The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 1039 - 1039 Rebirth

1039 Rebirth


Ye Qiu felt an unprecedented pain as a powerful immortal energy filled every bloodline in his body. However, compared to this pain, the feeling of power brought by immortal energy made ardor and zeal course through his blood.

Under the continuous absorption of the vermilion bird precious technique, Ye Qiu crazily strengthened his primordial world for several months.

The blood in his body began to circulate rapidly, and his body underwent a huge transformation. Blood energy seeped into his body. His clothes were already dyed blood-red, and the king seal between his eyebrows became even deeper.

His entire temperament had undergone a tremendous change.

This was a process of rebirth!

After reaching the realm above the Dao Sacrificial realm, he would truly come into contact with the domain of immortals.


Thousands of Dharmic Dao gathered in his body, and the righteous aura of heaven and earth erupted. His limbs and bones boiled. The Primordial World seemed to have undergone a civilization drill and gradually formed a brand new civilization system.

Here, Ye Qiu was the only master of order. The so-called Primordial World was more like another miniature version of his main body. He used his body to transform into everything and control the laws of heaven and earth.


With a violent sound, the Primordial World finally took shape. After this crazy immortal energy surged in, it became dozens of times stronger.

“Hiss…” Ye Qiu couldn’t help but gasp when he saw this terrifying scene. It could be said that he occupied the right time, place, and person for this breakthrough. The three combined and he became an immortal in one step.

This sense of power was unprecedented. If not for the restrictions of the laws of heaven and earth, Ye Qiu might have directly collapsed this Immortal Palace with his current strength.

“What domineering power! The Righteousness returns to its origin, the righteousness of heaven and earth! The Immortal Demon Record has already been cultivated to the highest realm, and it has also reached a brand new height with the Dao of Blood.”

How to walk the path in the future depended on Ye Qiu. Any immortal technique or secret technique would reach the end after reaching this realm.

There were only two paths to take in the future. One, he would follow the path explored by his predecessors and continue forward. Or, he could comprehend a new path through his own fumbling.

Clearly, the first path could not be taken at all. In the long river of history, how many geniuses were finally buried in the rolling river of history? Even an existence like Celestial Thearch Zhen Wu was unable to take that last step, let alone the others.

Therefore, Ye Qiu naturally wouldn’t walk the path of his predecessors! The Dao of Blood was the best breakthrough point. Of course, Ye Qiu wouldn’t completely follow this path because this law system wasn’t perfect before it was created.

He was the first person to walk this path. He needed to figure out the incompleteness himself and complete it. Only then would it be a true Great Dao of Immortal Ascension. As the first practitioner, Ye Qiu couldn’t ask anyone for help and could only rely on himself.

It could also be said that he was the loneliest traveler on this path to Immortal Ascension.

“Whew,” He took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes. All the surging immortal energy in his body was returned to the Prefecture Sea and gradually calmed down.

The seclusion ended!

The moment he completed his transformation, Ye Qiu’s entire body emitted an immortal aura. This was the characteristic of him successfully stepping into the Immortal realm. Every move he made was filled with immortal charm. He was like a Perfected Immortal, appearing much deeper.

He gently pointed with his finger. In an instant, sword energy flowed between his fingers. It looked harmless, but its sharp killing intent made one shiver. No one dared to underestimate the power of this mini sword energy. Even an expert above the Dao Sacrificial realm of the same level did not dare to ignore it.

After reaching the Dao Sacrificial realm, Ye Qiu’s mastery of sword energy became even more proficient. He could even unleash the sword technique to the limit without the help of any immortal swords.

The only flaw was that after breaking through, Ye Qiu felt uneasy and empty. This might be the hidden danger brought about by the unstable mental state. This was because his breakthrough speed was too fast and his Dao Heart was not firm enough.

Shaking his head, Ye Qiu was a little disappointed. As expected, even a hundred cycles of reincarnation and refinement in the mortal world couldn’t stabilize this fragile Dao Heart? In the end, he had experienced too little. He still needed to temper himself.

When there was enough time in the future, Ye Qiu would think of a way to enter the cycle of reincarnation to refine his heart. At that time, he could completely stabilize his Dao Heart. It was too easy for him to open the Gate of Reincarnation again with his current control over the power of reincarnation. He could do it at any time.

This was good news!

However, now was clearly not the time because the chaos in the outside world was still ongoing, and the whereabouts of the Bewitchment Stone were still unknown. No matter what, Ye Qiu couldn’t let it fall into the hands of the foreign races. It couldn’t even fall into the hands of the cunning old fellows of the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands.

From the information Ye Qiu currently controlled, it was confirmed that someone was hostile to him and even colluded with the foreign realm to issue a bounty on him. Now that the enemy hadn’t surfaced, Ye Qiu couldn’t deal with them. He could only take it one step at a time.

He stood up from under the glass tree. Under his crazy absorption, the immortal energy that had been accumulated in this Immortal Palace for tens of thousands of years had almost been absorbed.

The image of the entire Immortal Palace instantly became much more down and out. It lost some light and dimmed.

However, this did not affect him!

The true power of the Immortal Palace did not lie in the immortal energy it accumulated, but in the fact that it was a rare Paragon divine artifact in the world. Moreover, this wasn’t its peak. If it fused with the small pagoda and recovered to its peak, Ye Qiu didn’t even dare to think about how terrifying it would be.

“How should I take you away?” Thinking of this, Ye Qiu fell into deep thought. If he couldn’t take this Immortal Palace away, it would still be sealed at the bottom of the lake and never see the light of day.

Ming Yue had already headed to the outer realm. If Ye Qiu couldn’t take it away, it meant that Ming Yue had completely lost it. This was a very cruel fact. After all, there was a portion of Ming Yue’s karma in it. It was where the Dao Fruit in her previous life was.

She really needed this part to complete herself and find herself. However, Ye Qiu didn’t have the ability to control this Immortal Palace because the Immortal Palace already had a master. It was impossible for it to acknowledge Ye Qiu as its master.

Just as Ye Qiu was feeling troubled, the fairy statue on the square suddenly emitted a dazzling light. The original glass jade statue was dim, but at this moment, it became abnormally dazzling.

“Mm? This is…” Ye Qiu was stunned. He jumped up and arrived at the square. This sudden change made him at a loss. Could it be that the Immortal Palace’s autonomous consciousness sensed Ye Qiu’s heart and took the initiative to appear?

The fairy statue gradually shed the traces of time and gradually revealed the true body of a beautiful woman.

That was Ming Yue!

Her eyes were ruthless, and there was a natural cold aura without any vitality. She was like an iceberg, keeping people a thousand miles away.

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