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Chapter 1012 Airship

Chapter 1012 Airship

?”I think that concludes today’s meeting. Please proceed with the current plant for now. Do you have anything to say?” Before he ended the meeting, he turned to Anna. As the lady of the Ardagan family, Anna was determined to surpass Noel’s achievement in this area as well. So, it was only right to actually give Anna to say her pieces.

Anna looked down for a moment. It seemed that she had prepared a few things before the meeting and after understanding Noel’s plans, she had to adjust the plans a little bit.

“There are several things that I’d like to discuss. I think that my idea is a bit wild, but I believe it’s worth consideration.” Anna paused for a moment. “First of all, I believe that we haven’t given the Greenwood Kingdom enough.”

“Eh?” Livia widened her eyebrows. After getting his permission to take in a student that could become the vice principal of the Rune Academy, she thought that the Greenwood Kingdom had gotten enough. And it wouldn’t be weird for the Greenwood Kingdom to favor Noel.

However, Noel actually thought something else. “Can you elaborate?”

Anna nodded. “First of all, I am looking at the Zaecuria Kingdom for this one. We have reached an agreement that there will be cooperation between the Ardagan family and the Zaecuria Kingdom regarding the battleships. This will greatly strengthen the Zaecuria Kingdom’s military power. On the other hand, the thing we’ve given to the Greenwood Kingdom is not related to the military. While it’s true that the well is important, I think that a kingdom wants something related to the military the most.”

Noel’s expression turned solemn. “And this cooperation you’re thinking aboutโ€ฆ” ๐“๐˜ช๐‘๐“‡๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘‘.๐‘๐˜ฐ๐‘š

Anna raised a finger. “What do you think about building a ship with the Greenwood Kingdom as well?”

“Eh? Another ship? The Greenwood Kingdom also shares the same ocean with the Zaecuria Kingdom, but the portion is not so big.” Livia frowned.

“No. I’m not talking about the ship on the water. I’m talking aboutโ€ฆ” Anna pointed her finger up.

“The sky?” The people realized what she meant.

Even Noel didn’t expect this one. “Interesting. Do you mind explaining your plan in detail? This way, Livia might understand you better.”

“Well, Noel, you have been planning to create transportation that can fly in the sky, right? That’s apparent from all the inventions, especially the flying squad. That’s why I’m thinking about creating a ship that can fly in the sky.” Anna had never seen anything in her previous life, but there was one thing from the Greenwood Kingdom that made it possible.

“That’s a very big challenge. In the end, the ship is floating on the water, so we only need runes to propel it forward. Meanwhile, the skyship, or maybe we can call it an airship doesn’t have that ability. In other words, we need a lot of resources just so that we can let it float in the sky.” Noel frowned.

“That’sโ€ฆ” Livia looked down as if she were thinking about something.

“I believe it’s not that hard to do it, right, Princess Livia?” Anna smiled.

“How did you knowโ€ฆ” Livia gasped.

“It doesn’t really matter. And do you mind if I reveal it here?”

“โ€ฆ” Livia hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “Well, you already know. So, I don’t really have the authority to seal your mouth. And if it can really benefit my Greenwood Kingdom, there’s nothing wrong with turning a blind eye to it.”

Anna nodded. “The Greenwood Kingdom is actually developing a big balloon to carry a person into the sky. And I’m thinking about using this balloon to actually bring the ship into the air. Or at least act like the water.”

“Hoh? Will that be enough? If we create that kind of ship, the weight is no joke.”

“Yes. But these balloons will allow us to focus on something else instead. Since there is something that will push them upward, we only need the Floating Rune to lighten the ship. By playing with the right amount of weight, I believe that the ship can easily float in the sky. And it’s easier to move forward in the sky than in the water. That’s why if the normal ship needs a lot of drive to move forward, we can take half of that drive to let the boat float and use half of the remaining drive to push the airship forward and still get the same result.”

Livia dropped her jaws to the ground. If that were actually possible, Livia couldn’t imagine what kind of terror those airships would bring.

And they could also drop bombs or other things on the ground. There was even a chance to equip the ship with the weapons Noel had created for the wall.

One or two ships were enough to destroy a single territory. Unless they had a dome-shaped barrier, it would definitely alter how they conducted the war itself.

“Interesting.” Noel couldn’t help but smile. He never thought this was possible. Even if it were to happen, it would be far in the future.

