The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 114 - Qi Wuhui Dead, Calling For People, Heaven Mending Sect

Chapter 114: Qi Wuhui Dead, Calling For People, Heaven Mending Sect

Everyone knew that Ye Qiu and Tianji Zi had a grudge. Now that Tianji Zi said this, he must be targeting Lin Qingzhu.

Lin Qingzhu knew this very well, but she wasn’t afraid at all. Master had said that the people of Violet Cloud Peak never knew how to lower their heads and admit their mistakes.

Zhao Wan’er also walked out one after another and shouted, “There’s also me, the nineteenth generation disciple of Violet Cloud Peak, Ye Qiu’s disciple…”

Everyone was deeply moved when they saw this. Violet Cloud Peak, this special name had already been deeply imprinted in their minds. Just like the insufferably arrogant Daoist Xuantian back then and the currently famous Ye Qiu. When had he ever bowed his head to anyone? Now, the two little girls standing in front of them still did not lower their heads.

“Respectable, lamentable…” Above, He Wushuang shook his head. If the person standing here was him, he probably wouldn’t be able to do what Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er did where they swore to protect the dignity of her sect and not disgrace her master. Perhaps in their hearts, Ye Qiu’s reputation was more important than their lives.

“Haha…” Tianji Zi laughed loudly and said viciously, “Good, very good. Since you’re all so eager to die, I’ll fulfill your wish. Back then, Ye Qiu humiliated me and ruined my plans time and time again. Today, he’s not here. Today, I’ll make an example out of you. I’ll settle the score with him later…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tianji Zi slashed his sword over. Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er’s expressions were indifferent. Although they were facing death, they did not take half a step back. How could they resist a Paragon expert with their strength?

“Come back!” At the critical moment, Qi Wuhui’s flying sword attacked from afar and blocked Tianji Zi’s strike.

On the other side, a white silk was released from Ming Yue’s sleeve and wrapped around the two of them, instantly pulling them back.

“Go!” Qi Wuhui’s eyes were red as he turned around and roared.

At this moment, he had already activated the Blood Drinking Skill, disregarding the consequences. Everyone knew that once Qi Wuhui used the Blood Drinking Skill, his foundation would definitely be damaged. Furthermore, he was facing Tianji Zi, a Paragon expert who was stronger than him, and had the support of the Strange Origin. If this continued, he would definitely die. However, he still stood in front of everyone.

The disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect cried as they looked at the old figure. For a moment, he looked majestic.

“Martial Uncle Qi…” Liu Qingfeng stretched out his hand and put it down weakly. As the Head Chief Disciple, he believed that he already knew the personality and character of the seven peak masters like the back of his hand. But today, Qi Wuhui’s reaction made him doubt himself for the first time.

“Let’s go…” Under Liu Qingfeng’s command, all the disciples instantly dispersed and prepared to retreat.

But how could Xuan Jizi let the Heaven Mending Sect go easily? One had to know that the Immortal Mountain had suffered heavy losses in the bloody battle just now. This was the time for revenge.

“Attack and stop them. Don’t even think about escaping. No matter who it is today, whoever dares to interfere will be the enemy of my Immortal Mountain.” Xuan Jizi said with a murderous aura. In an instant, he slapped his palm over and looked straight at Liu Qingfeng. If he wanted to kill someone, he would kill the Chief. He did not care about those small fries at all. Only by killing the Chief would it be exciting.

The palm strike almost hit Liu Qingfeng. At the critical moment, Ming Yue attacked again and stopped him. She turned around and said to Yang Wudi, “Take them away…”

Yang Wudi felt extremely aggrieved and wished he could go up and fight. However, now was not the time to be impulsive. Just as Qi Wuhui had said, inheritance was the most important.

“Junior Brother Lu, let’s split up.” He turned around and said to Lu Feng. Yang Wudi raised his spear and stepped forward, killing his way out, preparing to leave with his disciples.

On the other side, Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er had just walked around the edge of death and were still in a state of shock.

Lin Qingzhu’s mentality was still stable. She instantly calmed down and held Zhao Wan’er’s hand. “Junior Sister, follow me closely…” As she spoke, she raised the Monarch’s sword and charged towards an opening.

Unfortunately, she seemed to be the core of this battle. Because of the title of Ye Qiu’s head disciple, she was destined to be unable to hide.

“Catch them…” Li Daoyuan said with killing intent. He had to repay all the humiliation Ye Qiu had given them today.

