The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1781: Real Father?

Chapter 1781: Real Father?

The woman gnashed her teeth and sneered, “Nalan Yurong, that bitch, I have trampled her into the ground to stop her from getting up again. How did she hook up with someone? Tell me the specific location, and I’ll go there myself.”

After getting the coordinates, the woman quickly disappeared into the mansion.

Few people know that this mansion was the private courtyard of Zhu Zhongba, the young master of the Zhu Family ten years ago. The charming woman in black was none other than Nalan Feixue, who had already mastered the cultivation methods of evil technique.

Nalan Feixue came to the foot of Cang Mountain. Soon, she saw the woman she hated most, her sister—Nalan Yurong.

Ever since she found out that Nalan Yurong was responsible for her mother’s death and then used her as a pawn to be toyed with by Zhu Chongba, Nalan Feixue despised her. In the past ten years, Nalan Yurong, as a Meridians Stage martial artist, had lived such a miserable life because of her.

After Nalan Yurong was sent to the brothel and endured a life worse than death, that was when Nalan Feixue would rescue her and bring her out of the place. When her eyes were beaming with hope, Nalan Yurong would chop off all her limbs.

A few years ago, she had derived much pleasure from tormenting the limbless Nalan Zhengze and Zhu Zhongba. Thus, it became imperative for her to capture Nalan Yurong and subject her to a slow, torturous ordeal; otherwise, her life would grow monotonous.

However, Nalan Feixue did not expect that someone would save Nalan Yurong even after she fell into a tough situation.

Who could that be? Who would want to save such a vicious, filthy, and shameless scum?

However, before Nalan Feixue even got close to the place where the altar was set up, an indescribable feeling of fear arose in her heart.

It wasn’t just about the gap in cultivation and pressure; she sensed that her cultivation techniques were suppressed. Getting too close would result in her being obliterated.

Nalan Feixue stopped in her tracks and hid behind a huge tree, looking into the distance.

From here, she could only see Nalan Yurong acting humble to the people around her, wearing a look that was both eager to please them and filled with apprehension.

Among that group, there was a tall man who stood out. His imposing presence sent shivers down Nalan Feixue’s spine. Yet, there was something oddly familiar about the man’s face that she couldn’t quite put into words.

Nalan Feixue was unwilling to give up, and she boldly sent a small seed in that direction.

This seed was a grade 5 demonic plant called Canger, with a lifespan of only three hours. Once rooted, it would sprout a plant resembling an ear, allowing martial artists with soul marks engraved on it to hear everything the Canger plant heard.

Canger flew near the altar. Nalan Feixue activated the evil aura in her and soon heard the sound coming from there.

Nalan Yurong knelt on the ground, kowtowed to the incense table, and murmured, “Mum, thank you for watching over me from above and helping me find my real father. I’ll stick by his side from now on and take care of him. No one will bully me again, and I won’t suffer anymore. You can finally rest in peace, Mum.”

Nalan Feixue frowned, filled with suspicion. Nalan Yurong was her biological eldest sister, and there was no doubt about it. Why did she suddenly have a ‘real’ father now?

After Nalan Yurong kowtowed, she stood up and looked at the tall man expectantly and cautiously, “Dad, where are we going next? Dad, you are not from the Miluo Continent, right? Are you from the Siam Continent? Can I go back to Siam with you?”

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