Chapter 1425 - 1425 Meeting Alt Again!

1425 Meeting Alt Again!

Gerald had undoubtedly become a knot in Jordan’s heart. He was an existence that made him unable to eat or sleep in peace. He was also the person that Jordan thought about the most, second only to Levana.

Jordan was traumatized when he was killed by this guy on Earth. He had to get rid of this guy as soon as possible to calm his heart.

When Elle saw that Jordan was a little nervous, she comforted him, “Dawn, don’t be nervous. Although you’ve only cultivated for half a month, I believe that with your ability, it won’t be a problem for you to get into the top three!”

Elle Green thought that Jordan was too nervous to get good results. In response, Jordan only forced a smile and said nothing. Soon, Jordan followed the main group of the Fairy Academy to the competition venue inside the Cloud Sect.

As soon as the people from the Fairy Academy appeared, they immediately caused a commotion.

As everyone knew, the Fairy Academy was filled with female students. The people from other schools, especially those who came to participate in the competition, were mostly men. Therefore, even in the past, when they saw the people from the Fairy Academy, they would be very excited.

This time, everyone’s focus was on Jordan.

“Look, that masked woman is Dawn! Hehe, she has a tier ten talent. It’s unprecedented, and I’m afraid there won’t be anyone like her in the future!”

“Although her face is covered, I can tell that she’s definitely a rare beauty in the world. One day, when my cultivation stagnates, I will finally be able to taste the love between a man and a woman. I must pursue her!”

“Come on, she’s a top-notch talent. When your cultivation stagnates, she might already be in the Unrivaled Realm! At that time, are you even worthy of her? Hahaha.”

Everyone was talking about him, and Jordan was very disgusted by their discussion. They treated Jordan as a woman. Jordan thought to himself, ‘I’m more manly than all of you if I take off my clothes!’

At that moment, a boy walked to Jordan’s side with a teasing smile on his face. “Hello, Miss Dawn. I’m Alt, and I’m also in the apprentice group. We might have a competition later. However, don’t worry. I know you’ve just started cultivating, and I’ve already been an apprentice for a year. I’ll give in to you. Hehe, do you want to win? If you’re willing to be good friends with me and chat with me when you have nothing to do, I can go easy on you. Don’t worry, I’m a cultivator with the ambition to achieve the Unrivaled Realm. I won’t have any improper thoughts about you.”

Jordan glanced at Alt. Wasn’t this guy the kid who fought with him in the hotel?

On the side, Elle also recognized Alt. After all, it was Elle who suddenly appeared and saved Jordan at lightning speed, preventing Jordan from being beaten up even more miserably by Alt.

Jordan still remembered that he had lost to Alt in the competition back then and was even beaten up by him a few times. He had to take revenge today.

However, Jordan ignored him for the time being and looked elsewhere. He was looking for Gerald’s two subordinates and the two boys who tested their talents with Jordan.

However, Jordan did not see the two of them.

“In half a month, they might not be qualified to participate in the test of the apprentice group. There are too few people with my talent.”

Jordan had a level ten talent and a grandmaster-level ability to make something out of nothing. Now that he was in the apprentice group, it was like a King of Glory playing a bronze match. Basically, he could win with his eyes closed.

Alt, who had come to strike up a conversation with Dawn, was furious when he saw that Dawn was ignoring him. “Hmph, even if you’re the favored daughter of the heavens, you don’t have to look down on me like this! You don’t even look at me and don’t answer my words! You’re too arrogant. Although my talent is inferior to yours, I’ve cultivated longer than you. When it comes to the competition, I definitely won’t hold back!”

With that, Alt left.

Jordan did not care about Alt’s threat. He had long seen Alt’s ability. Previously, as an ordinary person on Earth, Jordan could fight more than ten rounds with Alt.

Now, Jordan was also a cultivator. His body had been strengthened and he could use Spiritual Energy. Alt’s advantage over him no longer existed.

Soon, the competition of the apprentice group began.

First, it was a fight between the Cloud Sect and W Academy, followed by the battle between the Heavenly Academy and the Fairy Academy.

Time slowly passed from morning to afternoon. Round after round of competitions were held. In the end, the finalists were Alt from the Heavenly Academy and Jordan from the Fairy Academy!

“Oh my god, I didn’t expect the finals to be between the Heavenly Beauty, Dawn, and Alt, who has been an apprentice for a year!”

“Alt is cheating! I have a friend in the Heavenly Academy. He said that Alt could have advanced to the disciple level a long time ago, but in order to get first place in this year’s apprentice group, he deliberately stopped advancing. He’s too shameless!”

“Oh my god, doesn’t that mean Miss Dawn will definitely lose? Although Miss Dawn is shockingly talented, she has only been an apprentice for half a month. How can she fight with Alt, who has been training for a year?”

“Hehe, there’s no suspense about the outcome. Alt will definitely win because this battle is not a competition between apprentices at all. One is an apprentice, and the other is a disciple. How can Dawn win?”

On the side, Elle whispered to Jordan with a smile, “You’ve already helped me win respect. You’re in the top two. Even if you’re not first, it’s fine. However, I don’t think you’ll give first place to this guy easily.”

After all, Elle knew how much Jordan hated Alt.

Jordan said, “The next time I see him, I’ll be a scholar or a grandmaster. If I teach him a lesson again, people will say that I’m bullying the weak. We’re all apprentices now. I want to take revenge.”

Elle smiled and patted Jordan’s shoulder. “Then, go ahead. My dear, I believe in your ability!”

The last time Elle saved Jordan at the Lost Paradise Hotel, she had been watching the two of them fight. She was very surprised that Jordan, a non-cultivator, could fight Alt, who had been an apprentice for a year.

Now that Jordan had become stronger, he might be able to defeat Alt.

The two of them stood on the stage, causing the crowd to cheer. Even the Vice Dean of the Cloud Sect had come to watch the final battle of the apprentice group!

On the stage, Alt said arrogantly, “Dawn, I’m going to teach you a lesson today. What an arrogant personality! Defeating a tier ten cultivator is enough for me to brag about for the rest of my life. Hahaha!”

Alt was brimming with confidence.

Jordan asked calmly, “Alt, have you ever fought anyone?”

Alt said, “Of course! A while ago, I beat up a kid at a… a place. So what if that kid can fly? I still beat him up like a dog! If he hadn’t been rescued by a mysterious person, I would have beaten him to death! Of course, don’t be afraid. I won’t be so cruel to you. After all, we’re only sparring. Hahaha.”

“I know the person who was beaten up,” Jordan said slowly.

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