The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 2546 - 2546 Side Story 50: Look Again, I'll Eat You Up.

Chapter 2546 - 2546 Side Story 50: Look Again, I'll Eat You Up.

2546 Side Story 50: Look Again, I’ll Eat You Up.

His tone was calm, and his voice was cold, as if he were talking about something extremely ordinary.

His eyes were deep and sharp. Under his calm and indifferent gaze, there was a slight wave that seemed to see through everything.

When Yi Ming heard this, he was stunned at first and then subconsciously met that gaze. In an instant, he felt that all his thoughts had been seen clearly.

In the end, he still had the temperament of a young man. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation, so he immediately became nervous and a little helpless. “Zi, Zi Chen, I don’t mean anything else. I just sent Tuan Zi back on the way. I…”

“That would be best.” Zi Chen interrupted him and turned to look at Tuan Zi, who had already walked into the room and didn’t notice the situation here at all.

As if sensing Zi Chen’s gaze, Tuan Zi turned around and was still listless. She pouted. “Zi Chen, what were you guys talking about just now?”

Her round and clear eyes were as clean and pure as crystal.

Zi Chen retracted his gaze. “Nothing.”

Although the young lady had already grown up, her temperament was still similar to a child’s. In this aspect, she was completely like a blank piece of paper.

It was really unsafe.

Thinking of this, he looked up and glanced at Yi Ming expressionlessly.

Tuan Zi followed his gaze, thought of something, and waved her hand. “Yi Ming, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Hearing this answer, Yi Ming finally came back to his senses.

He nodded and glanced at Zi Chen again before bidding the two of them farewell. The young man’s figure then quickly disappeared in the darkness.

Zi Chen stood by the door for a while before turning to return to his room.

He closed the door and looked up slightly. Tuan Zi had already collapsed in the chair and looked listless.

“Did you have fun today?” Zi Chen asked lightly.

Seeing him like this, Tuan Zi knew that he was holding her coming back too late against her.

This matter is very serious, Tuan Zi thought solemnly. Zi Chen has always left all the good food for me, but today, he didn’t even leave a sour spiritual fruit. It’s obvious that he is really angry!

“I-it’s okay…” The strong desire to live caused Tuan Zi to give an untrue answer.

Zi Chen came closer and looked down at her.

Tuan Zi looked up at him.

“Do you remember what I said just now?” Even though it was a question, his tone was clearly an affirmative statement. Clearly, Zi Chen didn’t leave her any room to bargain.

Tuan Zi’s mental health was about to be affected as she pouted. “Do you mean that I have to come back before dark?”

Zi Chen didn’t speak, but he clearly acknowledged it.

Tuan Zi lowered her body and lay on the table, her fair and pretty chin gently resting on the back of her hand. “B-but there was no such rule in the past!”

“That was in the past. Now, it’s different,” Zi Chen said concisely.

Tuan Zi snorted in indignance. “What’s different? And I’m already grown up! How can I be less free than when I was young? Besides, I played very well with Yi Ming and the others in the past!”

Zi Chen glanced at her. It was precisely because she has grown up that she has to be even more vigilant.

Tuan Zi didn’t feel it herself, but he could clearly see that when the group of kids looked at her, their gazes were passionate.

The little girl has just grown up. If some brat kidnaps her… Aren’t Goddess Yue and I the ones who will worry?

Thinking of this, Zi Chen felt that he should remind her tactfully. Hence, he said, “That’s because there are always people with ill intentions, especially those who suddenly treat you very well. They might have ulterior motives.”

Tuan Zi was stunned.

Zi Chen guided her patiently. “Think about it. Compared to the past, do they treat you… differently?”

Tuan Zi propped herself up, knitted her brows slightly, and thought carefully. Then, she replied hesitantly, “I think… a little…”

Although Yi Ming and the others had treated her very well in the past, she felt that something was different today at Wind Valley. Even though she was pure, she was very smart and was very sensitive to changes in feelings and emotions.

“But they should…”

They were all her clansmen. She could feel that Yi Ming and the others had no ill intentions.

“Now that you’ve already grown up, you naturally have to be more careful about many things,” reminded Zi Chen as he looked into her eyes.

When Tuan Zi heard this, she instantly felt that it made sense.

In the past, Zi Chen rarely said such things to her, so she now felt that she had finally grown up and could interact and discuss with him on equal footing.

She was a little happy. This feeling seemed to be… better than when she was playing at Wind Valley.

As she was thinking, Zi Chen had already walked to the side.

Water could be heard.

Tuan Zi turned around unintentionally and instantly widened her eyes in surprise. She jumped out of the chair and went straight for Zi Chen. “My sour spiritual fruit!”

Zi Chen was holding a string of plump and crystallized red fruits.

Tuan Zi’s tiredness was swept away, and there was only this thing left in her eyes. She came to Zi Chen’s side and reached out to take it.

Zi Chen turned his body and let her hand land in the air. “I haven’t washed it yet. Go back and wait.”

Tuan Zi could only stop her actions. “Oh.”

However, her eyes seemed to be glued to it. As she looked, she asked curiously, “Zi Chen, didn’t you just say that it was the last one?”

Zi Chen glanced at her. “Is that enough to fill the gaps between your teeth?”

He had prepared far more than she had thought. He was just teasing her just now.

Hearing this, Tuan Zi immediately guessed something and was extremely touched. “Zi Chen, you’re the best to me!”

Zi Chen didn’t speak. After washing the sour spiritual fruit in his hand, he handed it over and raised his chin. “There are some other things you like behind the folding screen over there—”

Tuan Zi instantly screamed in surprise. “Really?!”

She couldn’t be bothered to take the sour spiritual fruit from Zi Chen’s hand. She just turned around and quickly ran over.

After a moment, she happily walked out from behind the folding screen and gazed at Zi Chen as if she were looking at her savior. “Wuwuwu, Zi Chen, you’re really too good! As expected, choosing to be your underling back then was the wisest! Wuwuwu!”

Zi Chen stopped in his tracks. “What did you say?”

As Tuan Zi came to take the sour spiritual fruit in his hand, she muttered with a smile, “What’s so good about being a big sister!? It’s better to… Hm?”

Seeing Zi Chen suddenly keep the item, Tuan Zi was dazed. Why did he suddenly… not let me eat anymore?

Zi Chen turned around to leave. “Clean up all the messy thoughts in your mind first.”

What is she thinking about every day?

Seeing this, Tuan Zi rushed to him and pounced on him. She hugged his arm and tilted her head, leaning forward and biting Zi Chen’s hand.

Zi Chen was half a beat slower and felt that his fingertips were soft and wet, with a subtle pain.

His body instantly froze.

The little girl in front of him bit a sour spiritual fruit from his hand.

Her cheeks puffed up slightly as she looked up at him smugly. “How is it? I still ate it!”

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