The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 2514 - Chapter 2514: I’m Not a Savior (2)

Chapter 2514 - Chapter 2514: I’m Not a Savior (2)

Chapter 2514: I’m Not a Savior (2)

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When Shen Yanxiao made sacred tools for the leaders of the four countries, Tang Nazhi once asked her why even trash like Gu Lan and Gu Feng could have the sacred tools she created.

Her answer was simple — for the sake of mankind’s overall strength.

Fighting against the devils, they needed all the strength they could get and that included the strength of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps. Therefore, she let bygones be bygones and provided sacred tools even for Gu Lan and Gu Feng. In that way, they could have better chances to survive in the battle. Why did she requite evil with good in regards to the Longxuan Empire?


That was also for strength.

All this seemed to be so selfless. In order to save the Brilliance Continent, she completely abandoned her grievances and joined hands with former enemies.

Quite the Holy Mother’s performance.

Shen Yanxiao stood in the temple and looked at the godhoods shining in the temple with a faint smile on her mouth.

Was that really it?

Obviously, that wasn’t it. Shen Yanxiao had never been a good person, let alone a savior who would sacrifice herself for the greater good of others. She had worked so hard and traveled everywhere, even making her former enemies stronger, for a very simple reason.

Because she wanted to live well.

The victory of the devils would lead to the complete fall of the Brilliance

Continent, and even her Forsaken Land would definitely not be preserved. Sun Never Sets would also be occupied by the devils and those in the city would become corpses under the butcher knife of the devils. Those she cared about would not escape death as well.

What she wanted to save was not the Brilliance Continent, nor the human beings, but herself and those she cared about. The invasion of the Devil race compelled all the forces in the Brilliance Continent to unite. No one would start a conflict against another at this time, because no matter how much help they received from Shen Yanxiao, it was only limited against the Devil race. Moreover, even if Shen Yanxiao were to give them some help, she would still not allow them to surpass her in strength. For her today, whether it were Gu Feng or the Longxuan Empire’s emperor, such people had already lost the qualification to be enemies with her. She only needed one finger to crush them.

Instead of getting rid of them for the sake of a moment’s pleasure, it was better to give them some benefits and let them work for her and protect the Brilliance


From beginning to end, Shen Yanxiao was not a savior. She was just using all available resources to ensure her future survival.

This was Shen Yanxiao. After becoming the Demon Lord, she had learned the art of controlling people.

If she were all alone and concerned only for herself, she could just have let the invasion of the Devil race be. Even if the Brilliance Continent fell and the world was ruined, she still had the ability to ensure her own survival. She also believed that the other members of the Phantom also had this ability.

But in the Forsaken Land, there were still their families.

The clan heads of the five great clans were already old and could not afford to travel around.

Shen Yanxiao did not stand up for the sake of mankind, nor for the sake of the Brilliance Continent, nor for the sake of this world. She did it for herself.

What she wanted to protect could not be preserved by herself alone. Therefore, she had actively formed an alliance to have all living beings in the world join her to protect what she cared about.

To outsiders, she was a great savior.

But in fact, only she knew that she was merely playing some tricks under the eyes of the world. Unfortunately, no one could see it.

Gu Lan was very grateful to her for her generosity. Long Yue was very grateful to her for her magnanimity. What she wanted was such an effect..

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