The Martial Unity

Chapter 488 Drag

In actuality, he wasn't lying. Rui just wanted to make sure.

"Where is he exactly?" Rui growled.

"H-He's in his office, at the very end of the underground warehouse." He managed to squeeze out.

Just then, the armed guards from above that he had simply zoomed past had finally caught up, having rushed downhill at top speed.

Rui tossed the man outside, but he couldn't be bothered dealing with them. Why waste time killing people that he could simply avoid? It's not like they could do anything in the first place. His goal was primarily to capture and bring back Faraday Lowminer, and secondarily to bring back the Martial Apprentices alive, if possible.

Of course, he had killed one of them already, but he didn't care too much. He didn't mind not perfectly completing the mission in order to regain some revenge.

They fired at him, but the various bullets and arrows were too slow to be able to tag him. Or hurt him if they did hit him. He just disappeared from their field of vision as he headed further down.

"Hm?" His senses pricked as he faintly felt a heavy presence at the edge of his field of senses. The type that only Martial Apprentices could dish out.

He immediately happened upon a storage facility where men were unloading and docking boxes into the storage room. It was immediately evident that his place served as the inventory for the drug operation. However, his attention was most fixated on the two Martial Apprentices he had happened upon.

They immediately lashed out against him, yet they simply froze when he unleashed his Squire-level aura. To a Martial Apprentice, Martial Squire's bloodlust aura was no different from a Martial Apprentice's aura to normal people.

In fact, when Squire Caella Freelia unleashed her aura upon Rui and his friends in the Commonwealth Duchy of Vinfrana, only Rui had broken out of the fear it generated while his friends were still paralyzed.

Rui didn't even need to bother anymore with interrogations, he had already gotten close enough. Furthermore, there were plenty of Martial Apprentices that were huddled around in a somewhat small area and a single human.

('There he is') Rui sighed in relief.


He knocked the two Martial Apprentices out, before administering to them a potent drug that would leave them knocked out for twenty-four hours. He ignored all the human workers, they didn't even register to him.

Even an army of ordinary humans had a perfect zero chance of defeating him.

He headed towards the area where he could sense the many Martial Apprentices huddled.


He kicked open the door.

Nine people turned their attention to him.

Of the nine of them, six were Martial Apprentices, they were frozen, having sensed that their opponent was a Martial Squire.

The other three were normal humans, two of them were clearly natives of the Kingdom of Violis judging by their facial features which were generally distinct from that of Kandrian natives.

And the man at the center, who was hurriedly packing up a suitcase with money and some files, simply stared at him with a grim expression.

It was him.

Faraday Lowminer.

He looked a little different from the image that the Martial Union had provided him. He looked wearier and older. But there was no doubt in Rui's mind that this was the man he was looking for. The man who had gotten Bella killed and had caused Rui to fail his first mission.

"Faraday Lowminer." He addressed the man with a calm voice despite his emotions. "As authorized by the Kandrian central government, I'm here to escort you back to the Kandrian Empire where you will undergo a trial for the charges levied against you by the Kandrian Bureau of Investigation."

The man gritted his teeth. "I'm going nowhere! Attack him!"

Only one of the six Martial Apprentices managed to break free from the oppressive fear that Rui generated in all of them. He was a particularly powerful Martial Apprentice, judging by the weight of his mind and the fact that he broke through.

Yet before he could even take one step forward.

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Rui flashed past all of them, and a single strike knocked all of them out.


He was just before Faraday Lowminer, staring deeply into the man's eyes. "You're going to pay for your many crimes."

Before the man could even open his mouth, Rui had already stuck the syringe needly into him, injecting him with a drug. The man collapsed on the spot.

Rui wanted to ensure he didn't get provoked to kill him by mistake, so he quickly dosed the man so that there was no chance of that.

He quickly drugged the Martial Apprentices. Before using the highly portable bags to tie the drugged Martial Artists and the target of his mission into them.

He turned back to the two other humans that had remained frozen since the very start. They weren't Kandrian citizens and while they were guilty of crimes, they had not violated the law of the Kandrian Empire within the territory of the Kandrian Empire.

He simply ignored them.

When he was walking up, he didn't receive any resistance. In fact, he hardly ran into anybody. However, he wasn't surprised. The guards and workers here weren't extremely loyal, once Rui had shown how formidable he was and they had finally understood he was a Martial Squire, they ran away like the wind, knowing that this drug operation was doomed. 𝑏𝑒𝑑𝘯𝑜𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝑐𝘰𝘮

Not that Rui cared. He had obtained what he came for and didn't really care much for the small-time crooks that were involved in this operation. It just made his job easier, he would rather not mass murder if he didn't need to.

He dragged his targets out, this was the boring part of the mission. Hauling the targets of his mission to the nearest Martial Union office. Thankfully, he did not need to manually drag them back to the Martial Union, handing them over to the Martial Union office would seal the deal.

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