The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

But I’ll personally want to see if you truly had changed!

Ye Ying’s false face from here on began to peel; she was lazy to go on acting. The her now was no longer well-mannered, and she vented out all the unhappiness she had bottled up in her. Stretching her face, she declared relentlessly, “You eat our food and stay in our house. You’ll be nothing but worse than a dog if you leave our house!”

Ye Jian looked at her with her eyes as calm as the quiet sea that ranged far and wide. Ye Ying could not help but swallow the lump in her throat, and she stammered uncomfortably, “You, you… what are you looking at…”

Seeing the expression on Ye Ying’s face, Ye Jian smiled indifferently and said gently, “Go home and ask your mother whether what I eat and use actually belongs to whose family! Also, Ye Ying, remember this clearly! It is you who will be worse than a dog when I leave!”

“We’ll meet again on Monday, Ye Ying.”

On Monday, Fu Jun Middle School will be conducting an assessment for all eighth graders. However, the school was not to be underestimated because with the influence of the military, the teachings here were extremely strict.

Upon the mention of Monday, Ye Ying’s face instantly stiffened. Feeling angry yet at the same time being struck down by a heaven’s worth of problems, her eyes began to water, letting beads of tears slide down her cheeks.

“Sister, I’m the one in the wrong, I’m the one in the wrong, so please don’t get angry anymore.” Ye Ying’s heart was constricted with resentment, but her face showed one who was in the wrong —just like a child whose temper was volatile just to easily obtain the adults’ forgiveness.

Ye Jian brushed aside the hand which was pulling at her blouse and smiled frivolously, “That craftiness of yours, I’ve seen many times before. Your heart should be hating me a lot now, but your face is showing otherwise.”

“As for what you’ve told your mother, I know about it.” As Ye Jian spoke, she leaned forward and stared into Ye Ying’s panicking eyes with her cold and dark pupils, “It seems the reason you dragged me with you yesterday was because you had actually tried to seduce the new mathematics teacher.”

In a state of panic, Ye Ying’s conscience began to act up. But in order to cover up the fact, she shrieked with a sharp and piercing voice, “Nonsense!”

“I’m not speaking nonsense; shouldn’t your heart be much clearer than me?” Ye Jian reached out her hand and gently patted on Ye Ying’s shoulder before giving a wicked smile, “Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. Ye Ying, your language isn’t great so I’m sure you aren’t familiar with that phrase.”

The hand patting on her shoulder felt like a hot branding iron, and so she quickly whacked it away at that moment.

Looking at the shallow smile on Ye Jian’s face, it seemed as if she was still the same, but something was a little off about her. The dark pupils that were looking back at her and that smile were still the same, but she could feel a chill coming from behind that expression…

“Ye Jian…” She had wanted to use her loud voice to restrain the other party, but when she truly opened her mouth to howl, she realized that her voice was actually trembling.

It was so obvious that Ye Jian must have noticed it.

“Wuwuwu, I’ll tell my dad, I’ll tell him that you bullied me!” Ye Ying looked at the girl whom she had always despised and had always acted weak around her turn to leave first. She became even more anxious and afraid that she began crying even more.

What can she do? How should she handle this? Not daring to stay any longer, she continued crying while chasing after Ye Jian.

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