The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 26 - You Want Me To Be Your Master?

Chapter 26: You Want Me To Be Your Master?

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She had only brought Little Ling with her because she had escaped this time. She did not even have any guards with her. So to avoid unnecessary trouble, she wore a veil to cover her face. If not, she might not even be able to leave this restaurant once her ravishing beauty was revealed.

An hour later.

On a plain, Zhao Wan’er’s carriage stopped by the side of the road. Little Ling looked at the wasteland in fear. “I think we’re in trouble, Princess.”

Zhao Wan’er poked her head out from inside and glanced at the depths of the wasteland. A pair of blood-red eyes was staring at them.

“Why are there beasts here?” Zhao Wan’er was extremely confused. The various immortal sects, holy lands, and the experts of the three great dynasties all came out to sweep through the Eastern Wasteland.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for there to be any wild beasts left out when there’s so many experts to wipe them out.

They had never encountered anything like this on their way here and were instantly flustered. She did not bring any guards with her this time. She only had Little Ling by her side. However, Little Ling was only at the ninth level of Qi Mastery.

As for her, she had yet to begin cultivating. Because she had been used as a tool for marriage right from the start, she had no chance to cultivate at all. Only her brothers had that chance.

This was also the reason why she wanted to find an immortal sect or holy land to be their disciple.

“Red Serpent?”

The red-striped snake flicks its tongue in the wilderness as it coldly stares at them.

Zhao Wan’er’s heart trembled. She knew that things weren’t looking good.

“Princess, run! I’ll stall it.” Little Ling said firmly. Although she knew that she could not defeat the Red Serpent, she still had to protect the princess. Ever since she was sent to the palace by her family, she had been following Zhao Wan’er. Zhao Wan’er treated her like her own sister and protected her very much.

She was very grateful. Now was the time for her to repay the princess. So how could she retreat?

“Princess, hurry and leave!” Little Ling turned around and spoke to Zhao Wan’er as she pulled out the sword from her waist and got out of the carriage

However, Zhao Wan’er didn’t move and only smiled faintly. As if she’d come to accept the bitter truth, she said in a flat tone, “We won’t be able to leave! The Red Serpent is extremely toxic and extremely swift. How could prey that it’s targeted possibly escape?”

She did not regret it in the slightest. Rather than returning to that cold Imperial Palace and surrendering to her fate to marry, perhaps death would be a form of release.

“Little Ling, leave. Don’t worry about me.”

Little Ling was at the ninth-stage of Qi Mastery realm. If she ran at full speed, she would have a chance. However it was almost impossible for Zhao Wan’er. She decided that she might as well stall it and try to save Little Ling’s life. It was not in vain that she had followed her for so long.

“No, princess! Even if I die, I won’t abandon you.” Little Ling was losing control of her emotions. The sword in her hand was trembling. She was afraid, but she stood in front of her.

Swish! The grass let out a sound, and the Red Serpent moved, swiftly rushing towards them.

Little Ling’s expression was solemn. She was just about to slash out when a white light suddenly came from afar and accurately struck the Red Serpent.

“Hmm?” Zhao Wan’er was just about to close her eyes and wait for death when she suddenly noticed a white figure appearing in the distance, and was quickly charging over.

When she got closer, she realized that it was actually a beauty. Her beauty was not at all inferior to hers.

Zhao Wan’er’s eyes immediately lit up. This beauty had a very pure and cold aura, completely different from her style.

With a sword in one hand and her hands behind her back, she stood valiantly like a female Sword Immortal.

Zhao Wan’er gasped in surprise.

“It seems like we don’t have to die anymore…” Zhao Wan’er smiled. There were already quite a few immortal disciples nearby. Perhaps they sensed the aura of vicious beasts and hurried over.

After being struck by the sword energy, the Red Serpent hissed, indicating its fury. As it stared at Lin Qingzhu, a ball of flames shot out from its mouth.

Lin Qingzhu was expressionless. The Violet Cloud Sword in her hand spun, and a lotus flower mark instantly formed, blocking the flames.

The Red Serpent turned around and crawled into the grass, wanting to escape, after seeing that the sneak attack had failed. However, how could Lin Qingzhu let it leave so easily? This was her first opponent since she started cultivating. It was the test her master set for her.

“Where are you going?” With a cold shout, Lin Qingzhu charged forward. Sword energy reverberated as it clashed with the Red Serpent.

At the same time, another figure appeared and instantly arrived beside the carriage, watching the battle with interest.

