The Incubus System

Chapter 478: (Un)relaxing Bath Time

Chapter 478: (Un)relaxing Bath Time

The Incubus System Chapter 476. (Un)relaxing Bath Time

Since I still had a lot of time before the dinner started, I decided to take a relaxing bath. Something I had never done before despite my personal bathroom was way— fancier than my house’s bathroom.

It was dominated by marble with a fancy Jacuzzi bathtub that was big enough for 3 people. It also had scented candles and the finest wines. Lord Damon also said I could order my maids to fill it with wine if I wanted it. But my old poor self refused it once I heard that wasteful idea. So I declined it without hesitation.

After I ordered Rin and Ran to prepare my bath water, I took a dip in the bathtub.

“Haaa…” A long exhale came out of my mouth as I submerged my body into the warm water. The warmth greeted my skin and relaxed my muscles. The water flow gave a subtle massage to my body.

The water emitted the nice scent of aromatherapy which relaxed my mind. Even though it didn’t smell like the human world’s aromatherapy, the scent relaxed me.

I extended my hand to my side, asking one of my maids to give me a glass of wine.

Without a word, they gave it to me.

“Thank you,” I said once the glass was in my palm. I took a sip of it before I closed my eyes and leaned my head back.

‘I should have done this more often,’ I thought. I usually chose a quick shower since it was more efficient.

“Turn on the music,” I ordered without opening my eyes.

A second later, the sound of classical music played and filled the room.

A smile appeared on my lips as I enjoyed all the facilities. Unfortunately, although I tried to relax, my brain was immersed in tomorrow’s plans. I had to admit I was a little nervous since The Spider Queen had a dangerous spy squad. Not to mention the museum also had strict security. One small mistake could make everything fall apart.

‘I have to spy all those places and make sure everything goes according to plan,’ I thought. Especially the museum.

Jealousi Museum was huge and filled with the queen’s wealth. From the crown to royal robe and fancy clothes. So it could be said that it was the place where the spider queen boasted and showed off her wealth to others. It also had a collection of photos of the male demons as a sign she was a desirable demoness. She was trying so hard to show this since her husband’s betrayal.

Even though it sounded absurd, the spider queen showed off a collection of photos of her male demon servants there and all of them were in an embarrassing position despite most of them having noble status. She did it on purpose to make the other demons jealous of her and show how far her authority was. It was her hobby and she couldn’t live without making others jealous of her.

Aside from the spider queen’s unique hobby, the city of Jealousi also had something special compared to the others. Their salon had something that could change the demons’ facial features permanently. Something similar to the human world’s plastic surgery or more advanced than that. So was their hair.

They could even go as far as changing a rat demon’s true form to as handsome as a model. As long as he had enough money of course. Appearance was everything in that place. So in that city, the rich would spit on the poor and the poor would try to rob the rich. It was so fucked up.

‘Wait, wait, wait! I should relax! Why do I keep thinking about that?’ I took another sip of my wine and tried to enjoy myself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t, my brain was forcing me to think about a lot of things.

After a few minutes of unsuccessful attempts, I ruffled my hair in frustration.

“Haaa… I give up!” I grumbled. Yeah, it looked like it was not the right time to relax around so I decided to end it.

I finished my drink in one chug, put the glass on the table, and got out of the bathtub.

“Clean me up,” I ordered. My feet stepped on the shower after I rubbed it on the mat. This was really sad.

Upon my orders, Rin and Ran followed me to the shower room which was next to my bathtub. Once I entered the glass room, I clapped twice. The water came down from the huge shower like rain pouring down from my head to my body.

Gently, my maids scrubbed my body with nice scented liquid soap. Their gentle movements and their wet sexy clothes stimulated my mating urge. It made me keep glancing at them. Ehm… To their breasts to be precise, although I tried to distract myself. Unconsciously, my bottom started to react.

Another long breath escaped my mouth.

‘I blame that troll demon king for this,’ I cried internally. I wasn’t this pervert when I was a human, but hey, I’m an incubus. It couldn’t be helped.

Unable to contain myself, I grabbed Rin’s wrist and pulled her into my arms. Even if Lord Damon warned me about this, it was only me here and Lord Damon shouldn’t know about this. Let said I masturbated in the bathroom. A normal thing for men around my age.

Without further ado, I bumped my lips on her. My tongue went into it. But what I felt was the cold. I felt like kissing a cold statue. Or… An ice mold.

I broke my kiss and looked at Rin with a flat stare. While she only replied to me with a blank stare. Somehow I was not interested in her anymore even though her tits intrigued me.

“Yup. Bad idea,” I said with a wry smile. I removed my hands from her and turned my gaze in another direction. My hand gestured to continue what they were doing.

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