The Miracle Doctor’s Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 892  New Little Favorite!

Chapter 892  New Little Favorite!

Although the experts of the Sang family could arrest the children and this coachman in front of them, they did not know Xiaobao and Jinghong. They were not sure which faction they were from and what relationship they had with the mastermind who had snatched Little Rakshasa. If they were just servants and children that they had casually found, capturing them would not be a problem.

The Sang family's experts never expected that Xiaobao was Ancestor Sikong's great grandson. They had missed the opportunity to threaten the Sikong family for nothing.

The Sang family's experts spared no effort in chasing after the little Rakshasa. Unfortunately, they were fooled by Yu Wan again. The blood smell they chased was a blood robe from Little Rakshasa.

After a few twists and turns, Yu Wan had already successfully brought Little Rakshasa and the others back to the Nether Mountain. Xiaobao and Jinghong went to the Lan family nearby and were escorted back to the Sikong family by the Lan family's elders.

Yu Wan carried Little Rakshasa, who was covered in blood, to Old Cui's courtyard. Old Cui was taking a bath when the door was kicked open. He was so frightened that he hurriedly hugged his arms and said in shock, "W-what are you doing! In broad daylight! Don't you have any shame?!"

"No," Yu Wan said. She strode into the room and placed the bloody Little Rakshasa on the bed. She grabbed a piece of clothing and threw it to him without looking sideways. "The situation is very critical! Stop dilly-dallying!"

"You, you, you, you… get out!" Old Cui took the clothes and said angrily.

Yu Wan pulled the screen over and placed it between her and the wooden bucket. Then, she opened Old Cui's medicine box and cut open the clothes that were already stuck to Little Rakshasa.

Old Cui had rarely seen Yu Wan so serious and knew that the matter was serious. He immediately made up his mind and came out neatly dressed. When Old Cui saw that the injured person was a little child who was less than three years old, he was instantly stunned. "Where… where did this child come from?"

"Little Rakshasa," Yu Wan said.

Old Cui was dumbfounded. "It… is Little Rakshasa?"

It was no wonder that Old Cui was so surprised. It was really because Little Rakshasa was notorious. Although he lived in the Chaoyang Hall with it, he did not have the guts to go and admire it.

Yu Wan cut the clothes.

Old Cui took a closer look. "It's seriously injured."

The arrow on its back had been broken by Yu Wan, leaving only an arrowhead on its back. Yu Wan did not dare to move the hook on its lute bone. It was out there openly. Old Cui's head hurt just looking at it. He really did not know how this little thing survived.

"Is there a way to treat it?" Yu Wan turned to ask him.

Old Cui stroked his beard. "If ordinary children were so injured, they would have been hopeless. Fortunately, it's a Rakshasa. It's still breathing. I'll try."

Yu Wan gave up her seat and helped Old Cui. Old Cui first aimed at the iron hook on its lute bone. The hook caught the bone. Only a divine doctor like Old Cui was confident of successfully extracting it.

"Hemostatic powder!" Old Cui said.

Yu Wan poured the hemostatic powder on Little Rakshasa's wound.

"Needle and thread!"

"Medicine wine!"


Yu Wan methodically handed the things to Old Cui. Old Cui meticulously treated the wound in front of Little Rakshasa. After that, there were arrows. This was more troublesome. The arrow had barbs. If it was pulled out forcefully, the flesh would also come out, but it could not be pushed out of the chest. That would cause a second injury.

Old Cui cursed, "Who did it!"

"Can you take it out?" Yu Wan asked.

Old Cui snorted. "If I don't take it out, won't my reputation as a divine doctor be ruined?"

Even so, this was definitely not a simple matter.

Old Cui worked for a full hour. Halfway there, Little Rakshasa woke up and looked at Yu Wan in a daze. Yu Wan held its little hand with one hand and stroked its forehead with the other. She said softly, "Does it hurt?"

Little Rakshasa whimpered and fell asleep again.

Yu Wan frowned and said, "Is it alright if it faints?"

"It's a Rakshasa…" There was no other way. In the current situation, they could only do their best and leave it to fate.


Old Cui collapsed to the ground after the last stitch. He was not tired, but frightened. Who knew how tricky the position of the arrowhead was? If there was any mistake, he would gouge out the little fellow's heart.

Yu Wan fetched hot water and carefully wiped the places that it was not injured. She then changed Little Rakshasa into a set of dry clothes. It was still Xiaobao's. Then, she carried Little Rakshasa back into the house.