Zhao Wan’er looked at him in surprise and suddenly thought of something. Dressed in white, accompanied by a peerless beauty, with a jade pendant and a spirit jade on his waist. Could it be? Was it really him? Isn’t this world too ingenious? They were just discussing Ye Qiu a moment ago, but now they met?

“This young master, could you be Heaven Mending Sect, Violet Cloud Peak’s master, Ye Qiu?” Zhao Wan’er gracefully took off her veil, smiled and asked curiously.

Ye Qiu turned his head to look at her and asked, “Oh, you’ve heard of my story?”

It really was him. Zhao Wan’er was secretly delighted. She was just guessing. She didn’t expect him to really be Ye Qiu.

Zhao Wan’er looked closely at Ye Qiu and was even more shocked. He was just like the rumors. He was handsome and had an extraordinary temperament. He was like an immortal from heaven, peerless and independent.

Zhao Wan’er smiled knowingly. She brushed her hair and said, “Rumor has it that the master of Heaven Mending Sect’s Violet Cloud Peak is an extremely young master. He is handsome and has an extraordinary temperament.

“He once heavily injured two experts in the Hidden Life realm with one strike, then killed the giant ape and took away its precious bones.

“It can be said that he had shocked all, his name known throughout Great Desolate.

“I’ve been exclaiming in admiration for a long time, and I’ve always been thinking about when I’ll be able to see him in person and witness his glory.”

Ye Qiu stared blankly. Were news nowadays spreading so quickly? It had only been a few days and this matter had already spread to this place?

“Hmm, how do you feel now that you’ve met me?” Ye Qiu said calmly. He didn’t reveal any happiness.

Zhao Wan’er couldn’t help but look at him in a different light. Normal people would be secretly delighted to be praised like this, but Ye Qiu didn’t. It could be seen how steady his heart was, already reaching a state of peace with oneself.

Thinking of this, Zhao Wan’er’s heart suddenly trembled. Wasn’t this the master she was looking for?

She had seen many experts, and there were many in the Imperial Palace. However, she valued human nature more, so she had never taken a master. Now that she saw Ye Qiu, she suddenly had the thought of becoming Ye Qiu’s disciple.

Zhao Wan’er blinked her eyes and slowly said, “My thoughts? It really is as the legends say, truly breathtaking…

“Senior, do you have any intentions of accepting a disciple?”

Ye Qiu was stunned. He turned around and looked seriously into Zhao Wan’er’s eyes. “You wish to acknowledge me as your master?”

“Yeah.” Zhao Wan’er smiled gently. She had been to almost all the immortal sects and holy lands.

However, in the end, not a single one of them was satisfactory. Originally, they were still planning to look through the last Heaven Mending Sect. If they still couldn’t find a master that they were satisfied with, then they could just randomly choose one.

Coincidentally, she happened to meet someone she was quite satisfied with. Wouldn’t it be a pity if she missed it?

Ye Qiu looked at her seriously. This girl was naturally beautiful, and had a gentle and elegant personality. In some aspects, she even surpassed Lin Qingzhu. Her aptitude was not bad! He could still use it after some modifications.

Ye Qiu lightly said, “Yeah, sure! Although your aptitude is average, it’s not impossible to teach.”

Zhao Wan’er was delighted. She thought of something and asked curiously, “Aren’t you going to ask about my background?” She was very confused. Ye Qiu took in a disciple so why didn’t he ask about the disciple’s background? Moreover, he didn’t care about aptitude.

Ye Qiu said, “When I take in disciples, I never look at the background. I only look at fate. Even if the other party comes from a humble background, I will still teach them if they have the heart to learn.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Zhao Wan’er instantly felt even more admiration in her heart.

Along the way, she had seen the personalities of many experts. Those people either placed great importance on their backgrounds or their aptitude. Only Ye Qiu didn’t care about these two things.

Zhao Wan’er immediately decided that she had to have this person as her master.

“Disciple Zhao Wan’er greets Master.” Zhao Wan’er immediately paid her respects, afraid that Ye Qiu would change his mind.

Even Little Ling was surprised. She knew her princess very well. Everything that she had done was done after careful consideration. This was the first time she had seen such a hurried apprenticeship.

“Alright, get up!” Ye Qiu was secretly delighted and said calmly.

He had long wanted to take in another disciple. After all, it would be a waste to rely on Lin Qingzhu alone to use the system.

I didn’t expect that I would get one for free after making a round here. Not bad, not bad. My luck was truly amazing.

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