“Hmph, one or two. What’s the difference? Come on! Today, I want to fight ten…” Ming Yue blocked them domineeringly and forced several people back with a palm. She stood in the sky with the aura of a female God of War. She actually blocked all the elders of the Immortal Mountain alone, preventing them from chasing after Lin Qingzhu and the others.

Xuan Jizi was furious. “B*tch, attack together and kill her.”

A battle was about to break out. This bloody battle caused the heavens to collapse and the earth to crack, razing this mountain to the ground.

“Haha… Qi Wuhui, you dare to stop me?” In the sky, Tianji Zi roared with laughter and said arrogantly.

A black aura surrounded his body. The Strange Origin kept devouring his soul, causing him to gradually become deranged. Holding the sword in one hand and holding his forehead with his left hand, Tianji Zi laughed like a demon god.

Qi Wuhui felt the pressure multiply. He knew that it was impossible for him to defeat Tianji Zi. However, Meng Tianzheng wasn’t around, and Ye Qiu’s whereabouts were unknown. As the disciplinary elder of the Heaven Mending Sect, the master of a peak, and a peak-level Cardinal expert, he no longer had any way out.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Qi Wuhui replied loudly without retreating at all.

Tianji Zi mocked, “An ant trying to shake a tree. How laughable.”

“No, an ant trying to shake a tree. I think it’s better to change from laughable to respectable.” Qi Wuhui responded domineeringly and activated the Blood Drinking Skill with all his might.

In an instant, all his blood essence was burning, and his strength increased rapidly. When he reached a certain realm, he seemed to have entered a legendary realm.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this.

“This is… a Paragon?”

“How is that possible…”

Everyone looked incredulous. Qi Wuhui had actually broken through to the Paragon realm at this moment?

Only He Wushuang, who had truly seen this secret technique, understood that the reason why Qi Wuhui could reach this realm was because he burned his blood essence and used his life as the price to forcefully raise his realm to the early-stage of the Paragon realm.

This was his limit. The consequences were also very serious. The damage to one’s body after forcefully crossing a major realm was unimaginable. Regardless of whether he won or lost this battle, there was a risk of him dying.

“Senior Brother!” Sensing Qi Wuhui’s Paragon aura, Yang Wudi’s eyes turned red as he shouted weakly. He was already extremely angry in his heart. He knocked back the group of Immortal Mountain elders in front of him with a spear and shouted angrily, “Leave. Leave as many as you can.”

No one knew better than them the impact of the Blood Drinking Skill. They were filled with grief and indignation.

Tianji Zi looked at Qi Wuhui coldly and frowned when he felt his aura rising. “Haha, since you’re courting death, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

The outcome of a battle between a Paragon and a pseudo-Paragon had long been decided. Back then, the battle between Ye Qiu and Tianji Zi was also a Paragon and pseudo-Paragon.

Tianji Zi had no power to fight back at all. This was the suppression brought about by his realm. Although Qi Wuhui used the Blood Drinking Skill to forcefully break through, he did not have the Supreme Body. This determined the gap between the two of them.

“I’ll see how you can be arrogant!” Tianji Zi slashed his sword over, and the Paragon aura instantly erupted. In an instant, the entire wasteland shook.

Everyone turned pale with fright. Facing the pressure of the Paragon might, they subconsciously lowered their heads and did not dare to look straight at it. The domineering and ferocious sword energy instantly slashed in front of him. Qi Wuhui’s eyes were red as he met it with his sword.

With a loud bang, the mountain collapsed.

“Pfft…” Qi Wuhui spat out a mouthful of blood. He was severely injured after just one exchange of blows.

Tianji Zi didn’t give him any chance to react. In an instant, he slashed out with his sword again. He launched a fierce attack on Qi Wuhui. In his strange domain, Qi Wuhui was suppressed everywhere and felt terrible.

“Not good. At this rate, Senior Brother will be in danger.” Yang Wudi said helplessly as he watched Qi Wuhui being suppressed.

However, the enemy in front of him had yet to be dealt with. The difference in strength was too great, so he could not help Qi Wuhui.

On the other side, Ming Yue had also fallen into a trap. She was already at a disadvantage against the Immortal Mountain’s experts.

In the current situation, the Heaven Mending Sect had almost completely collapsed. Only a small number of disciples broke free and escaped. Most of the remaining people were still surrounded and could not break free.

