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The Exhausting Reality of Novel Transmigration

The Exhausting Reality of Novel Transmigration

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I'm Sick of Being Transmigrated Into Books, 책빙의는 이제 지겹다





The Exhausting Reality of Novel Transmigration

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I’ve had enough of being transmigrated into books. You would be tired of it too, especially if it was already your fourth time getting reincarnated. This time, I became the female lead’s villainous older sister. ‘Oh, I’m so sick of this.’ Yet again, I was sure this life wouldn’t be exciting either. I had led long, straightforward lives before, and then I died and moved on to the next. But why was it that this reincarnation was a tad different? ‘Why can I use the abilities I had in my second life?’ ‘Why is the female lead bothering me so much?’ Alicia, the novel’s protagonist, was fated to have a poor, emaciated life. However, considering that she was this novel’s true heroine, I couldn’t just let her roll through the mud like this. I would do everything in my power to change her fate. ‘My younger sister, don’t become the heroine this time.’ To achieve my goal through a project hereby dubbed as the [Mob-Alicia Project], I’ve recruited the male lead’s older brother, Cassion Carter. He was the villain who was almost killed—no, was fated to be killed—by the male lead. . . . “If you want to live, promise me one thing.” As if he was a wild beast that had been hunted and left to die alone, he breathed with incredible difficulty. I reached toward the poor man’s face to caress his cheek, leaning down to whisper softly. “If I save you . . .” Lay your own life on the line to protect my sister.