keep people’s mouths shut. Rumors have started to spread in some places, causing fear among the residents.” A young guard said.

“Do you think it’s man-made, or some wild soul pets with strange movement techniques that have infiltrated the city and are causing trouble?” Dongqing asked.

High city walls surrounded the city, and the possibility of wild soul pets entering was rather small. However, there were several situations that could occur.

For example, some high-intelligence, stealth-type soul pets could slip past the guard’s defenses and enter the city, hiding in areas that people rarely visited. At night, they would come out to attack Soul Pet Masters and their pets.

Also, some clans or forces could have lost control of their Soul Pets due to negligence. Such escaped soul pets would likely be unable to leave the city and would hide in certain places, attacking people and Soul Pets at night to feed…

“Their Space Rings are still here. If it’s man-made, the Space Rings would usually be taken. But it’s also possible that the person simply doesn’t care about the possessions of these Soul Pet Masters and feeds their own soul pet with human victims.” A guard analyzed.

“Are there no other clues?”

“No, the culprit is very cunning.”

“Then let’s stay up and patrol tonight. We must resolve this issue as soon as possible.”


“Brother Chu Chen, it seems that this area isn’t very safe. If your two friends don’t have any self-defense abilities, I suggest they don’t stay here for too long. Sigh, coming all the way to Li City and witnessing such an unpleasant side…” Dongqing said politely to Chu Mu.

“Both of my friends are not weaker than me, so defending themselves isn’t an issue. I will be around here recently, and if there’s any clue, I’ll inform you.” Chu Mu said.

“That would be best. If you find any clues, just contact a City Guard and ask him to inform me; I’ll come immediately.” Dongqing said.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t linger. Following the direction indicated by Dongqing, he headed towards the Spirit Medicine Shop where the Ye siblings resided.

Ye Qingzi’s rented Spirit Medicine Shop was not in the busiest location, which made Chu Mu wonder why she had chosen this area as her base of operations. After all, this was a residential area and not very prosperous commercially…

The crime scene was not far from Ye Qingzi’s rented Spirit Medicine Shop. Chu Mu didn’t want to waste soul power to summon the Night Thunder Dream Beast, so he walked on the desolate street at a leisurely pace.

Chu Mu took a shortcut, which was not the main street of West Street. Perhaps the recent horror had spread, so the more remote alleys and small streets had closed doors, with hardly any pedestrians to be seen.

“Swoosh, swoosh”

Two strange gusts of wind swept by rapidly behind Chu Mu, crossing the alley he passed. Chu Mu’s senses were extremely keen, and he turned his head almost the instant the wind stirred.

Dark figures darted through the air. Chu Mu released his Soul Sense, locking onto the two fast-moving shadows.

Just as Chu Mu’s Soul Sense was about to fully control the movements of the two creatures, they suddenly leaped out of Chu Mu’s sensing range and fled far away.

Chu Mu’s heart sank. Just now, these two creatures were clearly trying to approach him, but they immediately jumped out of his perception range when they sensed his Soul Sense locking onto them. This was no coincidence; it only meant that the two creatures possessed an extremely strong perception ability, able to detect others’ locks on them.

Realizing that these two things were not benign, Chu Mu slowly began to recite a spell, summoning his Night Thunder Dream Beast, a pet that was even more perceptive at night than him, to his side.


With its demon spirit sense released, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s black eyes pierced through the darkness, locking onto a deep alley next to Chu Mu.


Without waiting for Chu Mu’s command, the Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a long hiss and began brewing a black Death Light in its mouth, spraying it directly at the long alley!

The black energy beam shot straight through the alley, and suddenly exploded in the air halfway through it!


As the Death Light shattered, the walls of the houses on both sides showed signs of crumbling, and a powerful force swept out of the alley!

Chu Mu hadn’t noticed anything strange in the alley before, but now he suddenly saw a hidden creature in the shadows being blasted away as the energy exploded.

“Night raid creatures that can hide in the shadows and disguise themselves at night, Young Master must be very careful,” Fox Elder warned.

Chu Mu’s heart tightened as well, he hadn’t expected to encounter such frightening creatures in the city!

Invisibility during the night was one of the most bizarre abilities among Soul Pets, and those with this ability were usually very terrifying, capable of silently killing unsuspecting people and Soul Pets.


A low growl from the invisible creature echoed through the alley, as if realizing it had been discovered. After getting up from the ground, it stuck to the alley wall, blending into it and disappearing from Chu Mu’s sight.

Soon after, there were faint sounds in the alley. When Chu Mu looked, he saw that the residents nearby had detected the anomaly and were making restless movements in fear.

“What’s…what’s all the commotion…it’s late at night and still not resting…could it…could it…” At this time, a middle-aged man staggered and wobbled at the end of the alley.

The middle-aged man’s face was flushed with alcohol, with a bag of wine in his hand, cursing and drinking as he walked.

Stumbling every three steps, the drunkard was completely intoxicated and finally leaned against the wall, falling asleep right there.

“Get away from there!” Chu Mu shouted, trying to warn the clueless drunkard.

However, just as Chu Mu finished speaking, a shadow of a claw slowly emerged from the alley wall, slowly sliding past the drunkard’s head.


Brain matter and blood spattered out, disgustingly clinging to the wall!

The drunkard had his head sliced off while still lost in his drunken stupor, and his body convulsed a few times before losing his life completely.

Chu Mu’s heart sank; just now, the claw had moved quite slowly, but he could not see what the Soul Pet was at all. If he hadn’t locked his Soul Sense on that spot, he wouldn’t even be able to see how the drunk had died.

“Fox Elder, what on earth is that?” Chu Mu’s face grew solemn, and for some reason, he felt many eerie auras and chilling eyes staring at him in the winding alleyways and streets.

“I don’t know. I suggest that Young Master leave here quickly, these things might be gathering in this area,” Fox Elder advised.

Chu Mu nodded, leaped onto the back of the Night Thunder Dream Beast, and let it unleash its Extreme Shadow, racing towards another alley.

The street towards Ye Qingzi’s Spirit Medicine Shop had a very strong aura, so Chu Mu knew he couldn’t go that way. He could only choose another route, which was quite the opposite direction, to temporarily get rid of the eerie creatures…


The Night Thunder Dream Beast suddenly speeded up, running towards a direction without any dangerous gaze.

Turning a corner, Chu Mu found himself in an even more spacious and desolate night street. The pale moonlight sprinkled on the bluestone path, giving it a faint and empty atmosphere…

However, the shadows darting about occasionally added even more horror and gloom to this part of the city!


Like hissing snakes, sounds came from both sides. When Chu Mu crossed the alley, he suddenly noticed that the shadows darting around the houses, walls, and shops had become more and more numerous. These things followed behind the Night Thunder Dream Beast like shadows, their sharp and terrifying claws glittering with a cold light under the moonlight!

“We’ve been watched!”

Chu Mu’s heart sank. He hadn’t expected to become a target of the evil creatures of Li City so quickly!(To be continued. If you like this work, please come to Qidian () to cast recommendation votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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