The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 39

TMFS Chapter 39: That Little Lass

Some countries have a vast intelligence system; they will not only move within their own country, but also in other countries. As such, I hope that each and every one of our students will, for the safety and prosperity of our motherland, and for our peace and happiness, remain vigilant and safeguard our country against espionage.

The man who spoke at the podium had a shallow smile on his face, but his eyes were deep and grim. With that shallow smile of his, one would definitely never think of him as a gentleman but a sinister one instead.

At the same time, he was also one with courage.

The man laughed gracefully and elegantly. His black eyes were like the swelling of water in the vast ocean, while his seriousness was like an ancient sword being pulled out of its sheath. Both unrest and calmness were filled with an unparalleled elegance.

No one else was more suitable to don a military uniformthe gold shoulder strap and the dark green uniform which fit perfectly on him, and the gestures he made were important in the military.

Perhaps, it must be because he was in front of only a group of students, for the tepidness which Ye Jian saw he had on the day when he arrested the trespassers was absent and hidden completely within him.

Even so, it doesnt mean hes a bad person. While looking at him, Ye Jian softly whispered an answer to Zhang Bin, They are soldiers, and defending their homeland is their responsibility. For people whom they killed while protecting the nation, even deaths too good for them.

The soldiers had an intimidating amount of vigor, just like the veterans in the security company she had worked in before. Zhang Bin said that the man must have killed before, which was definitely believable.

Even though they were not making much movements as they exchanged whispers, they were not able to escape Xia Jinyuans eyes.

His line of sight slightly swept across the classroom once again, and it paused for a moment once it reached Ye Jians face. His eyes darkened a little; so it seemed the little lass belonged among the eighth-graders.

Although all of you here are only students, you are the main targets of foreign spies. Reaching this point of his speech, Xia Jinyuans face, where a shallow smile hung and was focused on one direction, was slightly lowered before he made a few gestures with his left hand to two of the soldiers.

Ye Jians eyes instantly tightened as her sight stopped at the direction where he was looking at before trying to figure out in her head who the target person was.

However, she was not given much time to ponder because Xia Jinyuan called her seat number, The third last girl in column five, can you tell me, from what Ive said before, what are the different approaches those spies might use to draw in students?

Third last student in column five wasnt that Ye Jian?

Once her seat number was called, the entire class of more than sixty immediately shot her a glance. Obviously, there were some who could not quite understand why among so many students in the class, her seat number was simply called.

Ye Jian immediately realized that he called her purposefully to block her sight so as not to alert her.

Under the gaze of all her classmates, she stood with a smile and answered clearly, By offering jobs to the students, survey invitations, information for reward system Those are the few most plausible scenarios which they use to lure in students.

Not bad, youre correct. Please have a seat. The little lass truly did listen carefully; the edge of Xia Jinyuans lips hooked up slightly. Also, it seemed she might have understood his gesture What a skillful and vigilant girl she was.

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