The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 683 - When You Created ‘Wild Green’, did You Use this Method as well?

Chapter 683: When You Created ‘Wild Green’, did You Use this Method as well?

Qiao Qing’s words made everyone laugh.

“Oh boy, how cute! What kind of animal was it that you wanted to smoke it out?”

“I can totally picture this in my head! I think that girl is so cute! When others want to lure an animal out, they use food. But this girl used stinky flower oil!”

“Also, who would just shove it with Buddha’s hand out of anger? Only a kid would do that! How kawaii!”

Qiao Qing, “...”

What about this was cute?

Plus, she did try to use food to lure it out, but the animal stayed in its cave and refused to come out. So she was forced to think outside the box.

In the end, the animal never came out. She wasn’t sure if the smoke killed it.

Qi Yusen and others smiled affectionately.

Jun Yexuan in particular stared at her with much hotness.

He suddenly remembered a popular saying on the internet – she was cute like the Sun.

Zhang Heng’s face softened even more as he looked at Qiao Qing, “That was three years ago... or maybe even earlier... you truly were a kid back then. I must ask, when you created ‘Wild Green’, did you use this method and these ingredients as well?”


“Wild Green?!”

“What’s he implying? This girl created ‘Wild Green’?!”

His words caused an uproar.

Jun Yexuan, Qi Yusen, and Gong Yi all sat up straight as their bodies went into shock.

They thought Qiao Qing was simply being praised for being better than Xu Pingting.

But what did they just hear?

Wild Green?


Nobody at the scene could keep their composure.

“What a joke! The creator of ‘Wild Green’ was a young girl? She’s Queen?”

“Three years ago... she wouldn’t have been too old then. Only 15? She created the incomparable ‘Wild Green’ at the age of 15?”

“My worldview has just been flipped on its butt. Don’t tell me that’s real!”

Xu Pingting’s eyes were full of disbelief. Impossible. How was it possible that Qiao Qing is Queen?

The perfumers from both the Xu and Gong Corporations were lightning struck – Xu Lu included.

She suddenly remembered what Qiao Qing had said to her this morning.

“You asked me before what kind of perfume I’ve made before, right? I can tell you.”

“Wild Green.”

At the time, she thought that girl was joking. But it was... true?!

Nobody had been able to process this yet when Qiao Qing nodded lightly, “Yes.”

“Woah!” The crowd went wild.

Jun Yexuan and others felt their hearts tighten. They could not look away from that silhouette in front of them.

Especially Gong Yi, who went into the perfume business because of his obsession with “Wild Green”. He stared at Qiao Qing without blinking and the veins in his hands bulged out.

In the end!

In the end, she was the cause of all the flutters his heart’s ever felt!

Zhang Heng smiled, “No wonder I was never able to figure out what made up ‘Wild Green’ and I was never able to replicate it. There was a very unique process to making that perfume. Young woman, you truly are a bright pearl out of all the perfumers!”

He then said to the other judges, “Let’s come up with a score.”

Everyone commented on their scores. Since Qiao Qing was the last participant, the judges folded up their scoring papers and handed them to the MC.

The MC said, “Since the second round is an individual round, the scores are broken down by the individual and the judges no longer need to consider the team as a whole. I will now show everyone the scores. The highest three scorers will be the top three from our competition.”

Nobody paid attention to who the top three were at this point.

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