The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 2961 You Will Cry

Chapter 2961 You Will Cry

Even though the SFS border defense soldiers purposely made things difficult for them and said that their backpacks were lighter, they didn't stand up and target the SFS border defense soldiers. They didn't say anything bad either. The first thing they did was to bring up the matter with the referee and the military officer. Their principles and stance were quite clear.

The SFS border defense soldiers didn't have any evidence to back their claim and suspected that the Chinese participants had lightened their backpacks. This was very humiliating.

Later on, when the SFS border defense soldiers were aggressive, one could see the anger on the faces of the Chinese participants. Under such circumstances, if they were another country's special forces soldiers, they would have used their fists to tell the SFS border defense soldiers to behave. 𝙗𝒆𝒅𝙣𝙤𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒄𝒐𝙢

However, the Chinese special forces soldiers didn't do that. No matter how angry they were, they never thought of escalating the matter. While using powerful words to protect their dignity, they also used the most correct method to retaliate against the SFS border defense soldiers.

When the referee and the military officer confirmed that their backpacks were at the correct weight and the SFS border defense soldiers had nothing to say, the participating members and generals of all the countries knew how rude the SFS border defense soldiers were.

I think you should take a look at 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝑜𝑣𝑒𝘭.𝘯𝑒𝑡

The Chinese soldiers didn't say or explain too much. They only used the most direct and effective actions to protect their dignity. At the same time, they taught the SFS border defense soldiers a lesson.

In the beginning, no one stood up for China, and now, the generals of several countries were standing up for China. General Karlisle's gaze landed on the bright red flag of China. The contemplation in his eyes deepened a little.

When he went back, he needed to report China's performance in the Eka Assault to the president.

Senior Colonel Amitabh, who was reprimanded by several country generals, raised his chin and felt that he didn't do anything wrong. Of course, he didn't mention asking General Karlisle to apologize to him anymore.

"My country's participants will show China their strength. China will never be able to surpass us!" This was the last sentence Senior Colonel Amitabh said before he gave up arguing. It was powerful and full of confidence.

Such confidence was exchanged for the faint smiles of General Karlisle and some other generals.

"Let them continue being so confident. I just hope they won't go crying for their daddies and mommies after this."

"I can't understand their confidence. No, it's not confidence. It should be arrogance. What kind of ability do they have to look down on the Chinese participants again and again? In my eyes, I think the Chinese participants are stronger than them."

"They think that they're the 'number one in Asia.' That's why they look down on China. The country that's 'number one in Asia' isn't determined by what they think. It should be recognized by the entire world."

"The Chinese special forces are very outstanding. I like their restraint and manners. As for the SFS border defense soldiers, I don't have much interest in observing their performance in the competition anymore."

Their discussion was heard by Senior Colonel Amitabh. They didn't care how the other party would react when he heard it. Anyway, the senior colonel's confidence couldn't be defeated with just a few words.

Perhaps, he was still thinking that he must teach everyone a lesson later.

The SFS border defense soldiers successfully caused the generals of some countries to dislike them. As for the Chinese special forces soldiers who were participating in the competition for the first time, they used their own methods to gain the favor of the generals.

Even the arrogant General Hywell had to admit that from a personal point of view, he preferred the humble and polite Chinese soldiers. But he also knew better methods to win respect.

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