The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 2346 - Chapter 2346: Li Yi’s death

Chapter 2346: Li Yi’s death

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In the eyes of the eldest young master, the fist shadows that filled the sky were merely illusions. He sneered and with a flash of his body, he appeared high in the sky and suddenly threw a punch towards gan Sha’s head!

Gan Sha raised his head. There was no joy or sorrow on his face, only ferocity. Then, a black round shield appeared in front of his face. It was none other than Ananda Gansha!


The eldest young master’s fist landed on ah Nangan Sha’s body, causing beams of demonic light to appear. The space was directly twisted and spun by the pressure, but he still could not break the shield.

The eldest young master’s expression changed slightly, and he let out a muffled groan. His body immediately turned into three afterimages, each landing around gan Sha, and they attacked together.




Three consecutive explosions rang out, and a faint shield shadow appeared on gan Sha’s body, blocking the attack.

The black Shield was not broken, but the powerful attack had shocked him. It directly hit Gansha’s body through the shield, leaving three huge holes in it. His body was penetrated!

Finally, the shield’s luster dimmed, and gan Sha’s body also collapsed forward with a loud bang!

This terrifying scene fell into everyone’s eyes, and they were all dumbfounded.

After being blown away by the blow, mo PU actually fell into a semi-unconscious state, floating in the air. His two arms kept twitching, and he only woke up from the heavy injury when gan Sha was blown to the ground.

“What … What kind of power is this?!”

Yunxiao trembled, and so did the other people.

After killing gan Sha, the eldest young master’s clones once again merged into one, and that astonishing might descended once more, shocking the entire sky!

There was no sorrow, joy, or despair on mo PU’s face. He just looked at him quietly and said, ” “You’ve already broken through the suppression of this world.”

The eldest young master sneered,”Hmph, isn’t a breakthrough a very normal thing?” I’ve already broken through a million years ago!”


Mo PU was stunned and became a little dazed.

Yunxiao was stunned for a moment, then he could not help but tremble. A million years ago, it was the time when the ruling plume dominated the realm of heavenly martial arts.

The eldest young master said coldly,”look at the confusion on your face. As a former demon master, I’ll let you die with a clear understanding.” I am the true spirit six wings of the heavenly martial realm. I was hurt by someone, and I had no choice but to escape through the regional wall. Or rather, he has fallen into a difficult situation in the mo world. Now, he has finally recovered his peak strength and advanced another level!”

six-winged! Yunxiao cried out in horror. you are six-winged!

Wei Qing was also shocked, and his mind was full of question marks.

The eldest young master glanced at him and snorted coldly.

Yunxiao could no longer suppress the fear in his heart. At this moment, six-winged had only merged four clones into one, and it had already surpassed the Saint Demon Realm.

When he thought of Li Yi, who was still in his divine realm tablet, he could not help but break out in cold sweat.

I can’t believe that there’s someone like you in the heavenly martial realm, ” mo PU said. I’ve only heard of the true dragon and Heavenly Phoenix, but they’ve only reached the realm King level. You’re still in the devil realm, so you probably haven’t reached the level of master of the thousand realms yet.”

Liu Qi narrowed his eyes and said,”back then, I was severely injured and my cultivation was almost completely scattered.” In addition to the suppression of the demon world’s power, it was not easy to survive. After all these years, he had returned to his peak. How could it be so easy to step into the realm of the thousand realms? In the past millions of years, the only one who became the master of the thousand realms was you! But now that you’ve appeared and the six paths demonic armament is gathered here, it seems that my opportunity has arrived.”

Mo PU’s body trembled, and his eyes revealed a complicated look.

“Demonic weapons are heavenly Saint artifacts of the demonic world,” six-winged said.”Only the capable can own them. It’s not like you’re the only one who has them. However, from my observation, you are a rare genius in the last ten million years. You seem to have refined the mo weapon?”

“It seems like you know quite a lot about the demon weapons,” said mo PU with a complicated expression.

I’ve seen two generations of realm Kings in the realm of heavenly martial arts, ” six-winged said. including you, I’ve seen two generations of demon masters. You’re the only one who can refine the heavenly Saint artifact, and all of them have been refined by the heavenly Saint artifact, becoming its shell, or its slaves. You’re the only Weapon Master. This also brought me a great surprise. If there is no precedent, I don’t know what to do when I get the mo weapon.”

“A refined heavenly Saint artifact?”

Yunxiao was taken aback, as if he had caught something.

“Get the mo weapon? Do you think you can do it just because you want to?”

Mo PU made a seal with his hands and placed it in front of him. His aura, which had been in a daze due to his injuries, suddenly condensed and began to rise rapidly.

Liu Chi’s expression changed. His eyes revealed a strange look and a fierce light shone.

The hearts of the surrounding people trembled. But how can we win now?”

Yuan’s expression turned ugly, and she held the agama in her hand even more tightly. If she had not been severely injured in the battle with mo PU, the two of them together with the demon God Gansha would most likely be able to fight against six-winged.

But now that gan Sha was dead and Mo PU was severely injured, it would be difficult to salvage the situation.

