The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: There Is a Rip-Roaring Wind Today

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In the Headmaster’s Office, Headmaster Chen clasped his hands together and rested his head on them as he stared at the letter of challenge on his desk. “Has the situation been clearly investigated?”

“Yes, Headmaster Chen. Shadow Stream’s seal is very unique. After it was appraised by the cultivation police department, they confirmed that it was Shadow Stream who sent this letter of challenge.” Director Shi frowned. To be honest, she also had never imagined that Shadow Stream would grandly throw down the gauntlet against a high school, and threaten to complete the plan of assassinating Student Lotus Sun inside the school as revenge for the matter in the Xiao Family Compound that day.

“It appears that the situation has become more troublesome.” Headmaster Chen lit a cigarette and took a short puff.

“If Shadow Stream sends enough strong experts, it will be very difficult for us to curb their movements with our current faculty’s strength… Student Lotus Sun is in great danger.”

“So, what do the higher-ups mean to do now?”

“They want us to first let Student Lotus Sun take leave from school for her protection, and then apply to the General Administration of 100 Schools to comprehensively upgrade the school’s security measures in the short term.”

“Director Shi, do you know how long it is to the next 100 Schools council?”

“It’s about a month away…”

“There are altogether twelve districts and thirty-six regular senior high schools in Songhai city. Currently, we are the third of the three main regular high schools in Peiyuan district.”

Director Shi: “…” It was already a completely normal state of affairs for No. 60 High School to be at the bottom of everything.

Headmaster Chen sighed. “If we accept what the higher-ups are suggesting, it’s the same as saying that our school leaders are incapable. And if those two geezers at No. 58 High School and No. 59 High School want to stir up trouble, they’ll use this matter to kick up a big fuss, and we’ll be further and further away from becoming a key city senior high school…”

“So… what do you mean, Lord Headmaster?”

“Our overall faculty may not be strong, but! We still have one powerful comrade!” Headmaster Chen thought for a while, then stubbed out the cigarette. “I don’t care what kind of measures Huaguo Water Curtain Group and the cultivation police will take to protect Student Lotus Sun when she is outside the school. But we have to take full responsibility for security measures inside the school, and we must make sure she is perfectly safe.”

“Then… what should we do now?”

“Reject the higher-ups’ suggestion that she should take leave from school, and have Student Lotus Sun brought to the independent classroom; it’ll be enough to have that person stay to protect her. Tell the higher-ups that if Student Lotus Sun loses even a single strand of hair, they can have my head!”

Headmaster Chen said with a wintry smile, “Shadow Stream is nothing more than a bunch of second-rate, back-alley hoodlums. If they dare come, we’ll f**k them over!”

Director Shi broke out in a cold sweat. “…” Of course, she knew which teacher Headmaster Chen was talking about… but she thought it was too much like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut if they really sent that person to protect Lotus Sun personally.

Not long after Shadow Stream threw down that assassination gauntlet, No. 60 High School immediately took steps to fully protect Student Lotus Sun, and directly moved her desk to the Teacher’s Office.

Lotus Sun was naturally very reluctant to do so, because then she wouldn’t be able to see Wang Ling anymore.

But Lotus Sun was unable to withstand the pressure from the school and Huaguo Water Curtain Group, and finally she had to concede.

After that very unpleasant date in the Xiao Family Compound, Wang Ling had thought that replacing Lotus Sun’s memories would effectively curtail her feelings for him — on the contrary, they had in fact increased. From the results of Huaguo Water Curtain Group’s investigation, if the premeditated assassination attempt in the Xiao Family Compound had gone according to Shadow Stream’s plan, Lotus Sun should have been absolutely unable to escape, even if she had wings. It was unfortunate for them that this “exceptionally powerful person” variable had appeared.

Lotus Sun felt that she had been really lucky, and took it for granted that it was Wang Ling who had been her lucky charm — this pretty maiden who made up her own scenarios really gave Wang Ling a headache.

The time that was written in Shadow Stream’s letter of challenge, Friday of the second week of school, had arrived.

Today, Shadow Stream would send first-class killers to directly assassinate Lotus Sun in the school.

