The Bored Immortal

Chapter 547 A Murderous Saint?

Chapter 547 A Murderous Saint?

"Grandpa? Tia?" A soft voice sounded from behind as both Brad and Tiana turned around with widened eyes, "Saya?!"

"Thank goodness, you are alright!" Brad shouted in a relieved tone and asked as he grabbed her hands, "You didn't get hurt or anything, right?"

"Of course, she didn't, grandpa. Don't startle her like that. Look at her. She is fine, just like I said," Tiana said with a smile, feeling relieved as well. For a moment, she got worried since Sayana was missing, and she couldn't even reach her phone.

Sayana apologetically bowed her head slightly as she said, "I am sorry for making you two worry...I-I just ended up running in the wrong direction. I am sorry I wasn't able to get back the watch," Sayana felt guilty that she wasn't telling them the full truth since she clearly remembered chasing after the thief without ending up in the wrong direction.

The last thing she could remember before blacking out was quite an unsettling memory of getting shot three times. Even now, she couldn't help but wonder if it was all just a dream or something since she was clearly alright.

And the next thing she remembered was waking up at a chair near the amusement park without having any idea how she got there. She then saw Brad and Tiana standing in the distance and rushed towards them, knowing that they were standing out with the police in search of her.

However, since she couldn't remember or recollect what exactly happened in between, she didn't want to tell these two and make them worry.

Brad laughed as he patted her shoulder and said, "Dear, you should worry about yourself more than a watch. But good news...these guys found my watch. Thank you all for finding it, and apologies if I lost my temper back then. I was just too worried for my granddaughter, hoho."

"Please don't, sir. We completely understand," One of the officers said with a respectful smile.

"Fiuhh..." Sayana was glad to hear that he found his watch, considering how much he treasured it. She gave a nod of gratitude towards the policemen, who gave a smile back to appreciate her gesture.

However, the officer standing near Brad looked at him with a serious look and said, "Sir, may I have a word with you?"

Brad pulled together his brows, but then he gestured to Sayana and Tiana to wait till he came back.

Tiana took another look at Sayana, and only now she noticed something odd, "Hey, what happened to your clothes and gloves? When did you change them? You also lost your specs?"

Tiana saw that Sayana was no longer wearing her fluffy sweatshirt but some other flashy t-shirt that didn't seem like her style at all. Her gloves were gone too, just like her spectacles, even though recently Tiana had noticed her not wearing them all the time like before.

"O-Oh, my clothes got dirty when I..I slipped and fell. So I bought another set of clothes. But I lost my specs when I was busy chasing him, though I don't think I really need them anymore," Sayana said as her gaze darted.

She again found it incredibly uncomfortable to lie to Tiana's face since she never remembered buying any set of clothes or losing her spectacles. All she knew was that when she woke up, she had a different set of clothes and magically lost her gloves and spectacles.

Tiana furrowed her brows and asked, "But even then, why would you get rid of the clothes you were wearing before?" Tiana found it odd since Sayana was someone who would never let anything go to waste. She still had her old school bags, accessories, and stuff and would never throw anything away unless they were absolutely useless. So how come she threw away a good set of clothes no matter how dirty they became?

"My...My clothes?" Sayana mumbled as she didn't know what to say since she was not used to making up lies.

"Ah..." But suddenly, she grimaced as she felt a pain in her head and saw vague images of her burning her old clothes. What shocked her was how she burned those clothes since, in those images, she saw dark red flames bursting out of her palms to burn those clothes.

She couldn't make sense of what she saw, and the next moment all these images just vanished as if they had never existed.

"Saya! What happened?" Tiana suddenly got anxious upon seeing Sayana's expression contorted in pain and helped her sit down on a bench nearby.

Sayana felt the pain disappear as she rubbed her head and said, "I...I don't know...Maybe I have a headache."

Tiana put her hand up against her forehead and raised her brows, "Oh my god, you are burning up. When did you catch a fever? It must be because of the cold here. But you never get sick, unlike me. How strange...We should anyway get you checked into a hospital just to—"

"No, please, no. I am fine. It will soon pass," Sayana said with a soft smile to reassure Tiana. Sayana knew the strange experiences she was having recently weren't something any hospital could treat or figure out.

Tiana had a doubtful look, not knowing if she would be really fine or not. Thinking about it, she was really acting a bit weird recently or doing some things she couldn't make sense of. 𝑏𝘦𝑑𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝑙.𝘤𝘰𝘮

Brad, who had no knowledge of the discussion between Tiana and Sayana, was busy talking to the officer, "Are you telling me that you found my watch in a bloody murder scene? If some gang members killed each other for my watch, then I can still understand. But which murderous saint would kindly leave my watch on the side and leave the scene?" Brad couldn't be happier that he got back his watch. But he couldn't help but find it incredibly odd after the officer told him where he found his watch

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