Chapter 1976 - 1976 Replace

Chapter 1976 - 1976 Replace

1976 Replace

The distance between the two parties was huge.

Strangeness flashed across Chu Liuyue’s calm eyes. “Stay in Yue Manor? That’s… what Senior Zhao Song and the rest want?”

Shangguan Yue nodded. He knew that Chu Liuyue was intelligent, so he said it directly. “Originally, they planned on having Zhao Song be the representative to come and talk to you. However, he felt that it was somewhat sudden, so he told me to relay the message.”

After all, this request was rather shocking.


Chu Liuyue thought for a while

Seeing her in deep thought, Shangguan Jing immediately said, “Just think about this yourself. You don’t have to consider others. If you think it’s inconvenient, I’ll reject them—”

“Ancestor, don’t be anxious.” Chu Liuyue could not help but laugh and hurriedly stopped him. “It’s not that I find it inconvenient; I just find it surprising. Besides, staying at Yue Manor also means…”

It meant that those people would follow her in the future!

Those people were all legendary warriors!

“Senior Zhao Song and the rest are top warriors. I’m overjoyed that they have such a thought, and that’s also why I need to consider this properly…”

Shangguan Jing could not help but laugh. “Girlie, it’s fine if other people say it, but it’s not suitable for you to do so! Don’t forget that even Yi Wentao has lost to you. Now, he’s still being locked up in the basement cell of Yue Manor!”

Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other and smiled. “It’s mainly because I had Tuan Zi and Zi Chen’s help. If not, it would’ve been impossible for me to win that match.”

Shangguan Jing watched her, and her eyes sparkled righteously.

He could tell that she did think so.

Shangguan Jing felt comforted and proud. Girlie’s temperament has always been the best. Not to mention that she is a true god warrior, even a legendary warrior beating Yi Wentao is a matter worth boasting about. But after this child won, she wasn’t arrogant or proud.

This is very rare. This also made him even more confident. Girlie’s future is bright!

“But they’re your legendary fiends, not anybody else’s, so you still won this match.”

Shangguan Jing stroked his beard. “Actually, Zhao Song and the rest are all itinerant cultivators, and only a few of them come from aristocratic families. However, they’re just small households in the God Residence Realm that can almost be neglected.”

If not, he really could not ask them for help.

Previously, Chu Liuyue sent him information saying that she and Rong Xiu met with some trouble at Peach Blossom Dock, and she hoped that he could get some people to strengthen their team.

As a supreme Armory Refinement Master that was under an unlimited amount of limelight, he definitely had good connections and resources. Logically speaking, this matter was not difficult.

But the point was—

The ‘trouble’ Chu Liuyue mentioned was actually to face the attack from both the Yi family and the Nan family!

In the entire God Residence Realm, those who could be legendary warriors… Everyone knew these two families’ names. Hence, Shangguan Jing had spent a lot of effort on this.

Only Zhao Song and the others that were on better terms with him and had no considerations would choose to follow him over.

They knew very clearly that no matter if they dealt hands, it meant that they were standing opposite the Nan family and Yi family as long as they appeared.

Normal people really did not dare to offend others like this. After all, before they came, nobody knew such a thing would happen, right?

“All in all, these people won’t have any conflict of interest with you, and they’re completely trustable. Besides, it’s also beneficial for you if they stay in Yue Manor.”

Chu Liuyue had just started collecting the Peach Blossom Dock, and Yue Manor was just built, so everything was still in the preliminary stage.

Although Chu Liuyue beat Yi Wentao, if she wanted to let Yue Manor strengthen in Peach Blossom Dock, it wasn’t enough to depend on herself alone.

Any strong clan needed a number of strong warriors to support it.

The appearance of Zhao Song and the others undoubtedly provided the best solution to this problem.

In the entire God Residence Realm, which family could have so many legendary warriors overnight?

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment and nodded lightly. “Then… help me thank Senior Zhao Song and the rest. I’ll visit them one by one tomorrow.”

This matter was important, so it would naturally be best if she went personally.

Shangguan Jing knew that she was very meticulous and relaxed. He laughed. “Okay!”

Some lost, and some won in fights.

Some were elated, while others were miserable.

Compared to the celebrations at Peach Blossom Dock, no one could sleep in the distant Nan family and Yi family.

On the Nan family side, as Nan Yifan had become handicapped and his children had died, his branch had completely lost all hope.

The remaining people were all eyeing the position of family head. Everyone was tempted, and there were ripples in the open and secretly.

Nobody else cared about Nan Yifan’s condition. The entire Nan family descended into a chaotic battle.

On the other hand, the Yi family was not in a better situation.

It was midnight, the darkest point of the day before the break of dawn.

Jun Jiuqing sat in the higher position in the living room, while the remaining people split into two sides.

The entire room’s atmosphere was tense and icy cold. Every inch of air seemed to be frozen, and it seemed like even breathing was a mistake.

The pin-drop silence was chilling.

Jun Jiuqing looked up and surveyed the surroundings.

Everyone rushed back to the Yi family and immediately came here. But after they sat down, nobody talked for a long time.

Actually, they could not be blamed for this. The people in the Yi family were used to being high and mighty. Since when had they suffered such humiliation?

They were really stunned.

Some people hadn’t even recovered their senses from the gigantic setback even now. However, those people did not include Jun Jiuqing.

Knock, knock.

He knocked against the table.

The crisp sound shocked quite a few people.

The crowd gradually looked over.

Jun Jiuqing carefully said, “The Yi family suffered great losses in the Peach Blossom Dock battle. I understand everyone’s anger and sorrow, but the most important thing now is to quickly solve the trouble before us and leave the dangerous situation.”

This sentence attained the crowd’s approval.

“Then, Young Master… What should we do now? Are we really going to give that Shangguan Yue 30 supreme Yuan instruments?” someone asked.

This was heartbreaking, no matter how one thought about it.

Jun Jiuqing looked up lightly at that person. “If not, are we going to let the family head be detained by them and suffer humiliation, causing the entire Yi family to not be able to look up?”

His tone was very light but had a hint of coldness.

That person’s face flashed white and green, and he did not speak.

The room fell silent again.

Actually, at this point, they knew very clearly that the arrow on the bow had to be shot.

Jun Jiuqing raised his chin slightly. “From today onward, I’m the Yi family head.”

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