Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent

Chapter 609.1 Infiltration Plan (part 1)

“Grey mist organization?”

Luo Feng and Nebula were both surprised. They had never heard of this organization. Seeing the confused look on their faces, Fang Yun directly stated the information he gathered about this organization.

“I see.”

After hearing Fang Yun’s explanation, both Nebula and Luo Feng’s faces changed. After a moment of silence, they hesitantly asked

“My lord, since the leader of the Izumo Empire is a member of the Grey Mist Organization, will they……”

Fang Yun naturally understood the two people’s concerns, but according to his guess, the grey mist shouldn’t care too much about that. This organization is just a platform for trading and posting/receiving various tasks.

“The leader of the Izumo Empire is just an ordinary member of the grey mist organization. Your worries are not valid.”

Fang Yun pondered for a moment before continuing,

“We also have to join this organization. We must send our young geniuses there so that they can exercise and see the vast world outside. Remaining confined in this corner for a long time is not conducive to their cultivation”

“Furthermore, this will greatly reduce our expenses.”

After these young geniuses leave to join the Grey Mist, there would be no need to distribute cultivation resources to them anymore. That will massively reduce their resource consumption.

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Moreover, the domain master level is the minimum to join the Grey mist organization, so after they join it, they will not only save a lot of resources but also have many powerhouses outside, gathering information and resources for them and expanding their sphere of influence.

After dealing with all of their problems, Fang Yun and the other leaders aren’t planning to recklessly give resources to promising geniuses anymore.

With their ever-increasing number of cultivators, if they keep the previous distribution method on, then their resources will dry up sooner or later.

“We understand.”

Luo Feng and Nebula both nodded. Next, Fang Yun taught them the contact method of the Grey Mist organization and all the cultivation techniques and martial skills he found in the memories of the three world masters.

​​The current Metaverse severely lacks cultivation techniques, relying mostly on basic and self-made techniques. In other words, their cultivation potential has not been fully tapped.

In fact, they even lack basic cultivation techniques. After all, people have different compatibilities to different techniques.

Some people might seem mediocre or lack even the potential for cultivation, but a lot of times, they just lack a suitable technique.

The current Metaverse league possesses mostly extensive cultivation techniques. In other words, these basic cultivation techniques apply to many physiques and races, provided that they have cultivation qualifications.

However, many people have the required qualifications, but either possess a rare type of physique or race. The Metaverse unfortunately lacks the means to set these people on their cultivation journey.

In fact, according to what Fang Yun knows, people with rare physiques or races can actually reach a much higher point than ordinary people once they set foot on the journey of cultivation.

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It’s a pity that the lack of basic cultivation methods caused these prospective geniuses to be reduced to talentless people and waste.

Among the cultivation techniques that Fang Yun found in the minds of the three world masters, there were also quite a few basic cultivation techniques. These techniques might open a path for some of these previous ‘wastes’ and ‘talentless’ people.

Therefore, both Nebula and Luo Feng were extremely excited after receiving them.

Regardless of whether it is Nebula or Luo Feng, they are wholeheartedly thinking of their hometown, the Metaverse. For them, the growth of the Metaverse is a matter worthy of celebration.

They are sincerely happy.

“Thank you, sir.”

Both of them don’t know what to say. They have endless gratitude for Fang Yun in their hearts.

They are all very clear. Fang Yun’s contribution to the Metaverse is much, much higher than theirs. If it weren’t for him, the Metaverse league would not exist at all. They would have been defeated and enslaved by the Gama Empire a long time ago.

Their situation would be completely different. At the very least, it would be impossible for them to have the opportunity to cultivate and have a firm foothold in the ancient universe.

“You must give me the list of the candidates in half a month, then bring them to me, now go back.”

Fang Yun issued a task to the two of them and then ordered them to leave.

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Now, the Metaverse league is still immersed in the joy of their victory against the Izumo Empire. Many people felt that the Metaverse league had great prospects.

However, the success hasn’t blinded the leaders of the Metaverse, especially after Fang Yun gave them that task. They felt great pressure. It is precisely this kind of pressure that drove them to remain calm.

Per Fang Yun’s request, Nebula and Luo Feng visited several major training camps and started to select suitable candidates.

Of course, they mustn’t dispatch all of their young domain masters at once. If something were to happen to them, the loss would be too great to fathom.

Consequently, they can only send them away in small batches.

Some academies besides the famous training camps have domain masters. After all, this is the Metaverse’s golden age of cultivation. Even small academies have access to a lot of resources.

More and more martial arts geniuses are emerging, causing even the big training camps to be overcrowded. This gave these academies a chance to scoop up some leftover geniuses.

An example would be Morrowind Academy. Recently, its reputation is getting loudly and loudly, faintly approaching the level of the big training camps.

It’s currently at the peak of the second echelon of cultivation academies.

There are currently six training camps, and the best is undoubtedly the first training camp, followed by the ninth training camp.

Following the two above, there is the second training camp, the third training camp, the fourth training camp, and the fifth training camp.

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The worst is the fifth training camp. The level of this training camp is only slightly higher than that of the Morrowind Academy, and more importantly, now these private academies already know how to fight against the official training camps.

They used all kinds of high-quality resources to dig out some of their excellent tutors and students.

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