All the students were confined for their protection; even when they went to the bathroom, they were accompanied by a teacher. Wang Ling created a clone to take his place in the classroom, and he teleported quickly to the building on the rooftop of No. 60 High School to bask lazily in the sun.

Idle, lazy, quiet and mediocre… this was the high school life that Wang Ling wanted to live.

He gazed out at the school grounds — from this angle, he could see the old stone carvings at the main entrance. A breeze was also blowing gently through the leaves of the palm trees. What was different from the usual was that today, there clearly was a strange aura in the air.

Wang Ling couldn’t help sighing in his heart. High school life just wasn’t as peaceful as he had imagined, given the petty shit that was happening almost every few days.

However, Wang Ling felt that he didn’t have to personally deal with the assassination letter of challenge from Shadow Stream.

The reason was that he had realized that No. 60 High School wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

While it was clearly just an ordinary Foundation Establishment high school, there was talent hiding among the teachers.

This was Wang Ling’s latest discovery since entering the school.

Additionally, Wang Ling also realized that the expert who was the closest to him in terms of ability was the theory of history teacher, Old Antique.


What was with this situation? Why had a gang of Shadow Stream assassins suddenly gathered under his feet?

Didn’t they notice that he was also here?

Seriously, what a blind bunch!

A group of assassins in black suddenly gathered on the rooftop of No. 60 High School. The distinctive red ribbons around their sleeves proved that they were Shadow Stream’s first-class experts.

“Team Leader, there is a rip-roaring wind today…”

“Team Leader, I think the boss is being excessive. It’s only a female student, is it necessary for us to make a move?”

“Today’s target is the Young Miss of Huaguo Water Curtain Group. According to our intelligence, it’s very likely that a top expert has been assigned to personally protect her. Otherwise, Shadow Stream’s mission at the Xiao Family Compound several days ago wouldn’t have failed,” said the assassin leading the team. He had a red ribbon woven through with several gold threads, and indeed was the chief of this assassination operation.

“Exactly how powerful is this expert?”

“We haven’t fully investigated this,” the chief assassin said a little ashamedly. “The two Black Ribbon assassins who were sent out that day had had a one hundred percent mission success rate. If they had completed this mission, they could have been promoted to Red Ribbon. However, we couldn’t even find their bodies. It’s very likely that they were destroyed along with the Golden Cores inside them.”

“…” What the f**k?! There had been nothing left of them?!

Several of the Red Ribbon killers broke out in a cold sweat.

“So, don’t underestimate this fight. And remember, Lotus Sun is our only target. Once we find her, eliminate her immediately, then leave. Don’t complicate matters, or leave behind unnecessary trouble.”

Whoosh! All the black-clothed assassins instantly dispersed when the chief assassin waved his hand.

The chief of this operation was a top killer ranked number thirteen in the list of the top twenty killers in the world.

He had already carried out all kinds of formidable missions for Shadow Stream, and had reached this point after facing extreme danger and stepping on countless bones and souls of the dead. He had never thought that his last assignment before his promotion would be such a simple one.

“As long as I can successfully complete this assignment, I will be able to join Shadow Stream’s Gold Ribbon management.”

Xu Ying stood at one corner of the rooftop, looking out over the small and somewhat old school ground, and made a “hehe” sound. It was just an ordinary high school that didn’t even have a spirit gathering array. Even if Huaguo Water Curtain Group had recently sent out a security team, were the teachers and school guards here strong enough to defeat the first-class assassination team sent by Shadow Stream?

Xu Ying smiled mockingly, then solemnly tied on his mask… this should be the last time he carried out a mission.

Even if this last assignment didn’t seem the least bit challenging, as a Virgo, Xu Ying decided to execute it as beautifully as usual!

“There is a rip-roaring wind today 1 …”

Suddenly, a long, drawn-out sigh sounded above Xu Ying’s head.

Stunned, Xu Ying’s eyes immediately widened. Turning around, he suddenly discovered a male student with a crew cut and wearing the No. 60 High School uniform sitting leisurely on top of the rooftop building, basking in the sun.

Before coming to the rooftop, Xu Ying had checked the area, and there definitely hadn’t been anyone here!

So the question was…

Where had this guy come from?

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