The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: No. 60 Demolition Squad and the Pengci Gang

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At dusk, Tang Jingze was writing a report in the Student Union Office with a face full of bitterness and resentment —”Concerning the Main Errors Made and a Critical Self-Reflection on the First Day of the Exchange Meet with No. 60 High School.”

It was a full three thousand-word report on the exchange meet and a five thousand-word critical self-reflection which he couldn’t type out, but had to write by hand! He couldn’t go home until he got it done! — Motherf**ker, he had never been made to stay back by a teacher before in his entire life!

Tang Jingze furiously snapped the pen in his hand and the ink splattered all over Fang Huaqing’s face.

With a helpless expression, Fang Huaqing took out a wet tissue to wipe his face. “Boss, that was pen number thirty-two you just broke. You don’t have to take your anger out on it… it’s still school property protected under management regulations on school property and public facilities.”

“There’s something abnormal about the group from No. 60 High School!”


Faced with Tang Jingze’s roar, Fang Huaqing buried his face in his hands, head aching.

According to the response from the school’s engineering department, apart from the twelve spirit gathering arrays which had exploded, the rest of the school’s public facilities had also been damaged in varying degrees.

From small ones like the newly refurbished broadcasting equipment…

To big ones like the holographic projectors in the computer room…

Although none of them had been as thoroughly destroyed as the spirit gathering arrays, problems such as screens going black and equipment failing to start up for unknown reasons had all happened at the same time.

In the one brief day since the No. 60 High School team’s arrival, No. 59 High School had suffered disastrous losses.

These included damage to forty percent of the school’s public facilities!

Flipping through the damage report, Tang Jingze took a deep breath. “Shit, they didn’t come for the exchange, but to demolish us!”

He was even suspicious about whether this group of people from No. 60 High School had been brought up in some demolition office!

On the side, Liang Wei frowned. “I heard that they might be hanging around Student Street later. Should I look for someone to get even with them?”

Get even? How? Tang Jingze rolled his eyes.

Dealing with Lotus Sun inside the school was all well and good, but it was now after school hours. Tang Jingze realized he had no countermeasures at all.

The grand Young Miss of Huaguo Water Curtain Group was always protected by hidden bodyguards. After the incident in the Xiao Family Compound and Shadow Stream’s assassination attempt in particular, the bodyguard team would likely have been reorganized and further enhanced. The hidden bodyguards around Lotus Sun were just like the Kingsoft AntiVirus program — impossible to get rid of! Even a fly wouldn’t stand a chance of getting close to her.

“This is a tough target, but we don’t have to aim at her.”

Liang Wei thought for a bit before saying, “Based on the data we collected on the others, Super Chen is actually a rich second generation; Hero Guo’s family might own a pet shop, but they seem to have a bit of a political background; and Feather Lin appears to be very close with Lotus Sun, so would be tough to deal with. The only one left is…”

Hearing this, Tang Jingze gritted his teeth. “The only one left is the pretty boy who drank the fruit and vegetable juice!”

“Mm, this person doesn’t have much of a background. His family lives on the outskirts of the city, and seems to be very poor. He only brought a wooden sword to the spirit sword exchange meet this time…”

“Then it has to be him!” Tang Jingze thumped the desk.

Among the five there was this one soft persimmon 1 ! Anyone would know that you squash the soft persimmon first! Who would go looking for a durian?!

At the same time elsewhere, Wang Ling couldn’t help sneezing.

They were free to do what they liked at night. After having dinner in the canteen, everyone from No. 60 High School planned to walk around Student Street, which wasn’t far from No. 59 High School. Since the school dormitory hadn’t yet officially opened, the caretaker passed the entrance access card to Lotus Sun before she hurriedly got off work to go home and feed her child.

Wang Ling was initially going to decline to join them, but just as he was about to, his eyelid started twitching like crazy and didn’t go back to normal until he had completely given up on his original intention.

Fine, it looked like he couldn’t escape going.

Whenever he struggled with a difficult choice, Wang Ling usually judged the accuracy of his decisions by the twitching of his eyelid.

But this also carried a risk, since this passive “twitching eyelid warning” ability could only be used to judge current choices. It was unable to predict what would happen as they were out strolling through the streets — if something unexpected were to occur, Wang Ling wasn’t going to be able to foresee what it was at all.

