The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Cunning Headmaster Chen

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During the spirit sword exchange meet, students from each school would demonstrate the depth of their rapport with their spirit swords through various competitions.

This would reflect not only the students’ personal accomplishments, but also each school’s philosophy and spirit. Whether it was an internal or external event, the spirit sword exchange meet was essential, and had already become a school tradition.

Because of the Shadow Stream assassination attempt, an exception had been made for No. 60 High School this year to be nominated as a candidate to become a key city senior high school. Hence, while the student union exchange might ostensibly be a competition between students from two main high schools in Peiyuan district, it was actually more a contest for the benefit of municipal leaders.

And the spirit sword exchange meet was obviously the crux of the contest.

Therefore, the training instructors whom No. 59 High School had selected this year were highly experienced in teaching about spirit swords and how to use them. The fact that Old Antique’s name was listed as the training instructor leading the No. 60 High School delegation for the exchange meet caught all the school leaders of No. 59 High School completely off guard.

What the hell was No. 60 High School thinking, sending a bookworm who taught history?

No. 59 High School’s headmaster thought that No. 60 High School might have already given up.

Wang Ling and Lotus Sun were probably the only ones who in their hearts were clear on what it meant, since they knew exactly how strong Old Antique actually was.

After all, this was a man who had killed a first-class Shadow Stream killer at the peak late Golden Core stage with just a piece of chalk…

It could be said that Old Antique was hiding a lot of things. He was a man with plenty of stories to tell, who had experienced far more than any teacher in both schools.

Although Wang Ling still didn’t know Old Antique’s reason for coming to No. 60 High School to teach, he was very clear on one thing.

The school leaders had sent Old Antique this time to personally lead them… so the outcome of the spirit sword exchange meet had virtually been decided.

Looking at the general situation, Wang Ling felt that Headmaster Chen of No. 60 High School was really a wily old fox…

It was close to ten o’clock at night now, but his WeChat group was still very lively. After Super Chen, the rest of the group also showed off their spirit swords one by one.

Hero Guo’s spirit sword was Ghost Tooth.

According to Master of Dopey, it was his grandfather’s generation that had personally created this spirit sword for him. It had been forged using the tooth of a Night Magic Tiger, a level three spirit beast. The body of the forged sword was white as jade. The edges of the sword were covered in black veins that were just faintly visible, like ghostly, interlocking teeth. Hence the sword’s name, Ghost Tooth.

Master of Dopey made a little video, and it was obvious that he cherished his spirit sword quite a bit, probably only second to the parrot Dopey on his shoulder.

After sharing the video, Hero Guo sent a message: “My father gave this sword to me when I was eight years old, and we formed a contract. It has already been with me for eight years… the same… no sword spirit has appeared yet.”

Super Chen sent three “bad” emojis. “…Damn! Still nothing after eight years?”

“Eight years? Eight years is nothing…”

Feather Lin sent a heartbroken emoji and also showed off her treasured sword.

Surprisingly, Feather Lin used twin swords!

Super Chen: “Twin swords?”

Feather Lin: “They are parent and child swords! I named them Wangmeng and Wangji! They’ve been with me for nine years! A whole nine years! No sword spirit has come out yet!”

“…” Nine years?!! Super Chen felt a bit of despair.

When Old Antique saw this, he continued to expound on the popular science of spirit swords. “Parent and child swords will spawn twin sword spirits, and their development is longer than for an ordinary spirit sword. However, nine years is indeed a little late. Is Student Feather Lin not being diligent enough?”

Not diligent? How was that possible!

Feather Lin sent a crazed emoji to the group. “Teacher Wang, you wrong me! I get Wangmeng and Wangji to commune with each other everyday, and after so many years of careful observation, I even managed to separate their gong andshou attributes… how can I not have been attentive enough?!”

Master of Dopey finally couldn’t take it any longer, and couldn’t help replying, “Big sister… are you sure these two swords are male? Parent and child swords, however you look at it, aren’t they male and female? They can’t possibly be gay, right?”

Old Antique sent a string of cold sweat emojis. “If you misunderstand the spirit sword itself, it indeed is possible to delay the spawning of the sword spirit.”

“…” After reading Old Antique’s reply, Feather Lin typed an ellipsis, then couldn’t help asking, “What about Classmate Lotus Sun’s spirit sword?”

Super Chen: “I really want to see Classmate Lotus Sun’s sword, it must definitely be super awesome!”

It went without saying that a lot of thought and money would definitely have gone into the spirit sword belonging to the Young Miss of Huaguo Water Curtain Group.

Compared with other rich second generation kids who liked to show off, Lotus Sun’s daily life was much more low-key. She wasn’t in the habit of flaunting herself, since she had always felt that this was very poor behavior and wasn’t beneficial in shaping her image as the Nation’s Maiden.

So under these circumstances, she absolutely wouldn’t take the initiative to share her picture unless someone else asked her to.

After a moment, everyone in the group saw the photo that Lotus Sun sent.

Lotus Sun: “My sword, Mysterious Sea.”

It was a spirit sword deep blue in color, with a flawless, translucent body that pulsed with a blue glow. Everyone could feel its aura, like a boundless ocean, even just through the picture.

Master of Dopey couldn’t help praising it. “Mysterious Sea? What a cool name! How long has it been with Classmate Lotus Sun?”

Lotus Sun thought for a while, and then replied, “I formed a contract with this sword from the moment I was born, so a whole sixteen years.”

“…” Super Chen.

“…” Feather Lin.

“…” Master of Dopey.

Sixteen years… sure enough, comparing yourself with others would only make you angry!

Even Old Antique gave rare high praise. “The blue glow of the sword is the energy of the sword spirit, so it looks like Student Lotus Sun already has a sword spirit. Family background is one thing, but Student Lotus Sun’s spirit sword has a bright color and luster and a distinctive quality. The translucent body has a bright halo around it, and has been maintained properly. You must have put a lot of effort into cultivating a rapport with your spirit sword. That is just like Student Lotus Sun!”

Lotus Sun sent an emoji of hands clasped together in a salute. “Teacher Wang, you flatter me!”

As they shared about their spirit swords, at this moment, someone finally realized that Wang Ling didn’t seem to have shared his.

“???” Super Chen sent three question marks. “Classmate Wang Ling? What about your spirit sword? Aren’t you going to show it to us?”

Wang Ling: “…”

He had initially wanted to muddle through everything by keeping silent, but then he saw everyone sharing their spirit swords. If he hid again, he would come across as a little unsociable and strange, which often resulted in actually drawing greater attention to himself.

He did not want that to happen.

After some deep consideration, he finally shared a photo.


A badass wooden sword less than a meter in length popped up aggressively in front of them…

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