The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Famous

She was a light sleeper, and like in her past life, even the tiniest of sounds would wake her up.

But once she confirmed that her life was not in danger, she would be able to quickly fall back asleep.

But it was just that, tonights freezer truck felt somewhat weird.

It arrived full of goods, and when it left, it was also full of goods. It seemed like there had been no unloading of goods when it left.

Turning her body slightly, Ye Jian closed her eyes as the edge of her lips rose a little, and she fell asleep again in no time.

It was not even half past five in the morning, and Ye Jian was already done washing herself. In her school uniform, she was running to the schools sports field all by herself. The towns middle schools sports field was twice as big as a football field. Running around the field, just two and a half laps would be exactly twelve kilometers.

From the experiences of her previous life, exercise requires perseverance. With sufficient physical strength and a strong physique, there was no need to be dependent on others to protect her from danger.

After completing two laps, the school bell began to ring and there were already a few students beginning their morning run.

Ye Jian, who was returning to the dormitory, happened to run into Xie Sifeng who was going to wash her face and rinse her mouth. She must still be partially asleep as she yawned and habitually commanded, Hey, have you fetched us our hot water?

Once Xie Sifeng was done speaking, she suddenly became aware of something and her face instantly froze. Fear flashed across her eyes, and she quickly fled from the dormitory.

Good morning, Tan Wei pursed her lips tightly and greeted with a low voice before leaving hurriedly, too.

In the past, they all held their heads up high, but at this moment, they were like mice seeing a cat.

Ye Jians smile vanished and she shook her head. After fetching some hot water to wipe herself clean, she carried her textbook to the canteen to have her breakfast solved.

Look, its that girl. You guys know her?

Whats wrong with her? She looks quite pretty, and her skins quite good, too.

Shes the one I was talking about yesterday night ah. The girl with a super good memory. Damn, even thinking about it now, its still amazing.

The few girls who walked by secretly gossiped behind Ye Jian. But for fear that Ye Jian might hear, their voices were even softer than when whispering during class. Ah, its her ah, truly a beauty. Why didnt I hear of her before.

It was not just the girls; the boys were the same, and they were discussing about her. In just one breakfast period, the whole of her class had already gotten wind of what had happened in the principals office.

Seeing the upper grade and lower grade students talking about that one girl called Ye Jian, their frame of mind was somewhat perplexed when they returned to the classroom.

A very good memory? Can remember a months worth of things? And can even remember every word said by everyone at that time?

Hearing so, it was hard to believe!

In class, a boy who usually liked to bully Ye Jian sat on her desk while eating a bun and giving a look of disbelief on his face, Ye Jian, yesterday night, what did the few of us say?

Ye Jian, who was reviewing her language, looked up from her textbook before pointing her finger at the desk and said plainly, I dont like your attitude. Please get off.

Ah ya, Ye Ying isnt here and your courage has become bigger ah. The boy laughed and deliberately wriggled his body to shake the desk before speaking provocatively, If you dont like, then what are you going to do about it? Or ahahah, pain pain pain Stop, let go.

Those provocative words instantly became words begging for mercy. It was Ye Jian who stood up and directly grabbed the boys index finger which was pointing at her before forcing it outward.

That pain ah made the boy cry out in pain on the spot while holding his wrist.

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