The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 2292 - Chapter 2292: Demon jade pendant

Chapter 2292: Demon jade pendant


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what kind of demon egg is this? ” a Demon Lord shouted. it can be traded so carefully.

The devil egg bobbed up and down in the light circle, and a powerful devil Qi spread out, shocking all the devil Lords.

But even so, they were horrified to find that there was a layer of restriction set up on the devil egg, which imprisoned most of its power. Otherwise, if the devil Qi spread, it would have directly caused a commotion.

“This is the devil egg of the ancient devil ape,” Bao said with a smile.

“What? That’s impossible!”

The entire Alkaid Hall was in an uproar, filled with disbelief. The noisy discussions could no longer be concealed as they rang out in all directions.

“It’s been countless years since the demonic ape dominated the primordial era. Even if there were devil eggs left behind, they should’ve turned into stone long ago. How could they be so full of life?”

it’s said that once the ancient demon apes reach adulthood, they can step into the demon Lord realm without any obstacles. This race of ferocious beasts ran amuck in the ancient times and dominated for millions of years.

“How many years has it been since the primordial age? I’m afraid that even the age gap is a mystery. How could there be a demon egg left behind? this is too ridiculous.”

All kinds of discussions entered Yunxiao’s ears, and he could not help but be surprised. He looked at the devil egg in the Halo and fell into deep thought.

There were indeed signs of life in the aura that the devil egg was emitting, and it was not weak at all.

However, if it was as everyone had said, there shouldn’t be such a strong life aura after so many years.

After everyone’s shock and discussion gradually died down, Bao then smiled and said,”A good friend of mine found this demon egg in an ancient ruin. It’s indeed the ancient ape demon’s egg, and it’s a living one at that.”


His words were equivalent to confirming the situation of the demon egg, and it caused another commotion. All kinds of incredulous and excited expressions flashed on everyone’s faces.

Even Yi’s eyes were shining with light.

what? ” Yunxiao suddenly laughed. are you interested in this devil egg, Lord Yi? ”

“Of course!” The referee replied with a straight face. If you can hatch an ancient demon ape, it will be nourished with a secret technique from a young age, and when it grows up, it will be loyal to you and never betray you. Moreover, once the ancient demon ape matures, it will have the power of a demon commander!”

After saying that, her face flushed red and her arms trembled with excitement.

hehe … Yunxiao laughed. so, who is the person who brought this demon egg out to trade? ”

The referee was stunned for a moment, his face became strange. After a moment of thought, he suddenly forced a smile and said,”Many thanks for Lord Li’s reminder. What Lord means is that although this demon egg has signs of life, it can’t hatch?”

it’s not necessarily because it can’t hatch, ” Yunxiao said with a smile. it’s also possible that the conditions for hatching are no longer met, or there are other problems after it hatches, such as it being out of control.

Yi’s expression was much calmer than before. He nodded and said,”Lord Li’s words are reasonable, I was too blind. There’s definitely something wrong with this demon egg, that’s why it’s being traded.”

Some demon lords standing beside them also fell into deep thought when they heard that, and they could not help but give Yunxiao a few more glances.

In the field, a Demon Lord shouted,”How many devil essence stones is this devil egg for?”

The surroundings suddenly quieted down. The large square with hundreds of people suddenly became strangely quiet. They all listened quietly, afraid that they would miss it.

“Such a precious item, how can it be bought with demonic essence stones?” Bao Xiao smiled. If that friend of mine really wants the devil essence stones, then it would probably be a sky-high price. This ancient ape demon egg only accepts bartering.”

“What does the owner want in exchange?” the demon Lord called out again.

A divine light flashed in Bao’s eyes, and he said word by word, ” “Demon Pearl Jade.”

A commotion broke out below, and a large number of demons wore blank expressions as if they had never heard of this item.

A small number of demons, on the other hand, had a drastic change in expression. Their eyes were filled with horror, and their expressions were dark and uncertain.

“What’s a demon Pearl Jade?”

Among all the noise, this was the most common question. Although everyone had guessed that the item to be exchanged would not be simple, they did not expect it to be so complicated that few people knew about it.

“That person actually wanted to exchange for the demon Pearl Jade! Who is the owner of this Magic Egg?”

Surprise appeared on Yi’s face as well, as if he was panicking.

what the hell is that demon Pearl Jade? ” Yunxiao asked curiously. even many demon monarchs don’t know about it. Only a few people know about it, and they all look scared.

“The Holy demon experienced the five decrepit phenomena and transformed into this after its death,” Yi said after calming his mind.


This time, it was Yunxiao’s turn to be surprised. He was stunned for a long time before he muttered to himself, ” “No wonder, no wonder, Yingluo.”

Yi also nodded and said,”only a treasure like the demon Pearl Jade is worthy of the ancient demon ape’s demon egg.” The demon Pearl Jade could be considered a mutated rainbow stone. After all, after the Holy demon died, the body that was left behind was still a rainbow stone. Under the exhaustion of powerful demonic Qi, it collapsed into demonic armor Jade. I’ve only heard of it and have never seen its physical form.”

