The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1748: Don’t Be Afraid, I’m Here

Chapter 1748: Don’t Be Afraid, I’m Here

[TN: Changing the translation of Divine Sense to consciousness.]

In other words, if she had advanced at that time, her physical body could have likely been blown apart by the raging spiritual power, bursting into pieces. Given her unstable mental state and consciousness, she would have risked developing inner demons, eventually leading to her losing control and falling into madness during the advancement.

However, the breakthrough was initiated.

If she were to stop it, she would be trapped in the Gold Core Stage forever for the rest of her life, unable to advance any further.

Xi Yue was aware of her situation, so she chose to advance without hesitation.

Only by increasing her cultivation would it be possible to unlock the second level of wood source and save everyone.

Even if it would shatter her into pieces, she would never back down.

As Xi Yue focused on the surging spiritual power in her dantian, her consciousness also began to enhance her heart and brain.

Countless pictures flashed before Xi Yue’s eyes like a fast-forwarded movie.

Gu Liufeng, the remains of Xi Jia, Little Egg, Xiao Chi’s deep slumber, Ouyang Haoxuan falling off a cliff, the last breath of Nangong Yu disappearing… Everything exploded in her mind like fireworks, filling all her thoughts.

Endless regret, anger, and a destructive hatred surged up to her heart.

Xi Yue’s eyes suddenly turned bloodshot, with faint hints of dark purple light flickering and fading within them.

As soon as the fluctuation of Xi Yue’s spiritual power took place, Ji Mingyu noticed something was wrong. He stood up and embraced her delicate body into his arms.

As the spiritual power inside Xi Yue ran wild, waves of flush appeared on her crystal-clear skin. The girl’s eyes became bloodthirsty and mad. He knew that Xi Yue was possessed by the inner demon.

Given Ji Mingyu’s cultivation level and insight, he needed only one glance to determine the girl before him was at most eighteen years old. An eighteen-year-old Gold Core Stage was rare even among the elite congregations of major families, sects, and divine palaces.

Moreover, Xi Yue was even about to advance from the Golden Core Stage to the Nascent Soul Stage at the mere age of eighteen.

As thoughts flashed in Ji Mingyu’s mind, his actions did not hesitate at all. He placed his palm on the girl’s abdomen, right over her dantian. Pure spiritual power was quickly infused into it.

Amid unbearable pain and raging hatred, Xi Yue had almost lost all reason. However, suddenly, a stream of cold spring slowly flowed into her body. It gradually guided her turbulent spiritual power, causing the tearing pain in her body to dissipate bit by bit.

At the same time, there was also a robust fundamental essence that entered her body.

In her daze, she seemed to hear a cold, low, but doting voice whispering in her ear over and over again. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

The pain in her body slowly vanished, and the vortex formed in her dantian began to madly absorb the surrounding spiritual energy. This energy was channeled from the dantian into her meridians, nourishing and strengthening her meridians and physical body.

The sadness, despair, and bone-gnawing hatred that originally swirled in my mind were slowly replaced by the hope that everyone would come back one day.

Xi Yue’s eyes slowly returned to their original state before she closed her eyes.

Her breathing became steady, and the expression of agony on her face disappeared.

Ji Mingyu slowly withdrew his hand and gently exhaled.

Sorting out Xi Yue’s rampaging spiritual power was a simple task for him. After all, Xi Yue’s cultivation was far below his.

However, sending his own into someone else’s body was extremely risky. In case of any accidents, if his fragile consciousness was crushed, he would suffer great damage.

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