The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: She’s Not Afraid of Anything

If she could no longer remain in hiding, then there was no need to find another place to hide. Otherwise, their will might strengthen, which could put her in a tight position.

Revealing herself from behind the tree, Ye Jian faintly swept her gaze over the three men. “Just a snake was enough to scare the lot of you.” Ye Jian used the branch to throw the meandering black snake into the air before reaching her hand out to catch it by its body.


“My goodness! My goodness! Oh my f**king goodness!” The tall man who was frightened by the snake saw a mountain girl with a mud-stained face walk out from behind a tree and throw the snake into the air before catching it gracefully in her hand. The snake that was twirling in her hand was at least fifty centimeters long.

The snake’s weak spot was pinched, and the entire snake had wrapped itself around Ye Jian’s arm. However, the snake was not exerting any force, as if it was wrapping gently around a tree branch.

“A black male snake, highly venomous. You weren’t bitten, so your life is still fine.” Ye Jian held onto the snake’s head firmly and used a technique to expose its venomous fangs hidden in its upper jaw. “Good fangs, good venom. Suitable for medicines; very valuable.”

Just looking at the snake’s head, the three men were already scared numb… F**k! Do the children in the mountains not have enough toys to play around with that they even start to treat snakes as their toys? Seriously, of all toys they could play with, it had to be live snakes?

The tall man was already scared out of his wits that he did not even buckle his belt firmly. F**k, his kidney stones might have even vanished from the scare!

The leader of the three-man team had his hand behind his waist but gently recovered its position. His eyes, however, stared coldly into the lass whose facial features were hidden with dirt. After staring for a while, he asked, “Lass, where’s your father and mother?”

Him retracting his hand from the back of his waist did not escape the watchful eyes of Ye Jian who had worked as a security officer before. That man had a gun located right behind his back!

“Once bitten by the snake, your life will be in danger.” While holding the snake in one hand, Ye Jian replied indifferently, and she avoided being directly exposed to the leader by walking to an advantageous position to have the short man block her front.

With this man in front of her as human shield, whatever the outcome, her chances of survival increased. So even if her opponent had a gun, she could still escape.

Not only was she courageous; she was also calm and calculative.

The short man closest to Ye Jian, under the signal of his leader’s eye movements, raised both his hands to block Ye Jian’s path. “Lass…”

“You want it?” Ye Jian did not let him finish. She approached him swiftly and pointed the snake, which had its fangs exposed viciously, at him. “Can, but I’m the one who caught the snake, so pay up.”


She shot out her hand fast which frightened the short man so severely that he took a few steps back before cursing coldly, “My God! That scared the crap out of me! Who the heck would want to buy that thing!”

The mountain path was only so big, and that short man bumped into the leader who had not expected him to retreat backward so suddenly.

“Walala” The two fell into into a shrub by the side of the path.

The pistol became exposed by accident when the leader fell, and Ye Jian’s pupils contracted when she spotted it. Turning around, she quickly headed towards the direction down the mountain.

The tall man saw his other members in a mess and shouted as he mustered his courage to hinder Ye Jian, “Brother Kun!”

“F**k this!” Brother Kun, whose face was dark after falling on his back, saw the mountain lass with the snake walking down the mountain while the fellow who landed on him was frantically trying to get up. He shouted fiercely, “Stop her!”

Ye Jian had always been quick to react. Turning around, she threw the black male snake over at Brother Kun was was picking himself up after the fall.

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