Bao didn’t explain further because this thing was a Holy demon’s relic. Explaining it would be a great disrespect to the Holy demon.

Therefore, he didn’t say much. He just cast a few incantation seals with one hand and projected them in the air.

A hundred feet in front of him, all kinds of light gathered and formed a dark jade.

The Jade stone was lustrous and translucent. It did not have a fixed shape, and its corners were sharp. It exuded a faint demonic light, as if it was not tolerated by the world, and it was slightly cold and eerie.

Yunxiao’s body trembled, and a bright light burst out of his eyes, but he suppressed it in an instant. He narrowed his eyes slightly to hide the shock in his heart.

The image of the demon Pearl Jade was similar to the Outworld dark stone, but the color was different. From the projection, it didn’t seem to have the terrifying cold Qi.

“Lord li, what’s wrong?”

Chu Cha noticed Yunxiao’s shock and could not help but ask.

Yunxiao shook his head slightly. His eyes were covered by a layer of turbid light, and his true thoughts could not be seen.

His mind, however, was spinning as he quickly thought.

The Outworld dark stone came from a Saint Devil family in the ice region, and it was said that it was related to their breakthrough to the Saint Devil realm. It was very likely to be related to the demon Pearl Jade.

Although he was still not sure if the Outworld dark stone was the demon Pearl Jade, there was definitely a close connection between the two.

After Bao Ying projected the video, he said to everyone, ” “This is it. Those who knew would know, and those who did not know would not know. There was no need to explain. Even if we don’t have the demon Pearl Jade, my friend will definitely thank anyone who has information about it. ”

Although he didn’t explain it, everyone had more or less understood the origin of the demon Pearl Jade, and they were all shocked.

In the countless years that he had spent in the demon world, there were quite a few Holy demons. However, in each era, it would be rare.

In fact, in some eras, even after hundreds of thousands of years, there might not even be a Holy demon.

“I’m afraid that only the shengmo family can have something like the demon Pearl Jade. I’m afraid that no one here can take it out,” a Demon Lord muttered.

The rest of the people nodded in agreement.

The demon Pearl Jade was either passed down from the Saint demon family, or they were lucky enough to find the remains of the Saint demon in the ruins. But no matter what, the chances were slim.

Bao’s gaze swept across everyone’s faces, and he also understood,”It seems like there’s no more demon Jade. Sigh, what a pity.”

He waved his hand and extinguished the projection. At the same time, he formed a seal and put the devil egg back into the ring.

Yunxiao’s heart skipped a beat. Just now, when Bao’s eyes glanced at the crowd, he seemed to have intentionally or unintentionally stopped on Yunxiao’s face for a moment longer.

Although the difference was only a moment, it could not escape Yunxiao’s divine sense.

oh no, could it be that he caught my expression when I was shocked just now? ”

Yunxiao quickly calculated in his heart and thought to himself, ” “If that’s the case, it might lead to big trouble.”

At this time, all the demon lords looked at the demon egg disappearing in front of them with longing and sighing. The depressed atmosphere spread in the square, and each of them looked as if they had lost something.

In a certain place within Alkaid Hall, in a spacious secret room.

The secret room was not big, but it was fully equipped with tables, chairs, tea, and wine. Although the decoration was simple, there was a different kind of atmosphere in the silence.

All of a sudden, a layer of light spread out from the ground, and an object rose steadily from it. It was the ancient ape demon egg that had just been revealed in the square.

After the demon egg revealed itself in the secret room, the light gradually dissipated, and the room regained its brightness.

A black-robed demon in the corner walked up and touched the demon egg.

The demon’s entire face was covered by a layer of demonic clouds, and only his sharp eyes flickered occasionally. His true appearance could not be seen at all.

“Hehe, I told you it’s useless. The number of divine objects like the demon Eye Jade can be counted on one’s fingers in the entire devil realm. How could it appear in a trade fair of this level?”

On the side, on an extremely wide deck chair, Richard crossed his legs and leisurely sipped tea. He said with a mocking expression.

His gaze was fixed on a water mirror in the secret room. The mirror directly projected the situation inside Alkaid Hall. Even the expressions of every demon could be seen clearly.

“I also know that the probability is extremely low,” the demon said,”but I’m just giving it a try. Moreover, Yingluo ”

His voice suddenly stopped, and two rays of light shot out from his black robe and landed on the water mirror as well, as if he was staring at someone. besides, it doesn’t seem like there’s no hope at all, hehe.

The judge’s expression changed and he frowned, ” Are you talking about li Yunxiao? ”

“Hehe, so Lord Hu has noticed it as well. It seems that Daren’s eyes have never left this person.”

The black-robed demon laughed. “When mo Linyu first appeared, I observed every demon’s face and eyes in detail. Seven of them had abnormal reactions, but Yunxiao’s reaction was the most intense. And in an instant, he covered up his expression, making it impossible for others to see through his inner thoughts. Isn’t this enough to explain the problem?”

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