Chapter 2547 - 2547 Seen Before

Chapter 2547 - 2547 Seen Before

2547 Seen Before

Zi Chen handed over everything in his hand and turned to walk into the house.

Seeing his sudden cold reaction, Tuan Zi was dazed for a moment. She held the sour spiritual fruit and was about to go forward. “Zi Chen, what’s wrong?”

Could it be because he didn’t snatch the things away? But he didn’t seem to like these things to begin with…

Hearing this voice, Zi Chen stopped in his tracks and didn’t turn around. He only tilted his head and said lightly, “It seems like your abilities have strengthened quite a bit.”

Hearing the praise, Tuan Zi instantly became happy. “Of course!”

My hundred years inside Godly Phoenix Hall haven’t been in vain!

Zi Chen nodded extremely lightly and turned around to walk forward. At the same time, his usual nonchalant voice sounded calmly. “Since this is so, let’s try tomorrow.”

Tuan Zi didn’t react at first. After a moment, she realized what Zi Chen meant.

She instantly perked up and widened her eyes, filled with hope and excitement. “You’re saying that we’re going to fight tomorrow?”

Zi Chen acknowledged it lightly and quickly disappeared behind the door.

Tuan Zi stared at the empty room and was dazed for a few seconds before she hurriedly responded happily. “Then, it’s a deal! You can’t go back on your words!”

Zi Chen didn’t answer, but Tuan Zi knew that since he had said so, he definitely wouldn’t go back on his word.

In the past, she was the one who found ways to pester Zi Chen to duel. Now, had the tables finally turned?!

Tuan Zi held the sour spiritual fruit, turned around, and returned to the folding screen to eat happily.

Zi Chen returned to his room and sat in a chair nonchalantly and indifferently.

The moonlight shone in through the window and landed on him.

His face was half-bright and half-dark, as if it were plated with a faint jade color. Only his deep and sharp eyes seemed to be covered in fog—they were thick and deep, impossible to touch.

He could still hear the soft sounds from next door.

This courtyard was actually not big, and his and Tuan Zi’s rooms were next to each other. He could naturally hear most of the commotion from her room.

One moment, it was the sound of eating food. The next moment, it was footsteps and the little girl’s gurgling.

Bits and pieces of it were noisy, but it easily filled the originally silent space. It was as if… the moment she came back, she crushed all the loneliness and coldness.

Zi Chen sat quietly and listened for a while. The corner of his lips curled up slightly.

In the past, he liked quietness. At some point, the overly quiet environment would often make him uncomfortable.

Now, it seemed like everything was finally back on track.

I should… be able to sleep well too. Thinking of this, he pinched his glabella.

But the moment he moved, he sharply sensed that there was still a hint of wetness and warmth on his fingers.

He suddenly stopped his actions. After a moment, he retracted his hand and gently closed his eyes.

There seemed to be a hint of helplessness and obscure emotions in his eyes. The young lady has grown up, but it’s a pity that she wasn’t guarded against anyone. Some things really have to be taught bit by bit.

Tuan Zi had a good night’s sleep.

Thinking that she could duel with Zi Chen today and test her current strength, she immediately climbed out of bed energetically. She briefly tidied up and rushed straight to Zi Chen’s room.

“Zi Chen? Zi Chen, are you awake?” As she shouted, she pushed the door open and entered.

The two of them were only separated by a wall. In the past, she had come and gone as she pleased and had never knocked on the door.

It was the same today.

Like before, the door wasn’t locked.

She pushed the door open. “I—”

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw the situation in the room clearly, and her voice trailed off.

Zi Chen actually… just woke up. The more important thing was that he was standing by the bed and changing.

His back was facing the door. From Tuan Zi’s vision, she could only see his broad shoulders.

His shoulder blades were slightly exposed, his muscles were beautiful and fit, and his waist was thin.

Hearing the voice, Zi Chen’s brows knitted slightly. He quickly changed his clothes and turned to look at her.

When Tuan Zi turned around, she could still vaguely see the firm muscles on his waist. She was stunned.

Anyone who met with such a scene early in the morning would probably not be able to hold on.

After a pause, she met Zi Chen’s inspecting gaze and seemed to have recovered her senses. She stretched out her hand and pointed, asking, “Zi Chen, why are you… naked?”


Zi Chen tidied his clothes completely before walking toward her.

He stood at the door.

There was only a doorstep between the two of them.

When he approached, the heat on his body seemed to spread over and enveloped the surroundings.

Zi Chen looked down at her from above. Seeing that someone who was still full of confidence had complained first, he finally reminded in a low voice, “This is my room.”

Tuan Zi finally came back to her senses and realized that she was in the wrong. She self-reflected and nodded without self-awareness. “Oh.”

Zi Chen had long known that she would answer this way, so he didn’t intend to pursue the matter. As he walked out, he said, “In the future, remember to knock on anyone’s door.”

Tuan Zi puffed up her cheeks and acknowledged it.

She took a step forward and followed him outside.

She glanced at Zi Chen. “Zi Chen, you didn’t sleep well last night?”

He looked a little tired.

Zi Chen acknowledged and didn’t say anything else.

But in Tuan Zi’s eyes, his appearance was extremely cold, and she knitted her brows slightly.

Although Zi Chen was indifferent, he had always been very good to her and very patient. It was very rare for him to appear like… He didn’t even want to talk.

She felt uncomfortable for some reason.

Thinking of the previous scene, she couldn’t help but ask, “Zi Chen, are you… angry about what happened just now?”

At this moment, Zi Chen was thinking of something else and didn’t pay much attention to her words. Hearing this, he only shook his head. “No.”

However, his actions confirmed Tuan Zi’s guess, and her frown deepened. Why is he… angry? This doesn’t seem like a big deal, right?

She thought for a moment and glanced at Zi Chen.

He looked down slightly, and his expression was tired. The lines on the handsome side of his face were smooth, and his lips were straight.

Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Tuan Zi couldn’t help but snort and mutter softly. “…Why are you angry? It’s not the first time I’ve seen it… I’ve seen more!”

Zi Chen stopped in his tracks.

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