If this continued, there would only be one outcome waiting for them. They would be completely wiped out.

Yang Wudi’s face was ashen as he looked at the disciples in front of him who were injured one after another. He took out a communication talisman from his chest. This was a very special communication talisman. Every master had one. Only when they encountered an incident like the extermination of a sect could they crush it.

Yang Wudi looked at the communication talisman in his hand and crushed it without thinking.

Call for people!!!

At this moment, in the Jade Pure Hall of the Heaven Mending Sect, Meng Tianzheng suddenly stood up. After a moment of silence, that old face was instantly filled with killing intent. His face turned ashen and anger surged in his heart.

“Immortal Mountain! How dare you bully my Heaven Mending Sect…” With that said, Meng Tianzheng instantly arrived at the ancestral hall.

A few minutes later, hundreds of figures flew out from the back mountain and headed straight for the Land of Silence.

Among the seven factions, figures kept following. At this moment, almost the entire Heaven Mending Sect was mobilized.

The Land of Silence.

A bloody battle concerned the life and death of the two Holy Lands.

After the Immortal Mountain elder discovered that Yang Wudi was calling for people, he crushed his communication talisman and did the same thing. They were bound to fight to the death today. Either the Immortal Mountain would disappear or the Heaven Mending Sect would be eliminated from today onwards.

“Kill them!” Yang Wudi roared angrily. He might as well let go. After sending out the communication talisman, he raised his spear and cut off his escape route.

Lu Feng also turned around domineeringly. “Haha… Senior Brother Yang, let’s have a good time today. I haven’t experienced such an exciting battle in hundreds of years. My blood is really boiling.”

With a Longtaitou, Lu Feng instantly killed the Immortal Mountain elder in front of him. He entered the encirclement alone and killed another round. It was like the hot-bloodedness of an old man.

Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er also returned one after another. They looked at each other and nodded in tacit understanding. The disciples of the six factions had already joined the battle, so how could Violet Cloud Peak be missing?

Lin Qingzhu held the Monarch’s sword and fought with many disciples of the Immortal Mountain. She was not at a disadvantage and killed countless enemies. The blood dyed her white clothes red, and for a moment, the situation actually reversed.

However, all of this was because Qi Wuhui had forcefully changed his fate. If he lost, the situation would be reversed again.

The pressure immediately came to Qi Wuhui. He saw his junior brothers, junior sisters, disciples, martial nephews, and so on.

Qi Wuhui held his forehead and roared with laughter. “Haha… Tianji Zi, even if I die today, I will skin you alive first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qi Wuhui hid his jade sword and concealed his edge.

Tianji Zi frowned, not knowing what was so special about his sword.

Suddenly, Qi Wuhui suddenly drew his sword, and the sword energy that had been hidden for a long time instantly erupted. For a moment, Tianji Zi was caught off guard. Many wounds appeared on his body, and even his arm was cut off.

Tianji Zi was furious. He was careless for a moment and did not notice the profundity of Qi Wuhui’s Hidden Edge Sword, allowing him to make the first move.

“Damn it! Die…” Tianji Zi was furious. He waved his arm, and the arm that had been cut off instantly recovered.

In his anger, he suddenly stepped forward and erupted with all his might. He pressed Qi Wuhui’s head to the ground.

Qi Wuhui fought back with all his might. However, in the face of absolute strength, all his resistance seemed very powerless.

Tianji Zi pulled out his sword and stabbed it into Qi Wuhui’s Life Spring.

Qi Wuhui felt a sharp pain in his heart and spat out a mouthful of blood. His foundation had been completely destroyed. However, he did not want to give up yet. He picked up the flying sword weakly and left many wounds on Tianji Zi’s body.

Tian Jizi, in his anger, ignored any attacks from Qi Wuhui and directly stabbed him to death on the Gobi Desert.

As the last sword stabbed towards Qi Wuhui, his aura finally dimmed.

Everyone felt Qi Wuhui’s life force weaken and looked over with red eyes.

“Senior Brother…” Ming Yue’s face was covered in tears, and her eyes were desolate. This arrogant and narrow-minded senior brother had ultimately died in order to save them…

“Martial Uncle…”

All the disciples shed tears. Qi Wuhui’s life force had already begun to dim, indicating that… he was about to die.

“Father…” Qi Hao charged over from the crowd. His eyes were red and lifeless. He looked at Qi Wuhui’s old corpse as if the sky had collapsed. He wanted to rush over, but he was stopped by Yang Wudi.