Shadow Thirteen and the others did not know that Little Rakshasa had already returned to the Chaoyang Hall. They were still searching for Little Rakshasa in the Nether Capital when the three little black eggs slipped in.

Little Rakshasa lay quietly on the bed. The three little black eggs subconsciously lightened their footsteps and tiptoed over.

Xiaobao whispered to Yu Wan, "Is Little Brother asleep?"

"Yes, he's asleep." Yu Wan nodded.

"Then we won't disturb him," Er'bao said adorably.

Dabao nodded solemnly.

Yu Wan smiled. "Are you hungry? Shall I ask the kitchen to make something to eat?"

"I want to eat Fuyuanzi," Xiaobao said softly, afraid that he would disturb his "sleeping" brother.

"I want to eat, too," Er'bao said even more softly than him.

Mm! Dabao said in his heart.

Yu Wan went to the kitchen and got someone to make a few bowls of Fuyuanzi. The three little fellows were not in a hurry to eat.

Yu Wan said in surprise, "What's wrong? Aren't you hungry?"

Er'bao said sweetly, "We want to leave it for our brother."

Yu Wan's heart melted. She patted their little heads and said, "You guys eat first. Little…" Yu Wan deliberated over her words. Under the clean eyes of the little black eggs, she smiled slightly. "Little Brother will sleep for a long time. When Little Brother wakes up, I'll get the kitchen to make a bowl of hot food."

"This will turn cold. It won't taste good when it's cold." Er'bao was worried that his brother wouldn't understand what his mother meant, so he explained considerately.

"Yes." Yu Wan nodded. "It won't taste good when it's cold. There's food for Little Brother."

Besides, it didn't seem to like this. Only then did the three of them eat the Fuyuanzi in the bowl obediently.

At night, Shadow Thirteen and Shadow Six returned to the Chaoyang Hall. When they heard the news of Little Rakshasa being injured, the two of them were stunned.

"That little thing can be injured?" Shadow Six was in disbelief. What was even more unbelievable was that Yu Wan carried it back to her room. Shadow Six was dumbfounded. "Uh… Does Young Madam know that it's a ferocious little evil thing? Young Master is in seclusion. Isn't Young Madam afraid that it will go crazy and hurt its own people?"

The ferocious little evil thing woke up early the next morning. After suffering such a serious injury, Old Cui speculated that it would be in danger for at least three days. However, when it opened its eyes, it could already sit up.

Yu Wan had been guarding it for half the night and was sleeping soundly.

Little Rakshasa opened its big eyes and looked at the unfamiliar room, then at Yu Wan, who was lying beside him. Finally, he looked at the three little black eggs lying around and opened its mouth in shock.

Little Rakshasa looked around and its gaze landed on Yu Wan's slightly bulging stomach. As if sensing something unusual, it crawled over curiously and stared at Yu Wan's stomach without blinking.

Suddenly, Yu Wan's stomach moved.

Little Rakshasa was so shocked that it jumped up and flashed to a table ten feet away. Its little feet hit the teapot, and the teapot fell down. It hit the teacup again, and the cup rolled a few times. Little Rakshasa scrambled to snatch it, but there was still a "fish that escaped the net" that smashed onto the ground.

Yu Wan was woken up. She suddenly opened her eyes and found that Little Rakshasa on the bed had disappeared. She sat up and looked in the direction where the teacup had fallen. She saw the thin Little Rakshasa standing on one foot on the table in order to avoid the tea that had spilled half of the tablecloth. It held two cups in its left hand and two cups in its right. There was a cup in its mouth. It was confused and guilty.

Yu Wan burst into laughter.

Little Rakshasa stood there in a daze.

Yu Wan lifted the blanket and got off the bed. She put on her shoes and walked towards it. Little Rakshasa took two steps back in a daze. It realized that Yu Wan was still walking towards it and bared its teeth fiercely.

Yu Wan reached out and gently touched its forehead. "It's not hot anymore. You recovered so quickly."

Little Rakshasa froze. In a moment of carelessness, the cup in its hand and mouth fell down. It flew over to snatch it, but Yu Wan hugged it.

Yu Wan said softly, "Don't move around. Be careful not to pull your wound."

Little Rakshasa bared its teeth fiercely.

Yu Wan looked at it gently.

Little Rakshasa bared its teeth again!

Yu Wan was still looking at it gently.

Little Rakshasa… Little Rakshasa bared its teeth, but it was not fierce at all.



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