Chapter 970 - 970 His Ideal Girlfriend

Chapter 970 - 970 His Ideal Girlfriend

970 His Ideal Girlfriend

Things had gone terribly awry. A researcher from the Meng family had somehow developed the formula they had been working on, and they had successfully created the prototype drug.

Yang Ming had refused to believe it, but when he asked his people, they only reaffirmed the news. They said that the key processes were all done by the Meng family, and they had asked for nothing in return aside from the cancellation of the engagement.

Then his own researchers tried to persuade him to go along with it. “Young Master Yang, these conditions are very good. Their conditions won’t do us any harm, and we are aware that you do not like Miss Meng, anyway. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Please don’t let this opportunity go.”

Yang Ming was far from content with this outcome, but he didn’t really have a good reason to refuse the Meng family.

He planned to seek Yao Ran out to ease some of his displeasure. And when he heard that the results of the college entrance exams had come out, he began to look forward to their meeting.

If she had a top student for a girlfriend, he could bring her out with him anywhere. As the young and promising President that he was, he naturally needed a partner at his side, someone he could show off to society. Aside from her personality, Yao Ran just happened to tick off all his boxes.

He headed over to No. 1 High School and looked for Yao Ran’s class. When he arrived at her supposed classroom, however, she was nowhere to be seen. When he asked around, he was informed that Yao Ran had been too ashamed to attend classes after scoring so low in the exams.

“What was her score?” Yang Ming couldn’t help but ask.

He was well-acquainted with that girl’s ego. She had probably failed to qualify for Qing University and was simply throwing a tantrum.

But his expression turned cold when he heard that Yao Ran had only scored 550 points, and couldn’t even get into a good university.

This was not the kind of girlfriend he had in mind!

Yang Ming was not a genius himself, but he could certainly hold out his own. He had to, if he wanted to excel within the family. He had set his eyes on Yao Ran specifically for her grades and talent, which would have served to boost his own reputation.

But now, there was no way he would ever acknowledge any relation to her. Aside from her abysmal score, she had also lost the support of the Yao family. Whatever worth she had now was much less than he had originally perceived.

Yang Ming grimaced. From now on, Yao Ran would have to fend for herself. He wanted nothing more to do with her.

As if on cue, he received a call from Meng Ling. Yang Ming answered with a frown. “Didn’t you break off our engagement? What are you doing calling me up? Don’t tell me you’re already regretting it.”

Meng Ling snorted, and he knew she would have burst out laughing if it wasn’t so appropriate. “Do you have any idea how narcissistic you are? I’ll have you know that I couldn’t be happier over the breakup. I just called to inform you that I did exceptionally well on the college entrance exams. 635 points. Oh, that’s right. Your precious Yao Ran didn’t do very well, did she?

“I suppose that makes you an even more perfect couple now. I heard that a new restaurant has opened near the one you took her to last time. You should bring your sweetheart there and comfort her. It’s the most suitable place for the two of you.”

Yang Ming tightened his grip on the phone. “Don’t push it, Meng Ling!”

“Oh, come on, I was just joking,” Meng Ling snickered. “Why are you so angry all of a sudden? You’re so funny. I truly think that you and Yao Ran are a perfect match. But I guess she would just have to remain your mistress at this rate.”

Her words were dripping with malice and mockery, and it didn’t escape Yang Ming’s notice. “Yao Ran and I don’t have that kind of relationship,” he reiterated, feeling genuinely outraged by the implication this time. “She is my adopted sister, nothing more.”

“Yes, yes, whatever. Well, in that case, you should pull some strings and make sure she gets into a good college. She has nothing to her name now. No money, and no brains.”

Everything that Meng Ling said was like a slap to Yang Ming’s face. He dropped his gentlemanly act and retorted with the full force of his rage.

“Have you said enough? You have no right to poke your business in my relationship with Yao Ran. It doesn’t concern you. You have no right to interfere or even comment on it!”

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