The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Sun Dongqing’s rushing footsteps immediately came to a halt because of the sharp blades of the scissors which gave off an icy gleam.

Without a doubt, what she saw on Ye Jian was a relentless face and two icy cold eyes.

At that very moment, her heart jumped, and the bamboo cane that she held up high instantly fell from its height.

“Aunt, when things haven’t been investigated clearly yet, don’t you dare go about gossiping and making my life miserable, for I’m not afraid to bring the whole family down along with me.”

Ye Jian spoke coldly. Her pupils were dark, darker than the night sky; but the white of her eyes were bright, as bright as the stars shining in the night.

When those eyes were used to glare at her aunt, there was an ever-changing wave emitted…

Although beautiful, it made the fear inside sprout.


“Let’s see how long you can continue acting this way! When your teacher comes up to our door, you’ll do the explanation yourself.” Against a ruthless Ye Jian, Sun Dongqing’s heart was pounding heavily. Deep down, she asked herself, “Then that means Ying Ying lied to me?”

As that thought flashed, Sun Dongqing quickly waved it off.

Impossible! Ying Ying has always been good and intelligent; she would definitely never tell a lie.

Still, it was better to reaffirm with Ying Ying.

Sun Dongqing thought of the seriousness of the matter. Throwing the bamboo cane aside, she left.

She was not very much concerned because this matter regarded Ye Jian and not her own daughter. Her mother-in-law hated that grandchild anyway.

However…, Sun Dongqing felt very flustered. She was not sure why, but she had this feeling that a storm was brewing.

Ye Jian coldly watched as her aunt left. The edges of her lips gradually relaxed. Looking into a mirror, she saw her fourteen-year-old face clearly.

She was young once again. The edges of her lips rose to a smile, a smile that revealed her thoughts of the changes which had happened to her.

Her gaze shifted a little, and a hint of coldness gathered in her pupils as she saw Sun Dongqing hurriedly rush out of the yard and disappear from her sight.

Ye Jian indifferently retracted her gaze. Picking up a comb, she brushed her thick black hair a stroke at a time.

Ye Ying, this time around, you better watch carefully!

That year, letting this matter pass was my greatest mistake, but now, I shall turn your life into an utter misery!

Under a peach blossom tree outside the house, Ye Ying, who was folding a branch of the peach tree, was startled by Sun Dongqing’s sudden yelling. She pouted unhappily and muttered, “Mom, you scared me.”

Sun Dongqing, in the end, was reluctant to put any harsh words on her daughter and thus whispered softly, “The matter you told me yesterday after you returned home, just what had exactly happened?”

“What’s wrong.” Ye Ying lowered her head, and her nose gently touched the tender petals on the branch. Panic could be seen in her eyes, but it was very cleverly hidden by her action. “How should I know what had happened?”

“Come with me inside the house!” Sun Dongqing glanced to see no one was around before pulling her daughter into her chamber. Carefully, she conducted the interrogation.

Exiting from the other side, Ye Jian watched the mother and daughter tug and pull as they entered the house. From the corner of her lips emerged a shallow smile as she left Sun Dongqing’s house.

This was not her house.

Her house was located in the innermost of the village. Against the bamboo forest, the tiles and bricks were personally completed by her parents when they were still alive.

Before, that place was her paradise.

In front of the house was a peach blossom garden, and behind, there was the beautiful hollow sound as the wind traveled through the bamboo forest.

The her then would sit under a peach tree with her head resting on her hands as she watched her mother read poetry with a clear voice, and gradually, she would fall asleep.

Her father then would usually return with a harvest of bamboo shoots and peel them while laughing occasionally, “Jian is just like you, someone who loves reading.”

That heaven-like happiness stopped the moment she was four.

As she recalled those fond memories, tears began to fall from the edge of her eyes. But seeing that there were villagers passing by her, she quickly rubbed those tears away.

Spring was a busy season for the villagers, but before Ye Jian could greet them, they had already gathered around her and asked with concern, “Ai ya, the Jian lass is awake? Does your head still hurt?”

Their intentions were plain and innocent, yet at the same time had a sense of assertiveness in them.

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