The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Chapter 2177: Dimension-Reduction Strike

Chapter 2177: Dimension-Reduction Strike

In just a few days, floating clouds town had become the center of the loose immortal magical ring world, and Mister Cang Hu's pill and brick-moving business had become even better. Under the influence of floating clouds town's policies, he realized that more and more players had come to him to seek cooperation.

These players had all come from the outer city after hearing of the name, and knew that there was a player in floating clouds town who had molded his appearance to look like the Tibetan fox. In less than 72 hours of gaming time, he had unlocked hundreds of pill recipes.

This undoubtedly made some of the older players feel a deep pain in their hearts. They felt ashamed of their inferiority. They had unlocked hundreds of formulas by themselves in three days. This was not something that they could compare to.

Most of the players 'correct way to unlock the pill formula was to collect the alchemy materials and throw them into the alchemy furnace one by one according to their combinations to see the reaction.

As everyone knows, the loose immortal's magic ring is a game designed according to the rules of the real cultivation world. As long as it's a pill recipe that really exists in the real world, as long as you know the synthesis method, you can synthesize it in the game world.

However, it would take too long to try out the recipe by using this kind of arrangement method. Without a high-quality pill furnace as a guarantee, it would take the same amount of time to refine a pill in the game as it would in the real world.

Only if he had a high-grade pill furnace to refine medicine would he have the advantage of shortening the time.

strange. This person has only been here for less than three days. How does he know so many formulas? "

In the distance, in a large karst cave, ten players who specialized in pill formula research expressed their puzzlement. They saw that on the achievement leaderboard shared by the system, Mr. Hidden Fox's name was already at the top, far ahead of all the players in the world.

The second player had only unlocked 67 pill formulas, including 1 peerless-grade, 10 high-grade, 13 Medium-grade, 24 low-grade, and 19 common-grade.

As for Mr. Cang Hu, he had unlocked a total of 503 pill formulas. There were more than 50 of them, which made up one-tenth of the total number.

this is ridiculous, Yingluo. Is this person a game administrator? "

"The game moderators will not appear in this way. They will intervene in the vicious struggle between players. However, he would not compete with the players for business. This would directly destroy the balance of the game. They are a group of people who exist to maintain the balance of the game."

"That's true."

A few players were discussing the background of Mr. Hidden fox.

Suddenly, someone seemed to have thought of something and suddenly said, " "Don't tell me Wanwan is Mr. Sheng, or is someone related to Mr. Sheng?"

As soon as he said that, the large karst cave immediately fell into silence.

Any player who researched pills in the game world might also have a certain Foundation in pill studies in the real world. They might be a graduate student majoring in pill studies in a cultivation University. Due to the lack of funds and the high cost of trial and error in the real world, they chose to enter the game world and conduct research in this roundabout way.

This was also one of the greatest meanings of the itinerant immortal magical ring game, which was created based on the rules of the real cultivation world.

For cultivators who had studied pills before, the name "Mister Sheng" might not be unfamiliar to them.

Sun Cheng.

This was the legendary pill Formula Master of Huaguo water curtain group, Youyou, who had once been the successor of Huaguo water curtain group. In the entire pill industry, she was the most revered existence.

Not only was Sun Cheng powerful, but his wife was also a great helper. Her alchemy skills were superb, and the combination of a pill Formula Master and an Alchemist had once shaken the entire cultivation world.

However, more than ten years ago, the two of them unfortunately died in an interstellar air crash. As the incident happened in outer space, Sun Cheng and his wife were not even left with their bodies.

Today, the legend written by the two of them was still there, and it still made the younger generation look up to the starry sky, unable to catch up.

For many years, this had been a sad taboo topic for all the younger generations in the pill industry.

After all, Sun Cheng had been crowned as a pill Formula Master who could overturn the entire cultivation world. No one had expected such a leading figure to meet with an accident.

"But I don't remember Sun Cheng and his wife having any disciples before, Yingluo."

"If he's a closed-door disciple, it's hard to say."

Someone sighed and said,"don't they have a daughter?" Now that I think about it, he should be a Foundation establishment high school student."

"But she was too young when the accident happened. It was said that he had not completely inherited his parents 'legacy. What a pity, Yingluo."

Many people became sad when they talked about this topic.

no, weren't we discussing how this person could come up with so many formulas in such a short time? "

"It's a wild pill."

A player with pink braids said, " "In the case of not using a pill furnace, as long as there are enough materials and the formula is correct, there is a chance to synthesize a pill. However, the quality of wild elixir pills was often not good enough. This was a weakness. Its advantage is that it saves time, and as long as the production is successful, regardless of the quality, the number of formulas can be unlocked."

"But as far as I know, there are only a few seniors who know this alchemy method."

"This senior has now settled down in floating clouds town," said a female player,"and has directly received preferential policy treatment from there. He has taken over the original medicine shop in floating clouds town and expanded it into a flagship store. However, I have a feeling that this senior's goal isn't that simple."

As she spoke, the female player opened the map and analyzed it for everyone, " "This is a knowledgeable senior. In that case, I'm thinking if there's a possibility that this senior wants to play something big."

The female player stretched out her hand and pointed at a volcano.

When everyone saw this, they instantly sucked in a breath of cold air.

"An active volcano is used to refine pills."

Many people's voices were trembling.

This was the oldest pill refining method. Many people knew about it, but few dared to practice it.

"I understand."

At that moment, in the large karst cave, a player in charge stood up. "We're all students of the nine Lotus University. We've devoted ourselves to research for so many years. Wasn't it all for the sake of building a foundation in pill formulas and catching up to senior Sun Cheng?"“

so, no matter who this player who looks like a Tibetan fox is, I think this senior is worth our personal visit.

After some discussion, many people gradually understood that this was definitely a dimensional-reduction attack launched by an extremely knowledgeable Big Shot who had come to play a game!

If they could get close to such a God, their future path would be much wider. This was not just a path in the game, but also a path in the real world.

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