Old Antique was a lazy man, so he had no intention of joining them. After walking them to the school gate, he gave each person a spirit talisman. “Students, this is a summoning talisman. If you run into any trouble, you can summon me at any time. Student Lotus Sun will lead the team; try to stay together as much as you can. Come back early when you’re done.”

“Okay, thank you, Teacher Wang. We’re just going for a stroll, we’ll be back soon.” They accepted the spirit talismans and nodded in unison.

Old Antique nodded without saying anything else.

Before they had gotten more than ten meters ahead, Old Antique tilted his head slightly and his voice rang out behind them. “Oh, by the way, I heard that there’s a gang which specializes in ‘pengci’ on Student Street, everyone be careful.”

…A gang specializing in pengci? Everyone was taken aback.

In every way, this was like a warning flag to Wang Ling!

Sure enough, not long after Old Antique’s warning, Wang Ling’s eyelid started to twitch on cue!

…Disaster level, two stars.

It was hard to be a person, and even harder to be a low-key person.

Wang Ling had never wanted to put himself forward as a hero. As someone who was always faced with all kinds of challenges and disasters, it already wasn’t easy for him to steadfastly complete his remaining studies.

Student Street was pretty close to No. 59 High School, and for a group of Foundation Establishment students, it took twenty minutes to get there on foot.

Also, for the sake of avoiding the ill-willed Pengci Gang, no one dared to ride the bicycles that were available along the road through the “Immortal Bike”app 2 .

Everyone was strolling along the street when Hero Guo suddenly said, “Actually, I’ve heard a bit about the background of this Pengci Gang.”

Hearing this, Wang Ling flattened his lips silently, his expression remaining indifferent — is there anything on earth that you, Master of Dopey, don’t know?

“Members of the Pengci Gang consist mostly of unemployed old men and women in their seventies or eighties. After the nation strictly prohibited dancing in public squares 3 , more and more of the elderly were incited by unsavory people to join the gang!”


“I still remember when the gang was first set up across the country, and the cultivation police hadn’t taken any notice of them at all. They were all a bunch of old people, and the majority of them were thrill-seekers.”

“Thrill-seekers?” Hearing this, there was no one who wasn’t astounded.

These days, there were plenty of wild, trouble-prone kids who enjoyed extreme sports. Who could have expected these elderly people, who should’ve been living like kings and queens in retirement homes and pursuing their twilight loves, to actually join this “thrill-seeking” group.

The wild kids of the past had grown into the wild elderly of today…

After careful consideration, Wang Ling felt that there was nothing wrong with that.

Hero Guo said, “Actually, they don’t care about money at all. If they can extort money, they will. If they can’t, they’ll just return it obediently. At worst, they’ll just be detained for a bit as a lesson to them before being released. It’s just that in the last two years, the Pengci Gang has grown at a crazy speed, and can almost rival the Han Family Army and Wang Family Army! The Student Street branch seems to have expanded recently.”

“…” Sure enough, that damned dancing in public squares was the source of this disaster!

At this point, they had already arrived at the start of the street.

Multi-colored street lights illuminated the hustle and bustle of Student Street in front of them. It had everything a student needed, from snack stands to stationery stores and even game centers which offered students additional recreational activities.

On Student Street, the stuff sold at the snack stands were really inexpensive and you could eat your fill without spending a lot of money. What was more, as long as you could produce your student ID, you could basically enjoy more than ninety percent of the recreational activities at half-price.

The three schools in Peiyuan district in fact all had Student Streets, but the one nearest to No. 59 High School was the largest!

“This is just heaven!” Super Chen already couldn’t contain his excitement.

He had seen a pair of limited edition air cushion athletic shoes online previously that was only sold on Student Street, and thought that perhaps he would be able to find a design he liked here!

Lotus Sun simply wanted to go for a walk to stay in shape and maintain her figure.

Feather Lin was more concerned about whether The Daily Life of A High SchoolFudanshi manga had been updated with new chapters.

Eyeing the main road with calm composure, Master of Dopey determinedly patted his chest. “Don’t worry, everyone, as long as we don’t use any type of transportation, there won’t be any problems.”


Wang Ling was a bit flustered… what kind of strange warning flag was this?!

But almost as soon as Hero Guo had finished speaking, it seemed to Wang Ling that he could already sense traces of a dangerous “old woman” aura in the air…

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