Liu Chi looked at the incantation in mo PU’s hand, and his eyes suddenly lit up. He said, ” “A desperate struggle? That’s right, let me see the demeanor of the powerful man who dominated the world in the past.”

Mo PU’s expression was calm, without any fluctuations. As the seal was formed, he immediately transformed into three heads and six arms.

Yuan and Xiao Hong’s expressions changed slightly, and the swords in their hands began to tremble as if they were being summoned by mo PU.

The two of them did not resist and allowed the mo weapon to fly over.

The six arms behind mo PU spread out, and the five profound level weapons broke through the air and slowly landed in his hands. He also raised his right hand, and a roll of green light slowly fell.

Liu Qi’s eyes shone with excitement as he said, ” “The ancient scroll of avicinaraka! It’s said that the Supreme magical abilities and secret techniques of the demon race are recorded in it, and it’s a Supreme treasure passed down from the ancient demon God era. Even among the previous demon masters, only a few were able to open it, but you should be able to do it, right?”

Yunxiao and the others all had their hearts stirred as they looked at the iron scroll. They also felt that it was strange. When the six paths demonic weapon was summoned, they had never seen the iron scroll open, so they didn’t know what was inside.

“The ancient scroll of avicinaraka records the connection between two eras. It is the Supreme ancient scroll that combined all the magical skills and wisdom of the old demon world when the new demon world was created!” Mo PU said slowly.

“New demon world? Old demon world? What did that mean? Could there be a few more mo realms?”

The people around them were all confused, even Yuan and Yuan were confused.

However, everyone immediately stopped thinking and looked ahead with wide eyes. The ancient scroll unfurled in mo PU’s hand.

A series of runes flew into the air like a black ribbon, dancing up and down as the scroll was extended.

Each of the ancient devil inscription characters that appeared from the scroll contained an extremely powerful force. The scroll was like a world of its own, showing the world its power and rules.

Liu Chi’s expression changed drastically as well. He actually took a few steps back and stared at the ancient scroll in shock. He cried out,”Could it be, Zhenzhen? Zhenzhen?”

Mo PU’s expression was calm as he said,”it seems like you’ve guessed it.” This ancient scroll was the magical power Book of Wisdom formed after the collapse of the old demon world. To put it simply, what I’m holding in my hand is one of the realms in this void!”

Liu Chi’s expression changed drastically as he suddenly shouted, ” “The fifth clone, fuse with it!”

He folded his arms in front of him and formed a ball. It was as if endless power was gathering on his body. A shadow that was almost the same as six-winged slowly appeared and fused with him.

Everyone’s expression changed drastically, because six-winged’s strength had clearly increased a lot.

Liu Chi’s eyes turned cold as he fixed his gaze on Yunxiao. He raised his hand and grabbed at Yunxiao, then shouted, ” “The sixth clone, come out!”

Yunxiao instantly felt his throat being clutched, and he could not even breathe. The divine realm tablet was slowly pulled out of his body under six-winged’s capture.

Then, Li Yi’s figure fell out in a sorry state and flew towards six-winged.

Only then did Yunxiao return to normal. He grabbed the divine realm tablet with one hand, his face filled with horror. With his current strength, he could be considered one of the best in the two worlds, but he couldn’t even withstand a casual grab from six-winged.

Li Yi waved his hands in fear and shouted, ” “Don’t! Don’t absorb me! I don’t want to die!”

Yunxiao and Wei Qing both regretted not killing him earlier.


However, Liu Chi didn’t care about him. A trace of mockery and anger flashed through his eyes as he rebuked,”You’re my clone to begin with, yet you’re actually so afraid of death. You’ve truly disgraced this Lord. If you were just a subordinate, I would have slapped you to death right now, you piece of trash!”

He clenched his fingers and stabbed them into Li Yi’s head. He said coldly, ” he’s weak. Now’s not the time to merge, but the situation is like this. I have to do it.

Li Yi’s body shuddered a few times before his entire body gradually merged into six-winged’s body until he disappeared.

Liu Chi’s body suddenly trembled and a ferocious expression appeared on his face. He chuckled and said,”Complete body, descend!”

The pitch-black triangular formation on his chest had completely disappeared. His arms and body swelled up like bamboo shoots, and there were even white bones protruding out. His appearance and temperament had also begun to change.

His cold and stern face was gone, replaced by a ferocious and terrifying look. White bones grew out of his arms, shoulders, and back like swords.

Yunxiao was shocked, but at the same time, he believed that the man was Liu Chi, because his body was very similar to those great demons.

“Bone sword!”

Liu Chi shouted and a piece of white bone extended from his palm, which turned into a sharp sword. The bones were covered with all kinds of complicated runes.

Mo PU had been looking at him quietly until the transformation was complete. Then he said,”I’m still one step away. Was it because the sixth clone was too weak? If your sixth clone can reach the level of a half-step Holy demon, you might be able to become the Lord of a thousand worlds.”

“It’s indeed a pity,” six-winged said,”but the heavenly Dao has never been up to people, nor has it ever given people despair. When one door was closed, there must be another door open. This useless clone prevented me from breaking through to the thousandworld realm, but the heavenly Dao sent you here, along with the six paths demonic weapon!”

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