The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: A Chance Encounter Between a Cat and a Human

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Wang Ling raised a light pink petal, closed his eyes and carefully breathed in its fragrance.

He felt that this scent truly fit the season.

These were just very ordinary sakura trees; compared with the various spirit fruit trees sold on the market that had been grown from the seed, sakura trees didn’t have any spirit aura. Still, they were indispensable for adding to the atmosphere on school grounds.

This was exactly the kind of life he wanted…

Wang Ling fully enjoyed the rare serenity. He stood silently among the sakura trees, inhaling their pure fragrance. When he closed his eyes, it was as if he was the only person left in the universe.

Suddenly, his body jolted and he shivered unexpectedly!

Of course, it wasn’t because he was cold from the wind; his muscles had spasmed completely for some other reason. His body would never feel cold, he was immune to all poisons, and before any virus could even enter his body, it would be destroyed by his powerful spirit energy molecules. As a result, he had never suffered from illnesses of any kind, whether minor or major, since birth — he didn’t even know what it was like to have a cold.

His muscles did spasm on occasion, usually when he was in a solitary mood. This had nothing to do with the flesh but with the nerves. Wang Ling stood at the peak above all human cultivators in terms of cultivation realms, but very few would understand how lonely it was at the top.

The Immortal King wasn’t an old man who chanted prayers in a dilapidated temple all day long, nor was he a Taoist priest disillusioned with the mortal world. When all was said and done, he was just a sixteen-year-old boy who also had emotions… Wang Ling himself said that he was already accustomed to it, but while he would never admit it even if he was beaten to death, in his heart, he was actually very lonely.

He walked ahead, treading gently on the soft sakura petals. As the cool wind brushed over his cheeks, he heard faint voices on the air.

Following them, he looked in the direction they were coming from.

Under a sakura tree not too far away, a few kittens were playing happily, jumping and pouncing on the petals that drifted down. These were ordinary stray cats, which every school had.

Sometimes, he quite envied these little carefree kittens that didn’t have to worry about anything. When they were hungry, some school shit-shoveling officer would inevitably feed them; when they were finished eating, they could roll around and play; when they were tired from playing, they could flop down and sleep… they didn’t need to worry about controlling their strength, and were unburdened by worries or cares or limits.

Staring at these cute little kittens, Wang Ling wanted to stretch out his hands to pick one up for a cuddle, but in the end, he still pulled his hands back after taking into account the weakening effect of the talisman seal.

Under the sakura trees, a pretty boy and a few romping cats… this should have been a beautiful picture of harmony between man and nature.

However, this kind of harmony could be broken sometimes, especially when a person was capable of using the Mind-Reading Ability…

While Wang Ling was watching the kittens, he could clearly hear the voices in their hearts.

The big cat that was the leader of the little group: “Look, this human has been staring at us for a while.”

Second Cat: “He could be a pervert!”

Third Cat: “We should hurry up and leave! Just now it looked like he wanted to grab us!”

Fourth Cat: “I heard previously there was a pervert who especially caught cats to make them into kebabs… it’s so dangerous here!”

Big Cat: “It’s exactly two o’clock, Boss Zheng Tan has a meeting to chair! Let’s go, go!”

Wang Ling: “…”


The cats all ran off in one direction…

Wang Ling had experienced plenty of this sort of embarrassment since his childhood, especially when the Dao talisman seal was weak. His aura would be much heavier than normal and animals as well as insects were usually more sensitive to such a dangerous aura compared with humans.

However, not all creatures were afraid of Wang Ling. Occasionally, a few dragonflies and butterflies would recklessly rest on his shoulder and hair…

Wang Ling started to walk in the direction the kittens had run off in. Before coming to No. 59 High School, he had heard about a small man-made lotus pond in its sakura forest through his Mind-Reading Ability.

This small lotus pond was newly built and previously there had been a small incident when a sparrow had drowned by accident… some mischievous students had nicknamed the sparrow Xia Yuhe, then set up a stele for it by the side of the lotus pond, which they named “Lake Little Ming.” 1

Wang Ling was a little worried that something might happen to those kittens, so he decided to follow them. The little guys were still too young, and while the water in the lotus pond only reached roughly up to his knees, it was more than deep enough for them.

However, it turned out that he had been thinking too much…

This group of kittens obviously had their own secret base; when Wang Ling reached Lake Little Ming, it was quiet all around, with not even a shadow of a cat to be seen.

He sighed and was about to leave when he suddenly heard a meow from a nearby sakura tree, and then saw a black shadow fall into the lotus pond.


There was a huge splash…

Wang Ling was very close to the lotus pond. Under normal circumstances, if he hadn’t reacted in time, he definitely would have been drenched. However, before the water reached him, it froze in the air. After that, Wang Ling moved his fingers, and like a tide ebbing, all the water retreated back to the lotus pond.

He sighed with secret relief; because of his rampant power, he had destroyed a number of things at No. 59 High School in these last few days, from big ones like the spirit gathering arrays to smaller ones like their electronic equipment… in fact, he still felt very guilty. The water in the lotus pond was more or less also school property, but he felt that he had salvaged the situation just in time.

This wasn’t Time Recall, but the Great Gravitation Spell, one of the Three Thousand Great Spells. The “Absorbing Palm” which Elder Xiao of the Xiao clan had previously been famous for also used part of the principle of this spell as reference.

Of course, using Time Recall would produce the same results, but it would consume a tremendous amount of Wang Ling’s spirit energy. Besides, the main thing was that with Time Recall, the world’s timeline would also be reversed… therefore, unless it was a last resort, he wouldn’t use this ability so readily.

Wang Ling stood next to the lotus pond, searching for the shadow that had fallen in just now. Although it had happened in a flash, with his exceptional dynamic vision, he still could determine… that thing, was probably a black cat.

Obviously, this “black cat” was a bit dumbfounded.

After all, it had deliberately jumped down to splash this person with water.

After jumping into the water, the “black cat” had immediately retreated to the side as planned, hiding along one side of the lotus pond as it secretly observed Wang Ling. And then it had seen him use the Great Gravitation Spell…

“…Never thought that this person could use such an advanced spell!”

Who could have imagined that the first step in their carefully formulated plan to bully this person would fail — what a disastrous beginning! He Bufeng the black cat sighed in his heart.

He scurried onto a lotus leaf on one side of the lotus pond. After all, it was an artificial pond; both the lotus and lotus leaves were fake and buoyant like the kickboards used for learning to swim, so he was able to tread securely on a lotus leaf.

It wasn’t the first time that he had changed into a cat, so his movements were pretty nimble. Four limbs involved a different set of movements than two legs and it had taken a lot of practice to get used to it.

This “black cat” had also officially caught Wang Ling’s eye.

After a brief showdown between man and cat, He Bufeng jumped off the lotus leaf…

With a three hundred and sixty degree Thomas flair 2 , he plunged into the water!

And then he began to struggle hard on the surface…

Even without his Mind-Reading Ability, Wang Ling knew this guy had definitely done it on purpose!

What was more, he now knew everything… he was well aware that the black cat was actually a person who had been sent by Tang Jingze to bully him.

Under these circumstances, if Wang Ling rescued him, there would definitely be some other dirty trick that would be played on him; but if he dismissed it, he figured that he would be labeled as someone who stood aside when others were in peril. Furthermore, it would very likely affect the reputation of No. 60 High School. After all, Old Antique had said that every one of them who had come to No. 59 High School represented the image of No. 60 High School.

Rescue, of course he would rescue him…

But with a little appropriate punishment…

Wang Ling stared at the black cat struggling in the water and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, revealing a “kind” smile.

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