The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 34 - Our Child Has Grown Up, He's Much More Filial

Chapter 34: Our Child Has Grown Up, He’s Much More Filial

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On the second floor of Xunyang Pavilion, the three of them sat down.

Zhao Wan’er couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Senior sister, do you know the Immortal Mountain’s Li Changkong? How is he?”

The last time she went to Immortal Mountain, she didn’t see Li Changkong because he had already left the mountain.

“Li Changkong…” Lin Qingzhu pondered for a moment and said, “Yes, I’ve seen him before. He’s a dirty old man with a messy beard. He was present when we encircled the Purgatory Giant Ape the last time. At the same time, the master of the Sky Water Peak of the Heaven Mending Sect, Perfected Ming Yue, was present.

“The experts from the great clans were present as well. Master took away the precious bone and escaped unscathed under the encirclement of many experts.

“That old man saw that Master’s strength was astonishing and wanted to get close to him. However, Master did not give him a good look and turned around to leave. That old man was so angry that his face turned black.”

Zhao Wan’er covered her mouth and beamed when she heard this. She had heard of that battle, but unfortunately, she wasn’t present and couldn’t personally witness her master’s exceptional style.

What a pity.

At this time, Guangling City’s Xiao Clan.

“Father, Mother, have some tea… Come, I’ll wash your feet. You’ve worked hard.”

Xiao Zhan looked at his filial son in confusion. Was this still his son? Why did he seem like a different person after a month of traveling? Why did he know how to dote on his parents?

“Yi’er, did you get into trouble outside?” Xiao Zhan asked seriously.

There must be something wrong with this abnormal situation. He felt that Xiao Yi must have caused some trouble outside and deliberately pretended to be filial to let him solve it. No matter what, he was still his biological son. If he really caused any trouble, Xiao Zhan would not ignore it.

Xiao Yi stood up immediately when faced with his father’s doubts. “Father, what kind of person do you think I am? I know that you have worked hard and have done so many things for me. I just want to show my filial respect to you. I’m so sad that you thought of me like that. ”

Xiao Zhan’s heart trembled after seeing Xiao Yi’s sad expression. Did I really wrong him? He had become sensible after a trip?

Wu You patted Xiao Zhan’s shoulder and complained, “You are so silly. It is not easy for my son to be sensible for once. But you said those words to dampen my mood.”

Xiao Zhan felt wronged and did not dare to say anything. However, he knew his son very well. With his understanding of his son, he could not be like this.

“Exactly. Exactly.” Xiao Yi grinned and immediately squatted down. “Mother knows me best, unlike my father who only knows how to suspect me. Come, Mother, I’ll wash your feet. You’ve worked hard.”

Wu You was flattered by her son’s sudden filial piety. She felt gratified that he was doing his part. “Good son, I didn’t dote on you for nothing.”

“Hehe, if you like it, I’ll wash your feet every day.” Xiao Yi suggested.

“What nonsense are you spouting? My son is an indomitable man who wants to do great things. How can you stay at home every day to wash my feet? I am already very satisfied with your kind intentions. My son has finally grown up.”

Wu You’s eyes were filled with love. She was very touched by her son’s filial piety.

Xiao Zhan stroked his beard and nodded when he saw his son washing so seriously. It didn’t look like it was fake. This child was finally sensible. “Well, it looks like he’s finally grown up after this trip.”

They did not know that Xiao Yi was so filial because of one person. How could one know that the great Young Master Xiao became so miserable after a few days. He had completely disgraced Liyang’s hedonistic young masters.

“Alright, Father, I’ll wash your feet too. You’ve worked so hard for our Xiao family for so many years. It’s time for me to show filial respect to you.”

“You’ve worked hard.” Xiao Zhan smiled in satisfaction and nodded, enjoying being served by his son. “Yes, my son has finally grown up.”

The moment he took off his boots, that pungent smell immediately came and Xiao Yi almost fainted.

“Ah… Ye Qiu and I are irreconcilable enemies.” He cursed in his heart, but there was nothing he could do.

Xiao Yi could only brace himself and wash his father’s feet. The filial piety he could think of was limited to this.

After washing his feet, Xiao Yi carried the basin and said, “Father, Mother, I’m going back to my room to train.”

“Yes, go. Good son…” This was the first time Xiao Zhan had heard that Xiao Yi was going back to train on his own accord. Xiao Zhan was smiling in his heart.

In the past, he was the one who forced him to cultivate. Today, he actually took the initiative to cultivate. He really did not know what he had gone through this time to be able to make a rich playboy who only knew how to eat, drink, and do nothing growing up overnight.

After Xiao Yi left, Xiao Zhan was very curious about his experience in the past month. He called Wang Hai and Elder Xu over.

When he heard the two of them explain to him about Xiao Yi meeting Ye Qiu previously, Not only were they not angry, but they were also overjoyed.

“Really? Haha, Madam, shouldn’t we thank him properly?”

He knew that Ye Qiu was joking when he said he would come to the Xiao Family to see if his filial piety was fake. He was a dignified peak master, a Hidden Life expert. How could he have the leisure to verify these small matters?

As a Hidden Life expert, Xiao Zhan saw through Ye Qiu’s intentions. At the end of the day, he was only giving Xiao Yi a chance to become a human again.

Clearly, Ye Qiu’s intention had been achieved. Xiao Yi had indeed been frightened out of his wits and was working hard to get into the character setting that Ye Qiu had set for him.

In the past, his son was an out-and-out playboy. He was arrogant and despotic, and only knew how to cause trouble. However, after coming back this time around, not only did he restrain himself a lot, he became more filial. He didn’t even go out to play anymore.

Xiao Zhan was very grateful. He didn’t expect Ye Qiu’s words to be equivalent to saving his son’s life and his Xiao clan. If he continued to be such a playboy, the Liyang Xiao family would probably be completely cut off when he passed away in the future and the Xiao family was handed to Xiao Yi.

For the sake of this inheritance problem, Xiao Zhan thought hard for a long time but ultimately didn’t know how to make his son pull himself together. Unexpectedly, Ye Qiu only needed one sentence to wake him up.

Wu You suggested, “Yes, I think it’s necessary. Honey, next month is the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting. Should we express our gratitude and prepare a few generous gifts to send up the mountain?”

Xiao Zhan stroked his beard and smiled. “Okay, it’s settled! Perfected Ye has given my son a new life. We have to properly express our gratitude. Moreover, the Heaven Mending Sect is a well-known immortal mountain in my Liyang realm. The other party is the head of a peak, so his status is illustrious. We can take this opportunity to express our good intentions to him.

“Currently, in Guangling City, all the great family clans already have the support of sects. The Yang family has Immortal Mountain, the Lin family has Zhulu Academy. Only our Xiao Family does not have an ally that we can rely on. I think the Heaven Mending Sect is very suitable.”

As expected of the clan leader, Xiao Zhan was able to analyze the pros and cons with just a few words.

He then said to Wang Hai, “Elder Wang, prepare a few precious gifts and bring them to the Violet Cloud Peak. Our gifts might not be of much use to an expert like Perfected Ye, but they are still useful to his disciples. This is also a form of goodwill from my Xiao Clan.”

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