Talent Swallowing Hero

Chapter 615 [Bonus ] Bonus Trial

Chapter 615 [Bonus ] Bonus Trial


The master has killed 12 Mythical Grade Devil Sword Fishes and gained 120 units of God Energy.


The [Ghost Card’s] effect has disappeared.

Just as Leo killed the two sword fishes, the [Ghost Card’s] effect disappeared; however, Leo was not focused on the system notifications.

Instead, he looked at the shiny gems that fell from the disappearing bodies of the Sword Fishes.

As soon as Leo touched them, the Devil Stones were directly stored in the storage space provided by [Heaven’s Voice].

“A human with only a legend-grade cultivation and no ascending status?”

“He dared to enter God Tower and even reached the ninth floor? Interesting”

“What’s more…he had 12 devil stones on him. They are mine.”

“He is mine…don’t dare to touch him.”

“What are you going to do if I touch him?”

“If you have the strength, stop me from taking him.”




With the sudden appearance of Leo, all the Mythical Beasts that were busy fighting one another stopped fighting and looked at Leo with a surprised look in their eyes.

Even though Leo’s presence surprised them, what they were interested in was not Leo; instead, they wanted the 12 Devil Stones that Leo had just collected.

“I have to get away from here.”

Leo already guessed that he won’t have enough time to leave the last layer of the trial. Therefore, he crushed the second [Ghost Card] and once again disappeared from the presence of everyone.


“Where did he go?”

“Did you use your spatial skills on him to hide him or what?”



Leo’s sudden disappearance created chaos among the mythical grade beasts and soon, they once again went back to their fighting.

‘This trial is completely different from the earlier trials. These beasts were all busy fighting themselves.’

On the other hand, Leo didn’t make any sudden movements and slowly observed the situation around him and wondered about it.

‘Anyway, [Heaven’s Voice], I have successfully collected more than 10 Devil Stones. Isn’t it time for you to send me to the next trial?’

Leo was still in the last level of the trial and tried to communicate with [Heaven’s Voice] through his inner voice.

[Congratulations to the challenger for successfully completing the trial]

As though it heard his prayer, [Heaven’s Voice] resounded in the water; however, the Mythical Grade Beast didn’t bother about it and continued to fight among themselves.

[The challenger has triggered a new challenge on the ninth floor]

[Because of his actions of killing a dozen Devil Sword Fishes and saving a Devil Tortoise (Mid-level Mythical Grade Beast), it showed some interest in becoming your companion]

[Bonus Trial: Make the Devil Tortoise your pet]

[Bonus Trials are not mandatory but upon completion of a bonus trial, a generous reward will be given to the challenger]

[Of course, the challenger can give up on the Bonus Trial any time they want]

[Do you want to complete the bonus trial or do you want to give up and leave the floor?]

The [Heaven’s Voice] that Leo thought forgot him gave a lot of instructions in a single go, making him become a little greedy.

All the rewards from [Heaven’s Voice] were generous and now, the [Heaven’s Voice] was itself mentioning that the reward would be generous for completing a bonus trial.

‘Since I still have more than 9 minutes for the ‘Ghost’ effect, I can give it a try.’

There was not much to think for Leo as he directly agreed for the Bonus Trial.

Moreover, other than the additional reward, he would get a mid-level Mythical Grade Beast as his pet. Therefore, Leo agreed to it as there were a lot of benefits for him in that trial.

‘It looks like that Devil Tortoise didn’t have any powerful attacks.’

From the time Leo saved the Devil Tortoise from the Devil Sword Fishes, it was completely hiding inside its shell.

After Leo took care of the Devil Sworld Fishes, another Mythical Grade Beast was attacking it now, hoping to crack the shell.

[Legendary Nether Domain – Solo Domain]

Leo swam towards the Devil Stone Octopus and activated the [Solo Domain].

As for the target, obviously, he selected the Devil Stone Octopus which instantly reduced its battle prowess by 50 percent.

[Starlight Rapid fists]

Soon, Leo started his punching session.

On the other hand, the Devil Stone Octopus was unable to see its enemy but it kept receiving the damage, making it anxious.

Even though it was a Mythical Grade Beast, he didn’t want to die while fighting an invisble enemy. So, it decided to escape.


However, how could Leo let it go after he used his trump cards and put his efforts into punching it?



By increasing the strength in his punches, Leo continued to punch without letting it go and only stopped when it turned into mincemeat.


The master has killed a Mythical Grade Devil Stone Octopus and gained 10 units of God Energy along with a Devil Stone.

Adding the newly gained Devil Stone, so far, Leo has collected a total of 13 Devil Stones.

“I heard you are interested in becoming my pet. Is it true?”

After taking care of the Devil Stone Octopus, Leo directly swam towards the tortoise and asked about its interest.


However, there was no response from the Devil Tortoise, making Leo frown.

‘Is it because I am currently invisible? No…it’s not possible.’

Even though Leo was not visible, he knew that his words could be heard by others.

‘Or is it because it is afraid of me?’

After thinking for a moment, Leo came to this conclusion from what he had seen earlier.

According to Leo, the Devil Tortoise was scared of other Mythical Beasts and even himself despite the fact it wanted to become his pet.

‘Maybe it was only a moment of interest.’

Leo has interacted with different beasts in the past and could be considered as an expert when dealing with Beasts.

After coming to that conclusion, Leo knew how he could make the Devil Tortoise to poke its head out of the shell.

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