The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Ye Jian quickly apologized, “Uncle Hai, sorry to have troubled you, but I do not know why my aunt claims that I was about to jump off the embankment. Although my age may be small, I know that life stops after jumping off the embankment; there are things that can be played with and things that cannot be.”

“Hei, the little lass sure is clever with her words ah.” The middle-aged man was glad after hearing her words, and he raised his hand to rub her head. “A little clever is good. If you were anything like your aunt… ha… sooner or later, she’ll scare us to death.”

Below, Sun Dongqing ran, and as she ran, she yelled all the way, “You lass, don’t get me into trouble. Already not learning what you should at your age, and now when things happen, you don’t want to admit it. But now you’re here wanting to jump off the embankment? If you die, everything will have to be shouldered by me ah.”

“Just who under this sky taught you how to do something so ridiculous? Jumping off the embankment? Jumping off the embankment? Stupid lass, if you’ve got the guts to jump off the embankment, then why do you not have the guts to admit your wrongdoing instead of pushing it onto others ah.”

All Ye Jian could see was the excessive movements of her mouth and her extremely exaggerated physical actions.

To emphasize how anxious she really was, she went “trampling” through the paddy fields. After crossing it, she realized that her shoes did not follow. She returned to the paddy fields to pull them out and wear them again before resuming her run.

No more than two steps later, she fell to the ground and quickly picked herself up without wiping off the dust. Her actions displayed how anxious she was, as if she needed saving.

Her voice was loud and the words she said were serious, so serious to the point that the villagers, regardless of whether they were at home or working in the fields, came rushing over to where she was.

They were clueless as to what was going on, but just from listening to Sun Dongqing’s yell, they thought that Ye Jian had done something shameful which would cause her to want to jump off the embankment!

“What happened? What happened?”

“The Jian lass wants to jump off the embankment? For a young child to even know that…”

“Quickly, let’s go see what happened. That Aunt Sun Dongqing even got scared to such a point!”

Needless to say, Sun Dongqing was here because of Ye Ying. That girl truly could slither her way out. No doubt she was a clever girl, and Ye Jian was fully aware of it because of the loss she had eaten in her past life when she was played by that girl’s hand.

But this time around, that girl must truly have a taste of what shame is like!

“What happened to my aunt today? It’s like she’s suffering from a stroke, just like when my grandfather was alive.” Ye Jian softly whispered to herself. Her voice was not too loud, but just enough for Uncle Hai, who was picking up his hoe, to hear.

He lifted his head to take a glance at the running Sun Dongqing and gave a light chuckle. “You’re wrong, she’s crazier than that…” Uncle Hai joked and paused a little before smiling at Ye Jian. “When your grandfather had his stroke, you were just three years old, but you still remember it?”

“Of course ah. He had a stroke on the seventh day of April. On the twenty-seventh day of October, he was out and was found near a reservoir at four o’clock in the afternoon.” Ye Jian had her head lowered and answered with a sad tone. That was followed by Uncle Hai giving a sigh.

He took another glance at Sun Dongqing and sighed, “That aunt of yours…, she’s definitely uttering a lot of nonsense. Aren’t you going to return a few words at her?”

Ye Jian smiled bitterly and said helplessly, “A wise man knows he knows nothing, but the fool thinks he knows all. Uncle Hai, I’ll head over there. There are things that I’ve to make clear.”

“I’ll accompany you there. Alas, an honest lass you’re!” Seeing so, a man like Uncle Hai could not help but feel sad for the orphaned young lass.

Over at the other side, Sun Dongqing saw two of the village’s most well-known chatterboxes rushing over, and then she turned to see that Ye Jian was still the same, not daring to return any word from her accusations. Secretly, she was satisfied.

This matter, that stupid lass must carry it!

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