Taking the Mafia to the Magic World

Chapter 561 Casey’s Origin

Chapter 561 Casey’s Origin

?After kissing Layla for a full minute, Vicente pulled his lips away from hers, causing her to open her eyes and stare at him after all the sensations she had just noticed in her body.

Layla blushed. She was a virgin without experience. Being teased like that makes her nervous.


“We’ll sort it out later. Right now, it’s time to get Casey out of here.” He let go of her waist as he looked straight ahead.

Layla stopped to think about other things than the negative sensation coming from the middle of that peak, which quickly brought her senses back to reality.

“What are we going to do? It looks like Casey’s father is involved in something sinister.” She asked.

“Let’s find him and run,” Vicente said before moving forward, already hovering on a sword-like artifact.

Layla no longer hesitated and followed Vicente, heading towards the area where the ominous feeling was coming from.

That was the direction of the tracks left by Casey’s father, where they thought they would find their target.

“You’ll get him out of this place when we find him,” Vicente said as he flew closer and closer to where they were going. “You should be on your way to our other target. I’ll join you as soon as I’ve lost the enemies.”

“What about Casey? Will he just accept our intervention?”

“You’re stronger than him, so he won’t have much of a choice. If he doesn’t like it, just let him talk to himself and take him away. His father is involved in something that could even put me in danger, so he won’t be the one to do anything about it.” Vicente’s words were dry.

He understood Casey’s motivation and wouldn’t stand in the man’s way if the situation were different. But he had the feeling that something was very wrong in that place, something that could even lead to the death of all of them. 𝘭𝒾𝑏𝑟𝑒𝒶𝒹.𝘤𝘰𝓂

In that case, he couldn’t let Casey complete his revenge!

And so, they would soon meet this guy again!

Not far from the cave where Joseph’s master was, that long-haired man stood and looked at the young man who looked just like him.

“Casey…” He murmured as a smile formed on his face, seeing his firstborn after years since their last face-to-face meeting.

Casey stopped and stared in silence at his father, the man who had caused the deaths of the people he loved most.

To make matters worse, Joseph was the father of one of his own victims. That infuriated Casey the most. For this reason, he was there for his old father’s head!

“Joseph!” He said after a few moments as his breathing rate increased and the veins in his neck became more visible.

“May I ask what you are doing here, Casey?” Joseph asked sarcastically, sensing how strong his son had become.

“You miserable bastard! You ask me that?” Casey raised his voice in anger. “I told you I’d kill you one day, you old devil. What you did to my sister was unforgivable.”

Joseph maliciously laughed when he heard this. ‘You are such a fool, Casey. This is exactly what I wanted! Look how strong you are! You’ve grown up well with the hatred I’ve instilled in you!’

“Casey, today we’re going to settle our affairs. But not in the way you imagine.” He commented as he made a calming sign to his last living child. “But don’t be in a hurry. Some guests are arriving for our reunion. I’ll let you discover the truth together with them.”

Casey looked around, afraid that these guests might be Joseph’s allies. But as he did so, he soon noticed two people he knew flying towards this place.

‘Vicente? What are you doing here?’ He asked himself before looking back at his father and realizing this was a trap!

‘Damn it! Did he take me to this place?’ Casey hadn’t realized that his father was leading him, as he had thought he was pursuing in his old man’s footsteps.

But Joseph was very calm. He seemed to be waiting not only for him but for people who were on the same path Casey was on, who he had no idea were following him.

In that moment of realization, Casey saw Vicente and Layla arrive at the spot.

But they weren’t the only ones there. Just as Vicente and Layla saw Casey standing a few feet from Joseph, someone else arrived.

A man, six feet tall, thin, with ashen white skin, white hair, and red eyes, appeared next to Joseph, holding a staff in one hand.

He was dressed in ancient clothes that covered most of his body but not enough to hide his skin, which shone like diamonds in the daylight.

Vicente, Layla, and Casey wasted no time looking at each other. As soon as this man stopped beside Joseph, all three of their eyes were focused on such an entity.

That was only a Low-level Mage, but his evil aura, the blood on his clothes, and the look in his eyes were enough to make even Torne stand on guard in fear of this being.

‘Shit! A vampire!’ Torne shouted in Vicente’s mind as soon as he realized what the man next to Joseph was.

Vicente had already noticed this since vampires were among the darkest monsters in the Polaris Realm, and even poor children were taught to recognize such creatures.

Layla and Casey opened their mouths in amazement, not expecting to find a legendary vampire in this part of the continent.

‘There must be something wrong with the continent.’ Layla thought, trembling with fear as her three pentagrams appeared around her. Casey did the same as she and Vicente.

“Damn you, Joseph. Did you sell your soul to a damn vampire? You lured me here to give your master your own son as a gift?” Casey screamed as he realized what was behind his reunion with his father.

Joseph grinned at Casey as he looked at Vicente and the young man’s unusual pentagrams. “Don’t be an idiot, Casey. You and your sister have only served me as a way to please my master from the beginning. You wouldn’t even have been born if it wasn’t for him.

I just didn’t expect you to not be the main dish of the evening.”

The vampire smiled as he looked at Vicente, seeing the strangest creature he had ever seen among humans.

“You truly have brought me something of great value, Joseph!” The vampire said as he laughed evilly, extremely happy to have met someone like Vicente.

Vampires could become stronger and live longer by sucking the blood of living beings. The more powerful, talented, and younger their victims were, the more the vampire would benefit!

Vicente was just perfect for this creature!

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