The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 3584

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Jiang Huaizhou subconsciously held his breath. He didn’t dare to exhale.

However, he gave up on looking at Jiang Yujie secretly.

He stopped messing around.

Because Dong Yujie hasn’t been working for a long time, she has gotten used to waking up late.


Jiang Huaizhou was worried that Dong Yujie would be disturbed by the sound of him washing up in the morning, so he shut the door to his room.

He opened the door after he was prepared.

Mrs. Dong had already made breakfast for him.

When Jiang Huaizhou came out of his room, Mrs. Dong asked, “Both of you have your doors opened. What game are you two playing?”

When Mrs. Dong noticed that both doors were open, she assumed that the two children were showing affection in a way that an elderly person like her could not comprehend.

Jiang Huaizhou, feeling embarrassed, responded, “Both of us have our doors opened so that we would be able to see each other even if we were in our own rooms. It felt great.”

“You guys are quite good at having fun.” Mrs. Dong said with a smile and was no longer interested in what Jiang Huaizhou and Dong Yujie were doing.

She didn’t close Dong Yujie’s door.

But she started speaking softly as she was worried that she might wake Dong Yujie up.

Jiang Huaizhou finished breakfast. Before he left, he came to Dong Yujie’s room.

When he was at the door, Dong Yujie’s phone rang.

Dong Yujie didn’t pick it up. Instead, she turned off the sound and looked at her phone.

Then Jiang Huaizhou realized that it was Dong Yujie’s alarm going off.

Dong Yujie was just about to get up when she saw Jiang Huaizhou at the door.

Dong Yujie froze. She quickly pulled the blanket and covered her face, revealing only her eyes.

“I was just checking on you before I leave to work.” Jiang Huaizhou didn’t expect Dong Yujie to set an alarm.

Jiang Huaizhou glanced over at Dong Yujie’s phone and asked, “Did you set an alarm because you wanted to see me off?”

Dong Yujie hid half of her face in her blanket as she nodded. She then asked, “Are you leaving?”

“Yes.” Jiang Huaizhou said with a smile, “Go back to sleep. Look at how tired you are.”

He had no idea what time she slept last night.

“I’m leaving. If you get bored at home, you can come to visit me at the office. If not, I will come to pick you up after work.” Jiang Huaizhou said.

Despite saying that, Jiang Huaizhou didn’t think that Dong Yujie would visit him at the office.

“Alright.” Dong Yujie agreed in a well-behaved manner. i

Seeing this, Jiang Huaizhou had this urge to just step into Dong Yujie’s room and kiss her.

However, because Mrs. Dong was present, Jiang Huaizhou could only endure.

“I am off to work.” Go back to sleep.” Jiang Huaizhou cast a gentle glance at Dong Yujie.

He felt like staying.

He would feel so happy if he could just stay here with her.

After Jiang Huaizhou left, Dong Yujie slept for a while.

Obviously, she wasn’t going to visit Jiang Huaizhou at his office.

She went out shopping and bought some gifts for Mr. Jiang.

She was different from Jiang Huaizhou.

She had been gone for over a year. Jiang Huaizhou had been the one taking care of Mrs. Dong.

Jiang Huaizhou bought the house for Mrs. Dong. Jiang Huaizhou was also the one who paid for every daily used item in the house.

He also occasionally visited Mrs. Dong.

Jiang Huaizhou visited home often, and it wouldn’t be his first time visiting the elders.

Obviously, Jiang Huaizhou wouldn’t need to buy any special gifts, and he didn’t need to treat this visitation so seriously.

However, Dong Yujie had not been back for a long time.

And such a big change happened to the family.

In her opinion, she should bring some gifts.

She didn’t buy something expensive. She just bought some food and supplies that youngsters would buy when they visit their older relatives.

When Jiang Huaizhou got off work at night, he saw the gift that Dong Yujie had prepared. Immediately, he reflected on his wrongdoings and said, “I didn’t buy mom any gifts when I came here yesterday.”

When Mrs. Dong heard this, she laughed and said, “You already spent a lot of money on me! There’s no need for gifts!”

“True.” Dong Yujie said, “I haven’t been back for a long time. I should buy some things.”

Mrs. Dong then urged the two to leave the house as soon as possible.

When they were on the way, Dong Yujie asked nervously, “Did you tell Dad that we are coming to visit him tonight?”

“I told him.” Jiang Huaizhou said.

“What… what was Dad’s attitude? Did you tell him that we… got together?” Dong Yujie asked again.

Jiang Huaizhou could tell that she was feeling so nervous that she was going out of breath. He proceeded to free his hand to hold her hand.

“I already told him that we are dating. Dad said okay.” Jiang Huaizhou said.

“I told him that we are going to visit him tonight, and he responded okay,” said Jiang Huaizhou

“You know Dad’s temper. He cares about his reputation, so he can only change his attitude slowly,” Jiang Huaizhou said, “He said okay. He didn’t tell us not to visit him, and he didn’t show an attitude. This means he approves of us.”

“If we show us an attitude when we got there, don’t take it to heart,” Jiang Huaizhou said.

“We’re living our own lives. You don’t have to take his attitude into consideration. If he doesn’t change his attitude towards you and he still appears indifferent, you don’t have to force yourself to visit him, and you don’t have to try and change his attitude.”

“You don’t have to worry about Dad.” Jiang Huaizhou said, “Of course, if Dad has a change of attitude, that would be the best scenario. Just go with the flow.”

“Yes.” Dong Yujie let out a sigh of relief.

The two then arrived at Mr. Jiang’s house.

To save Mrs. Dong the trouble of moving, Jiang Huaizhou bought the place.

On the other hand, Mr. Jiang stayed in a two-bedroom house.

However, Mr. Jiang didn’t think it was bad.

Dong Yujie had been the one who paid for and rented the place where they used to stay.

Back then, Jiang Huaizhou was still broke without any businesses.

The three-bedroom house was in a good location with a community that was considered upper middle class. And so, the rent wasn’t cheap.

And so, Mr. Jiang was okay with Jiang Huaizhou buying the house for Mrs. Dong.

In addition, he felt bad for Dong Yujie.

As a result, the size of the house would never cause a conflict between him and Mrs. Dong.

A two-bedroom house was big enough for him anyway.

This house was in a good location with convenient transportation.

Mr. Jiang didn’t know how to drive. He had gotten used to taking the subway and thought that this mode of transportation was quicker than driving.

It would only take an additional ten minutes to walk to the subway station from the neighborhood area. And so, it was convenient to travel anywhere.

When Jiang Huaizhou would visit him during the weekends and if Jiang Huaizhou didn’t have to work overtime, he could stay the night in this house. There were enough rooms.

If the house were too big, Mr. Jiang would feel lonely.

Dong Yujie followed Jiang Huaizhou and arrived at Mr. Jiang’s door.

Although Jiang Huaizhou had the keys to this house, he still rang the doorbell.

Mr. Jiang couldn’t get used to the new technologies.

He couldn’t handle fingerprint locks, which were so convenient.

He had been accustomed to using keys.

Based on what Mr. Jiang said, if the fingerprint lock broke, he would go crazy.

When Mr. Jiang heard the doorbell, he knew that Jiang Huaizhou and Dong Yujie had returned.

Dong Yujie was not the only one feeling nervous.

Mr. Jiang was also feeling nervous.

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