The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The woman in the picture had delicate five facial features and exquisite fair skin. The clean, white work blouse further emphasized the lustrousness of her skin which was like that of porcelain glaze.

In the picture, the woman was kneeling on the ground with both her hands clutching onto a rag as she did her job earnestly and meticulously… as a hotel cleaning staff.

Considered the dirtiest job in every city, the atmosphere she gave off was peaceful, like wild grass growing on a cliff.

Those who knew what the woman in the picture had experienced could not help but admire her tenacious perseverance and her remarkable wisdom.

But the lady holding onto the picture hated the person in the picture deeply!

“Ye Jian, you wish to live a peaceful life? Ke, as if I’d let you!”

“Give me this hotel’s phone number.” The young lady was dressed elegantly, and her lips which were colored in red were pressed tightly together as she stared at the picture. The path of her stare was filled with both coldness and hatred.

“Ye Jian! You shouldn’t have lived!” The lady cursed murderously.

Towards someone who knew all of her secrets, she would not let that person off; even if she were her cousin.

The poor led a cheap life! Those who should not continue living should just obediently disappear!

She had robbed everything that was meant to be Ye Jian’s. Now with a high position and a good marriage, it was only natural that she play with her cousin who knew all of her secrets…even if it were just a little.

It was not an option. If she were to play her to her death too soon, then it would be difficult to explain to those from her husband’s family who knew of her “worthless” cousin.

“You didn’t meet the requirements during your probationary period, so the hotel has decided to terminate your service. In three days’ time, pack your stuff and leave!”

Once again, the twenty-eight-year-old Ye Jian was dismissed just after two months of work.

She was like as depicted in the picture—calm and tough.

Standing upright in front of the hotel manager, her back was not shaken by those words and showed no panic after losing her job.

She was so accustomed to only keeping a job for no more than two months that she became indifferent. And at the same time, her heart was strengthened.

The two dark obsidian pupils looked calmly at the manager. Ye Jian opened her mouth and spoke coldly, “When will I receive my pay?”

“We’re a large corporation, you think we’d lack the funds to pay your mere two thousand yuan?” Manager Liu stared at the beauty who could make the heart of every man pound. She was so near to him that his own slammed within his chest.

Ten minutes ago, he was fiercely scolded by the resource manager for hiring a woman who had greatly offended a major figure.

With his eyes still locked onto Ye Jian, his hand slid opened the drawer under his office desk. Immediately when his hand touched an envelope, he took it and threw it at her.

At that moment, the phone on his desk coincidentally began to ring. Manager Liu answered the phone gloomily.

F**k, he would have to switch off the phone later on.

“Manager Liu, I know you’re a man whose heart turns soft when it comes to pretty woman. At the age of fourteen, that Ye Jian already knew how to seduce her teacher. I’m sure you know what to do. Relax, nothing big will happen; everything will be fine so long as she doesn’t die.”

A light and delicate voice was heard from his phone. As he listened, he was sure that the person on the other side of the line was definitely a beauty.

“Teach her well. If I’m happy, I can make you into the hotel’s vice-president with just a sentence.”

What an immoral woman to do something like that at around the age of ten! Yet she dared act like some sort of respectable person in front of him! The manager hung up the phone; his lust grew and he became more presumptuous.

Lady Luck was truly smiling at him. He had ordered someone to hand a spiked drink to the woman surnamed Ye with the thought of doing her once and leaving. But now after the phone call, he could just rely on the high official’s wife when h wa’s done!

The envelope containing the wage laid on the floor. Ye Jian’s pupils dilated a little, and her hands were clenched tightly together.

While the manager was answering the phone, Ye Jian bent over to pick up the envelope which contained her wage.

Just before her fingers were able to touch the envelope, she sensed danger looming over her!

Up until now, she was able to survive peacefully all thanks to her instinct to sense danger, allowing her to avoid and respond promptly to them.

Her instinct was probably forged from the depths of the difficulties she had faced!

Without warning, her body began to sway a little. The alarms in her heart were ringing, but even before she was able to get up, she felt an indescribable feeling of her energy slipping away.

Her lower abdomen felt as if a fire had started, and her whole body collapsed onto the side of the office table.

“So you already knew how to seduce your teacher at the age of fourteen; how dare you act all high and mighty? Someone just called to tell me to treat you well. Let’s see how you’ll escape!”

Ye Jian who was drugged and pressed heavily against the office table did not put up much of a fight. She had a hand tightly clenching her collar and the other feeling the items on the office table.

When she came into the office, she had seen all the items on the table clearly.

With just a glance, she was able to remember the things on the table and where they were placed, especially those… those that can be used as a temporary weapon for self-defense.

For example, there was the black leather case which had seven stationery; two pencils, three fountain pens -one of which was not capped, and two ballpoint pens. Oh, there was also a pair of office scissors.

The two buttons on her blouse were torn off as those dirty hands snatched at her collar… Ye Jian bit down onto her lower lip. It did not matter if it opened a wound because she did not yield to the pain.

She was clear that her body would never give in to the drug.

Ye Jian was the type of woman who would go all out, and she was also the type to never waver.

Framed for seducing her own mathematics teacher at the age of fourteen… after all these years, her cousin who had married into a rich and powerful family had used countless methods to hurt her, yet she survived.

Today, whether or not she could live was something she had to fight for!

Reaching out, Ye Jian, who had not wasted any of her precious energy on struggling, went for the fountain pen that was uncapped. With all her might, she ruthlessly stabbed it at the other party’s arm.

The tip of the sharp fountain pen went into Manager Liu’s arm. The lustful head of the man was caught off guard, and he screamed, releasing his hands from her collar.

Under the screams of the man who held onto his arm, Ye Jian, who had been ruthless after being forced into a corner, grabbed the envelope accurately and dragged her weak legs to leave without looking back at the bestial animal.

Just after a step, the hair at the back of her head was tightly grabbed.

“F**k! How dare you hurt me!” Manager Liu was a man after all. Against a drugged woman, he still had the upper hand even if he were injured.

“Peng!” Ye Jian’s head was grabbed and knocked onto the office desk. On impact, warm liquid trickled from her head.

Manager Liu was merciless. Again and again, he held onto Ye Jian’s head and slammed it onto the table. Violently, he roared, “A shameless good for nothing, I’ll send you to your afterlife!”

Ye Jian knew she had lost a lot of blood. Her head felt as if it was soon to be smashed into pieces.

Her hand climbed onto the desk. She needed the scissors in the leather case!

The landline was swept to the ground by her. Stretching just a little further forward, her hands touched the case.

She grabbed the scissors inside and with the last bit of strength in her, she fiercely and accurately plunged the blades into Manager Liu’s chest and into his heart.

Heh, Ye Jian had been in the dissection room of a medical school to clean and sanitize before. She might even be better than those regular students from the school who took the specialized course.

The anatomy of the human body, she understood it well!

However, it was not enough to just have the scissors pierce the heart; it had to be pulled out!

Only when it was pulled out would the blood in the atrium begin spewing out from the wound like a highly pressurized water gun!

Saving him would then become impossible, on to his next life then!

Blood had squirted all over Ye Jian’s face, making her seem as though she had just returned from the depths of hell. She leaned against the desk and closed her eyes as her hand touched the landline. Finally, her hand reached the phone and her bloodied fingers went on to press a string of numbers.

Once the line got through and a soft voice from the other end of the line was heard, Ye Jian cursed softly into the phone just before her last flame died, “Ye Ying, just you wait!”

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