Chapter 608  The Dream Of The Empress

Chapter 608  The Dream Of The Empress

Xia Qiluo's expression was a little solemn. "They didn't tell me about this."

Xu Ran and Xu Qing only told her to cultivate well and surpass Liu Sanniang. Otherwise, she would be abandoned by the heavens.

Xia Qiluo had heard this many times, but she would always think of Liu Sanniang somehow. She was defeated by Liu Sanniang again and again. It was as if a heavy stone was pressing on her heart, making her unable to breathe.

Liu Sanniang seemed to have become her inner demon. If she could not defeat this inner demon, she would never surpass Liu Sanniang.

The empress looked at Xia Qiluo worriedly. "Qiluo, your shifu told me that they didn't want to give you too much pressure and tire you out. However, after I had that dream, I became more and more worried. Qiluo, the burden on your shoulders is of the entire world and the people in it."

Xia Qiluo bit her lip. "Mother, I'm sorry. My mind is too weak."

The empress reached out and stroked Xia Qiluo's face. "You should be a carefree princess. You shouldn't have to worry about these things at all. Your brother should be the one bearing the burden."

Xia Qiluo felt guilty. "It's also my responsibility. Mother, don't worry. I won't let you down. Shifu has long told me that I'm the chosen one. It's my responsibility to protect the righteous path."

The empress sighed and said gently, "You don't have to do this. You're just one person and can't bear so much responsibility. Even if there's really a war, it's not your fault. Just do your best."

Tears welled up in Xia Qiluo's eyes. "No, I definitely won't let her bring scourge to the world. Even if I have to fight her to the death, I will protect this world. This dynasty has been peaceful for more than 200 years. That's the peace which countless ancestors and loyal generals risked their lives to obtain. I won't let a war destroy everything."

The flames of war would kill the innocent and cause people to be displaced.

It also meant that the hard work of the founders of the dynasty would be ruined.

The empress gently hugged Xia Qiluo and stroked her back. She said, "In my imagination, you'll grow up and find a man you like. You'll love him, grow old with him, and have children and grandchildren. You'll always be happy with your brother around, protecting the people, the righteous path. The world is not something you should worry about."

"Why did the heavens have to choose you? You're the noble Seventh Princess. How can I bear to see you suffer like this?"

Xia Qiluo gritted her teeth and said firmly, "I will never back down from what I should do. For Mother and Brother, I will not back down either. I believe that evil can't defeat good. I will definitely eliminate the evil in the world."

Xia Qiluo blamed herself for being too weak.

Ever since she was defeated by Liu Sanniang, she couldn't recover from the setback. It was because of Chu Yan, she was jealous of Liu Sanniang. She made people who cared about her so worried. She needed to pull herself together.

She shouldn't have doubted herself.

Her mother was the empress. Even her mother had received a warning from the heavens that Liu Sanniang would turn into a demon. It must be true.

Her mother and shifu were all virtuous people. What they said could not be wrong. Ever since she came back from Jiangzhou, she had been doubting herself. It was even harder for her to pull herself together. Now that she thought about it, she felt that it was ridiculous. She shouldn't be wasting precious time like this.

The empress stroked Xia Qiluo's back. "Just try your best. Remember that I'll always support you."

Xia Qiluo held back her tears and nodded. "Yes, Mother, don't worry. I'll do my best."

She was no longer that insensible little girl. Not only did she have to try her best, but she also had to also risk her life. However, if she really said that, her mother's heart would ache.

Xia Qiluo went out of the palace to see Xu Qing and Xu Ran to thank them.

Xu Ran and Xu Qing gently stroked Xia Qiluo's hair but did not say anything. They were gentle and kind, like two patient fathers. They guided her towards the right path bit by bit and watched her grow up.

No matter how many times she lost her way, they would slowly guide her back.

After seeing Xu Ran and Xu Qing, Xia Qiluo left.

When Liu Sanniang returned home after leaving the palace, it was already late at night, so she did not look for Su Yanyu. After washing up, she rested.

The next day, Chu Yan cooked some porridge. As Liu Sanniang ate, she listened to Liu Yuanyuan and Hu Yu talk about Su Yanyu.

When Mrs. Su heard that Su Yanyu had become Liu Sanniang's disciple, she told her friends about it.

Many madams praised Su Yanyu for being lucky to become Liu Sanniang's disciple, which made Mrs. Su feel proud.

A lady called Madam Lin told Mrs. Su that her daughter had encountered something strange and wanted Su Yanyu to help.

Mrs. Su naturally knew that Madam Li didn't want Su Yanyu to help, but in fact, she wanted Liu Sanniang to help. She did not refuse and said that she would ask and reply to her.

That was why Su Yanyu sent a letter to Liu Sanniang.

Hu Yu said, "After Su Yanyu told us, Liu Yuanyuan and I went to the Lin family to take a look. We didn't find anything strange, but Miss Lin is very beautiful."

Madam Lin did not tell Mrs. Su what was going on, so Su Yanyu also had no clue.

Hu Yu guessed. "Perhaps Miss Lin has fallen in love with someone. Her parents don't know and think that she has encountered something strange."



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