The dragon’s harem

Chapter 700 Fragment from the past: Pink

Chapter 700 Fragment from the past: Pink

“You’ll never find an antidote if you killed me,” The doll growled, “Arad would just wither and die with time, losing his mind like he has a rotted brain with dementia,”

Eris turned around, seeing Arad looking down at the ground as Zia carried him, something seemed off as his eyes flashed with sparks of purple magic.

“How is he doing?” She shouted.

“I don’t know,” Zia shook Arad, “Can you hear me? Say something,”

Arad’s muscles pulsed and expanded for a moment, surprising Zia.

“Wait…” The doll gasped, “Why is he in his human form? He shouldn’t be able to maintain it,” She stared at him and would be sweating if she wasn’t a doll.

Black tattoos spread from Arad’s chest across his entire torso, and his eyes flashed with a pink light as he stood, taking a deep breath and cracking his back with a twist. “I never thought about the day where I think my fast brewing method is too slow,” He said in a woman’s voice and the doll’s face paled even though she wasn’t alive. “Let me go! That voice!” She started flailing around but Eris kept her pinned to the ground.

“I was thinking about it, but your magic has changed a lot in the past many years.” Doma stared at the doll, “How are you doing?”

“Well…the doll gasped, I’m fine…” She looked away.


Around 600 years ago…

Snow had been falling for the past month in the elvish great forest, even the snow the cold monsters had retreated to their dens, avoiding the coldest winter in several decades.

Crackling through the frozen roads, a large caravan of three wagons dragged by two ice drakes. The first wagon was a massive wooden one covered with cold-resistant magic and barrier magic for protection.

The other two in the back were massive cages of steel covered with old ragged clothes, filled with slaves getting trafficked through the human-elvish border.

The wind started to blow violently and the drakes refused to move. The driver jumped down from the front wagon and stared at them, “They can’t keep going! We have to stop.” He shouted at the first wagon.

A tall man looked out with a sore face, “Shut up and whip them, they’ll move with enough effort.”

“I can’t do that,” The driver replied, “It’s best if we rested for a night than to risk them dying on us in the middle of this snowstorm.” He looked at the man with a stern face, “It’s not something that we should ignore,”

“Fine, get them to move us to the tree shade at the roadside then let them rest,” The man sighed, getting back into his wagon and closing the window.

“Lord Amile,” An elvish woman who sat inside wearing a large white fur coat looked at the noble elf, “What about the slaves? A night wait and some of them might die of cold,”

“Just have some of them gather firewood to heat themselves,” He sighed, “We shouldn’t stay in this forest for long. Damnable drakes,” He growled.

“I told you we should’ve bought something stronger, probably some dire drakes?” She looked at him with a disappointed face.

“You know how expensive those things are. That’ll eat all of our profits from this trip,” He looked out of the window, “And don’t tell me it’s an investment. I’m not going through this forest again. Not that now we know that witch might be making her hut around here,”

The woman stared at him with a worried face, a droplet of sweat dripping across her forehead, “The witch of curses,”

“The bitch a psycho, you heard the letter from the capital, what she did to the queen,”

“Shhh!” She growled at him, “Keep those thoughts until we leave the forest, she might be listening with her curses,”

The wind blew stronger, and the wagon shook to the core. The driver growled as he walked toward the back wagons and looked inside, seeing the slaves bunched together in the cage to survive the cold.

“Come five of you, you’ll gather firewood and light a fire.” He picked five strong-looking men for the work and dragged them out, “The fire is for you, so make sure to gather as much wood as possible. Put it between the two carriages where I’ll set it ablaze,”

Time quickly passed by as the slaves gathered firewood, until a scream rushed out of the forest and they ran back toward the carriages.

“The fuck was that!” The noble stared out of his wagon’s window, “Kill the ones who want to attract monsters,”

The driver rushed toward the slaves and looked at them, one was missing and two of the other four had heavy scars on their backs.

“What happened,” He asked, looking at the forest.

“A large monster, it has white fur,” One of them cried.

“Leave them for the monstera to eat, we’re moving.” The noble shouted, “They’re the ones who attracted them by their screams,”

The slaves looked at the noble, terrified.

