The Miracle Doctor’s Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 1022 - 1022 Mother and Son Meet

Chapter 1022: Mother and Son Meet

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The Saint King was in a miserable state and was unconscious. Shadow Six and Shadow Thirteen brought her back to the courtyard.

The three little eggs took off the small basin on their heads, put down the small stick in their hands, and lined up in a long line. They hung their heads and followed their stinky father back into the house.

Yu Wan pushed open the door and entered. When she saw the three of them, her almond-shaped eyes widened. “Eh? You’re here! Where did you go just now? I went to look for you, but you weren’t there!”

The three of them said nothing.

Yan Jiuchao snorted and said, “You’re getting bolder and bolder. You actually dare to do anything and learn the charlatan’s dance.” “I told you it was an exorcism!” Xiaobao said bitterly.

Dabao and Er’bao nodded!

They were good babies who had adapted to the times and did as the Romans do. In Nanzhao and the Ghost Clan, they were little Gu Masters. In the Sorcerer Clan, they were naturally little sorcerers!

Of course, Yu Wan could not guess that the little fellows had gone to harm the Saint King. She even thought that they had slipped out of the courtyard as usual. This was not the first or second time such a thing had happened. Not to mention Grandpa Bao’s courtyard, even in the Chaoyang Hall of the Nether Mountain and the General Manor of Nanzhao, the little fellows had slipped away just like that.

The older they were, the bolder they became. Yu Wan felt that she had to teach them a lesson. It was unknown if it was because they felt their mother’s huge killing intent, but the three little black eggs retreated in unison.

Yu Wan rolled up her sleeves and said fiercely, “Let’s see where you can hide today.”

The three of them looked at Yan Jiuchao for help.

“Don’t look at me, ” Yan Jiuchao said. The three of them looked at Yu Wan pitifully.

“I won’t be soft-hearted,” Yu Wan said fiercely.

Coincidentally, Chef Bao came out of the wine cellar. The three little fellows instantly ran towards him as if they had seen a life-saving straw!

‘Great Grandpa!”

“Great Grandpa!”

Great Grandpa!

The three little eggs pounced into Chef Bao’s arms. They looked back at Yu Wan in grievance and fear.

Chef Bao understood now. He didn’t know what the little fellows had done that they were about to be beaten up by Wan. However, how could he bear to stand by and do nothing with such cute little fellows? “Ah, are you hungry? Grandpa Bao happens to be going to eat. Can you help me peel the beans?

“Mm!” The three of them nodded vigorously. They were especially attentive and aggrieved!

Chef Bao pulled the little fellows to the kitchen. Yu Wan clenched her fists. They even learned to find a backer! !! They were her biological children, they were her biological children…

Yu Wan chanted it a hundred times and barely suppressed the urge to beat them up. Yan Jiuchao said to her, “Go back to your room first. I have something to deal with. I’ll tell you in detail later.”

“Yes, okay.” Yu Wan returned to the room.

Xiaobao had already put the cup back, but he had forgotten to wash it.

Yan Jiuchao said, “If it were me, I would do the same as the Saint King.”

Zhou Jin’s life force was originally extended by the Sorcerer King. If the

Sorcerer King died, Zhou Jin would also be dead. On the contrary, as long as the Sorcerer King was still alive, he would definitely think of a way to protect Zhou Jin from the Soul Rakshasa.

Taking ten thousand steps back, if Zhou Jin really unfortunately died at the hands of Soul Rakshasa, at least the Sorcerer King could still live.

This was the best strategy and the choice to minimize casualties.

Yan Jiuchao rarely admired a person, but at this moment, he had to admit that she was a calm and wise woman.

Every step she took was filled with the wisdom of an expert. Whether it was making a deal with Soul Rakshasa to plant a life force for Zhou Jin or scheming against Soul Rakshasa to seal it with the body of the Saint King, even if she was still devoured and possessed by Soul Rakshasa in the end, she still left a way out for her husband and son.

However, this path of retreat would be cut off soon.

Soul Rakshasa had completely fused with the Saint King’s internal energy and cultivation technique. Perhaps it would not be long before the restriction could be broken. At that time, she would be able to attack the Sorcerer King.

And once she succeeded, they would not be able to get the Sorcerer King’s tears.

“I really want to kill her with one strike! But I can’t! If I kill her, Old Cui and Grandma won’t wake up.” Shadow Six gritted his teeth in anger.

The thing they used on the Saint King was the black chains that they had plundered from the Sang family in the Nether Capital. They were specially used to suppress the Rakshasa King. In the past, they might not have been able to suppress the Soul Rakshasa, but didn’t something happen to her? As long as they did not remove the black chain, she could not hurt them.

It was midnight.

Everyone fell asleep. “Zhou Jin…”

“Zhou Jin…”

“Zhou Jin…”

Zhou Jin heard someone calling him in his sleep. He opened his eyes. At first, he thought he was dreaming, but the voice became clearer and clearer.

“Zhou Jin…”

Zhou Jin lifted the blanket, put on his shoes, and walked out.

“Zhou Jin…”

He followed the voice to the innermost room.

“Come over quickly. I’ll wait for you here.”

The voice was illusory with a trace of maternal gentleness.

Zhou Jin hesitated for a moment and gently pushed open the door. The watery moonlight shone coldly on the ground, spreading all the way in and landing on a chair that had lost its paint. On the chair sat a woman in purple. Her entire body was tied with cold chains. Her veil had already fallen off, revealing her soul-stirring face.

“Who are you?” Zhou Jin asked.

The woman smiled gently. “I’m your mother. Be good and come to your mother.”

Zhou Jin entered the room in a daze and stopped in front of the woman. The woman said softly, “I’m chained. I’m so cold. Quickly help me take off the chains..”

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