It seemed that Anna had grown.

“Ifโ€ฆ If that is possibleโ€ฆ thenโ€ฆ” Livia stood up, having a hard time breathing. A lot of emotions, like excitement and fear, were mixed in her heart. She couldn’t help but lower her head. “I am asking not as Teacher Noel’s student but as the princess of the Greenwood Kingdom. We’d definitely love to cooperate with the Ardagan family. Please allow us to join the development of this airship.”

“Well, a battleship is good, but I’m thinking about the normal usage too.” Anna raised the second finger. “We can create a smaller ship for various purposes. For example, we can use them to carry letters and goods. Unlike the fast horse, they don’t have to cross the harsh terrain. The only thing they have to avoid is the mountain, but it’s still much faster than a carriage.”

Noel felt like he was losing to her with just this idea alone. He couldn’t help but imagine these normal ships bringing goods to other cities. The logistics of the entire kingdom would be transformed by them. And it wasn’t limited to the logistics, they could also bring some soldiers, which would change the tide of war.

Noel looked at Dimitri, saying, “Dimitri. Sorry, but I think I have to move the schedule for the second migration ahead. I order you, as the head of the Ardagan family, to set up the next migration within one month.”

Dimitri instantly stood up and bowed his head. “Your wish is Directly support the authors on WebNovel!

my command.”

“As for the cooperation, what do you have in mind?” Noel asked Anna once again.

“Eh? I’m the one coming up with the cooperation agreement?” Anna blinked her eyes a few times. Normally, Noel would take over after this.

However, Noel also wanted to show them that he wasn’t the only one in this family. Even if something happened to him, Anna would be able to take care of the family.

“You are the one suggesting the idea. So, I’m not going to take on the credits.”

Anna fell into deep thought. “Well, I can’t deny that we have given a lot of things to the Greenwood Kingdom. If the agreement is not making the Greenwood Kingdom bleed a little bit, the Zaecuria Kingdom will have an excuse to be jealous. So, if the Zaecuria Kingdom needs to build one battleship for us, how about having the Greenwood Kingdom build one battleship and three normal ships first?”

Noel thought this was appropriate. In the end, the airship’s worth couldn’t be compared to that of a normal ship on the water.

Livia hurriedly replied, “I will do it. Even if the Greenwood Kingdom can’t agree, I will definitely change their minds.”

“Alright. You can talk about it with your family. Since we are near the border, we can actually use the demon territory for building these ships. How aboutโ€ฆ” Noel thought for a moment. “Yeah. How about joint training with the Greenwood Kingdom? We can train a batch of our Rune Magicians as well while clearing those demons from that place.”

“Definitely.” Livia immediately lowered her head toward Noel and Anna. “Thank you, Master and Mistress.”

“We are still engaged, not married.” Noel smiled wryly while Dimitri said, “I think it’s good to think about marriage after this, my Lord. There will be a lot of people aiming for you since the wife position is still empty. To shut them up, we will need to hold the marriage as soon as possible. In the end, even if you don’t plan to have a kid yet, it’s still necessary to confirm the status.”

“That’sโ€ฆ” Noel scratched the back of his head before glancing at Anna. “I originally thought about using this city for the marriage, so I wanted to wait for it to be completed first. But if we need to push the schedule forward, we might need another city to host it to avoid leaking out secrets.”

“I don’t really mind.” Anna nodded in agreement. At the same time, she felt a bit relieved because of this.

“Then Charlotte will be the one taking care of it, right?” Noel asked.

“Rose and I will complete the preparation as soon as possible.”

“But considering the status of that city, we can only hold it for two or three months.” Noel muttered. Still, compared to the original nine months, this was much better.

“Understood.” Charlotte nodded with a serious expression. No, it looked like she was more fired up than ever.

“Well, we also need to speed up building the Moon Temple. Since we have the saintess here, shouldn’t it be fine to have her lead the marriage ceremony?” Dimitri smirked.

“Of course. Don’t worry, Dimitri. I’m going to make it a better ceremony than the time when the previous master married Madam Leysha.” Charlotte clenched her hands into fists.

Noel didn’t know why, but these people were more excited than him. But when he caught a glimpse of Anna’s relieved smile, he couldn’t help but close his eyes for a moment, thinking this might be a good idea.

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