The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 15 - Me? Anything Will Do

Chapter 15: Me? Anything Will Do

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However, she was a little worried now. Ye Qiu gave the Violet Cloud Sword to her. Then what would he use?

This Violet Cloud Sword could be said to be the only treasure on Violet Cloud Peak that could be considered a sect’s face. Now that Ye Qiu had given it to her, it meant that Ye Qiu didn’t have a sword to use.

Lin Qingzhu walked forward with a puzzled expression and said, “Thank you, Master, for bestowing this sword upon me. This sword is very handy for me. But Master, you gave the Violet Cloud Sword to me. Then what will you use in the future?”

The moment this question was asked, Ming Yue also looked over curiously. Violet Cloud Sword was Violet Cloud Peak’s most powerful treasure. In the past, Martial Uncle Xuantian viewed it as more important than his life. Ye Qiu actually gave it to his disciple. Then what will he use? Without the sword, how could he compete with the other masters in the future?

Ye Qiu was startled. “Me?”

At this moment…


[You gave your disciple a supreme-grade treasure, the Violet Cloud Sword. You triggered the Critical Hit Return.]


Ye Qiu smiled. It has finally come.



[Congratulations on triggering the highest multiplier. 10,000 fold return and obtain Cloudy Heavens Immortal Sword.]

Ye Qiu was stunned. He looked at the Immortal Sword in the system and was shocked.

“Ten thousand times! Immortal sword! What the heck…” He’d directly obtained an immortal sword? This was a supreme immortal treasure!

Everyone looked at Ye Qiu, waiting for his reply. After a while, Ye Qiu finally recovered and looked at them. He smiled and said, “Me? Hmm… anything will do.”

As he said that, he took out the immortal sword from the system. Instantly, the immortal aura was overwhelming, and the entire training hall was filled with sharp sword intent. That force pressed down on everyone, making it hard for them to breathe.

“This…” In an instant, Ming Yue stood up from her seat, her face filled with shock. “It’s actually an immortal sword…”

How was this possible? Why did he have an immortal sword? Moreover, judging from its grade, this was still a supreme-grade immortal sword. Heavens! Ming Yue had been completely overturned. That peak master of Violet Cloud Peak whom she had always looked down on actually had such a precious treasure in his hands. Furthermore, his cultivation was not as useless as she had imagined.

Was he still human? During these ten years, he had never bothered to refute all the rumors and insults directed at him. What was he thinking? 

Ming Yue suddenly felt a bit of admiration. Ye Qiu’s character was too terrifying. This was perhaps the mentality that a cultivator should have. He looked down on all living beings and tolerated all living beings. Even though he was hearing vulgarities, he did not bother with them. This was his tolerance and disdain for commoners.

What was even worse was that he clearly had an immortal sword in his hands, yet he still spoke to them seriously. And saying that “anything will do”. What the f*ck? If you can give me “anything” too.

This was an immortal sword, an immortal treasure that even those ancient Holy Lands and great clans of the primordial era could not bring out. How can you say that “anything is fine” with a straight face?

Ming Yue had a mental breakdown and wanted to curse out loud.

Compared to Mingyue, Lin Qingzhu and Su Ya were much more direct. Especially after they heard Ming Yue say that it was an immortal sword, their mouths were wide open.

“My God! Is this the rumored immortal sword that can slay a Great Emperor with one strike? How is this possible? Why does he have an immortal sword…” Su Ya exclaimed in shock.

Lin Qingzhu was overjoyed because no matter what treasure Ye Qiu had, it was her master’s. She felt happy and proud of her master. However, when she thought of what Ye Qiu had said just now.

The corner of her mouth twitched. She did not expect her master to have such a bad taste. But she loved it.

“Hehe, Master, can I see this immortal sword?” Lin Qingzhu walked over curiously.

Ye Qiu handed her the sword and let her play to her heart’s content. No matter what, she was still his disciple, and he had to pamper her. Besides, the sword wouldn’t spoil just by looking.

As Lin Qingzhu carefully touched the fierce sword intent that came from the sword, she was extremely shocked. Merely this immortal sword possessed sufficient might to crush any person in the Jiaozhu realm.

After playing with it for a while, Lin Qingzhu returned the sword to Ye Qiu. This belonged to her master. Even if her master gave it to her, she would not accept it. She was already very satisfied that her master gave Violet Cloud Sword to her, so how could she dare to ask for anything more?

Ye Qiu’s expression didn’t change even after taking back the Cloudy Heavens. This made Ming Yue have a whole new level of respect for him. The news nowadays is getting more and more fake. In the future, if anyone dared to say that the peak master of Violet Cloud Peak is a piece of trash in front of me again, I would slap him to death. I probably wouldn’t even be able to last ten rounds against him with his current strength.

“I’ve heard that the Violet Cloud Peak is a place with many treasures. Now, it looks like it’s not false at all! Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I congratulate you on obtaining an immortal sword here. With this immortal sword, I’m afraid there’s no one in the entire sect who can match your strength. I hope that Junior Brother will protect me more in the future.” Ming Yue said ambiguously.

Ye Qiu faintly smiled. “Senior-apprentice Sister is too modest! Why would you need my protection with your strength? Even the Sect Master respects you. How could I possibly dare to boast in front of you?”

Ming Yue’s eyes dimmed. This was the second time she had doubted her own appearance. Because Ye Qiu was still unmoved by her goodwill. She could not help but wonder if this man did not like women.

“My dear disciple, your friend came all the way here to play with you. You have to treat her well. Go and play. Take her out for a walk and see the beautiful scenery of our Violet Cloud Peak. Go and catch up. We’ll talk about cultivation tomorrow. There’s no hurry…” Returning to the topic, Ye Qiu said lightly.

Lin Qingzhu nodded. “I understand, Master. Come on, Yaya. I’ll show you around.”

At this time, Suya was still in a dazed state. It was only after Lin Qingzhu dragged her out of the training hall that she realized what was happening.

After walking far away, she was completely unable to remain calm. She grabbed Lin Qingzhu and asked, “Qingqing, tell me honestly. Did you already know that your master possesses exceptional skills and has been hiding his strength all this time? Is that why you took him as your master?”

“No!” Lin Qingzhu shook her head.

“Then how did you…” Su Ya couldn’t figure it out. Liu Qingfeng had told them about the First-Seat of Seven Peaks before. Why did she go up the mountain when she knew Ye Qiu’s reputation was bad?

Lin Qingzhu continued, “At that time, all of you had a home to return to. Only I had nowhere to go. My heart was like ashes. Only my Master gave me hope. Perhaps my Master took pity on me and took me in.

“You have no idea how desperate I was back then. If Master hadn’t brought me back to the mountain, I would probably be a labor disciple now. On the way back to Violet Cloud Peak, I was thinking that my master gave me hope when I was in despair. No matter what, I must repay my master.

“After that, I went up the mountain! Master saw that I was slow-witted and took out elixirs that he couldn’t bear to eat, changing my constitution. Not only that, Master also imparted to me ten years of his cultivation. Now… he even bestowed the Violet Cloud Sword to me.

“Even now, I still feel like I’m dreaming. I’m very glad that I’ve met a master who truly treats me well.”

Su Ya’s expression darkened, even though she was happy about her best friend’s good fortune. But… for some reason, she felt disappointed. Even though Ming Yue treated her very well, she was nothing compared to Ye Qiu. She even had a thought. Why wasn’t she the one chosen, but Lin Qingzhu?

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