The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 396 - Breaking Up The Couple

Chapter 396: Breaking Up The Couple

Xiang Yin and Old Mrs. Xiang got up early and before they went out. They left a note saying that they went hiking together.

Her brothers made breakfast together. Although it tasted ordinary, Xiang Yi was satisfied.

Zhong Yi completely let herself go, and she didn’t put on any makeup at all. Completely barefaced, she drank some beef and radish soup to cure her hangover together with Xiang Yi.

After eating, Zhong Yi got ready to leave with Jiangjiang.

The livestream had already begun and the netizens noticed that Xiang Yi had stuffed Zhong Yi’s nanny van with lots of food.

There were spicy snacks, strawberries with cream, some other specialties from Little Rabbit Farm, as well as some chili noodles, chili oil, and plum wine that Xiang Yi had made herself.

She had also given Jiangjiang a small gift, which was a fluffy rabbit plush toy.

“This my favorite rabbit, it’s for you.”

Jiangjiang blinked her large eyes and shook her head. “I can’t accept it. Mommy said that this is called snatching away someone else’s love!”

Xiang Yi smiled gently and stroked her little head, “But I like you more, Jiangjiang.”

Jiangjiang’s face was flushed. Hugging the plush rabbit, she thanked Xiang Yi and leaned closer to whisper into Zhong Yi’s ear, “Mommy, can we just take Auntie home without the gifts?”

Although her voice was soft, she was wearing a microphone so everyone in the livestream could hear her clearly——

—— [Zhong Yi’s pretty even when she’s barefaced!]

—— [Wow, I think Xiang Yi really treats Zhong Yi as a friend!]

—— [Omggg, I ship Xiang Yi and Zhong Yi!]

—— [Jiangjiang, you’ve spoken my mind! Come on, I’ll give you a hemp bag!]

Zhong Yi grinned and changed the subject. “Aunt Xiang Yi’s birthday is coming soon. We can give her a gift when the time comes, okay?”

Jiangjiang exclaimed in a puerile voice, “Sure!”

“Goodbye, Aunt.”

Jiangjiang waved her paws and gave Xiang Yi a flying kiss.

Xiang Yi made a catching gesture and showed her a heart sign.

After sending Zhong Yi and Jiangjiang away, Xiang Yi strode back to the living room.

The netizens then realized that all four of Xiang Yi’s brothers were all present!

Xiang Chen was replying to emails on his computer by the floor-to-ceiling window, holding a cup of black coffee in hand.

Xiang Li stood in front of the bookshelf and flipped through books. The moonlight shone down on his white shirt, making him look refined.

Holding a needle and thread in hand, Xiang Qi was sewing Xiang Yi an apron, looking rather effeminate.

As for Xiang Yu…

The persona that he had been trying to maintain had collapsed and he seemed to have let himself go. He stood in front of the cat bed and rubbed Little Xiji’s head while holding Xiao Naofu in hand. He looked like a philandering scumbag.

The netizens were appalled.

—— [What welfare is that?!]

—— [I’m a Sister-in-law fan, I’m here to report!]

—— [Where are the other Sister-in-law fans? Don’t let me see you again!]

—— [I’m crying, I never thought I’d see Xiang Yi’s brothers in the same frame in my lifetime!]

The moment Xiang Yi came in, her brothers looked over in unison.

“Have a seat,” Xiang Chen said while pointing at the empty seat opposite him.

Xiang Yi bit the bullet and walked over to take a seat. She placed her hand on the table like an obedient child.

Xiang Chen looked at her for a few seconds before suddenly asking, “Do you know the dangers of falling in love at a young age?”

Xiang Yi was confused.

Xiang Chen made a hand gesture and said, “Xiang Li, come over and break it down for her.”

Xiang Li understood immediately. He said in a warm and mellow voice, “It refers to the premature establishment of a romantic relationship between a man and a woman. I’ll break down the details into five major points and twenty smaller points…”

Xiang Yi was speechless.

The netizens were laughing uncontrollably.

—— [Hahahaha, oh dear, oh dear,

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