“Large with white fur isn’t a description, is it a bear? A yeti?” The driver growled, he wanted to ignore the noble’s screams as that bastard was slowly getting on his nerves.

“I don’t know,” The slave cried, holding the wound on his shoulder, “It stood on two legs, looked like an ape, and had two horns on its head and glowing blue eyes.”

“Shit, how big was it?”

“As the trees.”

“We’re dealing with an abominable Yeti, that means there is a den of Yetis around, we might be surrounded by tens of them,” The driver growled, “They want us to move so they can ambush us,”

“Those slaves never fail to cause troubles,” The noble growled as he walked out of the carriage, “All we need is to kill that abominable one,” He walked toward the forest and stopped, suddenly pointing a finger back and blasting the slave with a fireball.

“This is for dragging the monsters to us,” He growled.

“Why did you kill them?!” The driver screamed.

“If monsters found them, they should’ve run in the other direction and got eaten on their own. Why drag us with them?” He grunted, “Now I have to fight in this cold,” He pulled a wand from his pocket and looked around, [Detect Magic] He sent a wave of mana through the woods, “I found him,”

Fire engulfed the noble’s body as he flew between the trees like a meteor. Fiery explosions started illuminating the forest as the driver watched, but then suddenly hordes of yetis started showing up from the woods.

The driver pulled his sword and unlocked the slave’s cage, “Get ready to fight. They intend to kill us while lord Amile is fighting their leader,” He looked around, counting over twenty Yetis. Even one of them would’ve been a problem, but with such numbers, there is no escaping death.

As the battle heated up and the deaths started racking up between the slaves, the driver threw a key into the cage after losing an arm, “Run away!” He screamed at the women and children there.

“You bastard! What are you doing!” The woman inside the carriage cried, seeing the keys fall between the slaves.

“I’m dying anyway, so I’m giving them one last chance,” He laughed, turning toward the Yetis, “White apes, come get fucked,” He lifted his sword with one hand, wind blowing around his body as he smiled. 𝙡𝓲𝙗𝒓𝙚𝓪𝙙.𝒄𝒐𝙢

The Yetis growled, staring at him with caution as they slowly got closer, ready to charge all at once.

The driver pulled a necklace that he had around his neck, it had the symbol of the world tree made of wood. He kissed it, praying, “Oh Sylph, divine queen of the world tree and rulers of the elves. This soul is getting wasted, may you grant me strength one last time,”

As if his prayer had been answered, he could feel his mana spiking up with the pain of his wounds fading. Instead of blood, he could smell a faint odor of lemon in the air.

He leaped forward, swinging his sword at one of Yetis and the beast growled, swinging its massive claw at him. Using his wind magic, he dodged the strike and slashed the monster’s arm.

The monster roared and the driver laughed, “An arm for an arm, you bastards!” He flew between swinging left and right like a madman.

“I feel it! The gaze of the divine queen! She’s watching, and a great show I must make!” He started getting faster and faster, cutting the monsters as if he were getting stronger after each strike.

The women and children locked in the wagons unlocked their cuffs and ran into the forest, trying to make it as far away from the monsters as possible as the woman in the carriage screamed her lungs out “Amile! The slaves are escaping, that bastard Leon has betrayed us!”

As she looked out of the wagon’s window at the running slaves, she felt a foot on the back of her head. “Who’s there!” She gasped, turning around with a knife in her hand. The first thing she saw was a pale foot with long pink nails close to her face.

The woman froze in place, the carriage was locked, where did this one enter?

“Put that thing aside,” The foot slowly moved, grabbing the knife by the blade and pulling it away. The blade rusted and crumbled as the wooden handle rotted into nothingness. Sitting behind the woman was a young elvish girl with long pink hair and glowing blue eyes wearing a black robe.

^Barefoot and barehanded, pained nails, she looks young, like fifteen years old, but her face says otherwise. Those glowing eyes and long pink hair, not to mention this arid magic twisting around her body. The curse witch…^ The woman pissed herself, freezing in place as Doma glared at her, sitting with one leg on the other.

“Nice body you have there, do you think I can make a bag out of your skin?” Doma said with a smile, glaring at the woman, and slowly pulled a scalpel.

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