Qi Wuhui was already dead, but Tianji Zi was still there. If he went over now, he would definitely die in Tianji Zi’s hands. He did not want Qi Wuhui’s only bloodline to die just like that.

“Haha… Let’s see who can stop me?” After killing Qi Wuhui with a single strike, Tianji Zi quietly watched as his life dried up and laughed loudly. That black aura had already completely occupied his heart. Evil… had finally bewitched his mind.

Once Qi Wuhui died, no one could stop him from killing. His red eyes were glowing. He turned around and locked onto Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er in the crowd.

Lin Qingzhu’s face turned pale. She knew very well that they would be the next to die. However, there was still no fear in her heart. Her straight body and snow-white dress were already dyed red. They were very touched. They did not expect that their Martial Uncle, who had always made things difficult for them, would be willing to sacrifice himself to save them. They could only repay this favor with their lives.

“Junior Sister, are you afraid?”

Zhao Wan’er smiled and replied, “With Senior Sister by my side, I’m not afraid of anything.”

Lin Qingzhu also smiled. The two of them walked out hand in hand. They both knew that Tianji Zi’s target was them. Since that was the case, why hide anymore? They might as well stand out.

In order to protect them, Qi Wuhui had already died. They did not want to sacrifice any of their elders because of them.

Ming Yue was extremely anxious when she saw them walk out generously. She wanted to stop them, but Xuan Jizi kept pestering her and she could not get away at all.

Tianji Zi sneered as he watched them walk out and said viciously, “Very good, it saves me the trouble of looking for you one by one. The two masters of Violet Cloud Peak have repeatedly ruined my plans and humiliated me. Today… I’ll use the two of you as sacrifices to wash away my many years of humiliation.”

Lin Qingzhu refused to be outdone and said, “If you want to kill or torture me, come on. Cut the crap.”

“Arrogant!” Tianji Zi was furious and instantly slapped his palm over, wanting to kill Lin Qingzhu on the spot.

How could the two of them withstand a palm strike from a Paragon?

At this moment, everyone only had one thought.?It was a pity for these two stunning and talented girls.

At this critical moment, a sword from beyond the heavens suddenly flew over and instantly knocked Tianji Zi back.


Everyone present was shocked. They saw a white-robed old Daoist with a sage-like demeanor walking over from the sky.

Ming Yue and the others’ hearts trembled when they saw the old Daoist. They said in surprise, “Martial Uncle Xuanyi…”

The person who came was none other than the Heaven Mending Sect’s Grand Elder, Daoist Xuanyi, who was in the same generation as Daoist Xuantian. He was an early-stage Paragon realm expert.

Ever since Meng Tianzheng succeeded the throne, he had been guarding the ancestral hall in the back mountain for many years. He focused on cultivation and broke through to the Paragon realm. He would only take action when the sect was in danger.

Yang Wudi did not expect Meng Tianzheng to invite him out.

Suddenly, several lights flickered in the sky, and hundreds of experts appeared in the sky. All of them were dressed in the Heaven Mending Sect’s Daoist robes. They glared at the people from Immortal Mountain.

“Gasp… So many Cardinals?”

Everyone present was shocked. Who would have thought that the Heaven Mending Sect, which had always kept a low profile, actually had such a deep foundation? In the densely packed group, other than Cardinals, there was also a large group of Hidden Life Five Realms experts. Who could withstand such a foundation?

Another light flashed. Everyone looked.

“Meng Tianzheng! He actually came too…”

The moment they saw Meng Tianzheng, the crowd erupted.

This Perfected Meng, who was once the most famous and fiery-tempered person in the Eastern Wasteland, had restrained his temper after taking over the Heaven Mending Sect and had not left the mountain for a hundred years.

Unexpectedly, he actually went down the mountain today. He brought hundreds of Cardinals and even a Grand Elder of Paragon realm.

On the Heavenly Abyss, Meng Tianzheng had a cold expression on his face. He arrived beside Qi Wuhui’s corpse with a single step. He protected his soul and prevented it from spreading. The fiery temper that had been accumulated for many years seemed to have been unsealed at this moment.

Meng Tianzheng gently put down Qi Wuhui’s corpse and said calmly, “Kill…”

With an order, hundreds of experts instantly attacked, intending to kill all the disciples and elders of the Immortal Mountain.

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