The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 754 - 754 I'm Worried That You're the One Who's Beaten Up

754 I’m Worried That You’re the One Who’s Beaten Up

“Alright! I’ve made up my mind. It’s decided.” Ye Qiu braced himself and insisted.

However, Yaya, who had always listened to him, was abnormally resistant today. She was unwilling to accept it. “Master, I have never dared to disobey you, but today, you insisted on imparting your cultivation. I will not obey you even if I die.”

Yaya’s eyes were filled with tears as she said with an incomparably firm gaze. Ye Qiu’s heart trembled when he saw how insistent she was.

“Yes, Big Brother! I don’t agree either.” Bai Junlin also said. After a while, he continued, “We have many ways to break through the bottleneck. There’s no need to use the cultivation impartation method.

“If there’s really no other way, I’ll go to the netherworld. I don’t believe that I can’t find an immortal medicine to help Yaya break through her bottleneck.” Besides, if you really want to impart cultivation, you don’t have to impart yours. I can impart mine. Anyway, I’m not fighting for anything. I can’t win against those people in any case.

“But you’re different. You’re the most stunning existence in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, able to be on par with Fairy Ming Yue. Once you lose your cultivation, how many years will it take to make up for it? This time is too precious. We can’t waste it.”

Bai Junlin’s consideration was very good. His words couldn’t help but make Ye Qiu’s heart tremble in surprise. At some point, this kid had already treated him as his faith and followed him to the death. In his heart, Ye Qiu’s cultivation and reputation were even more important than his life.

Seeing this, Ye Qiu was very gratified. At least the people around him were worth his effort.

“Haha!” Seeing their intense reaction, Ye Qiu smiled helplessly. It was definitely impossible to use force in this situation. He could only use soft tactics. “Sigh… How should I put it?”

After thinking for a moment, Ye Qiu changed his attitude and comforted them with a smile, “Alright, I know your worries. It’s actually not that serious. Let me put it this way. The path I’m walking is a path that no one has dared to walk since ancient times. I must have my reasons for doing this. You won’t understand the profundities.”

As soon as these words were spoken, their emotions returned a little. They immediately understood why Ye Qiu was so determined to impart his cultivation.

“Eating the energy of heaven and earth, spitting out the aura of all living beings, nourishing blood energy, and accumulating life energy. This is the breathing technique of heaven and earth, the foundation of the technique.” Ye Qiu casually said a few words that even he might not be able to understand as an excuse and continued. “Don’t worry, no matter how much cultivation I impart, it will ultimately return to my body from different places. This way, not only will it not affect my cultivation, but it will also greatly increase my cultivation. This is a cycle!”

“What! As soon as these words were spoken, Yaya was at a loss, but Bai Junlin revealed a surprised gaze. He was not a novice cultivator, but an out-and-out genius. “There’s actually such a magical technique in the world?”

Bai Junlin was shocked. He didn’t expect Ye Qiu to have such a magical immortal technique. After spreading the power in his body, he absorbed it from different places and was reborn after this cycle.

This was a qualitative change. If that was true, how terrifying would it be? Now, he suddenly understood why Ye Qiu had such astonishing strength at such a young age.

“Big Brother, is what you said true?” Bai Junlin confirmed in disbelief.

Ye Qiu hurriedly nodded when he saw that he believed it. Hehe, yes, yes, yes. That must be true. Otherwise, why would I need this system? What a joke. He was not lying. It was indeed the cultivation he had imparted that could be returned from the system, and it was even increased.

There was nothing wrong with saying that.

Seeing Ye Qiu nod, Bai Junlin immediately became excited and hurriedly said, “Girl, what are you waiting for? Hurry, this opportunity can’t be missed. It won’t come again.” Hearing this, Ye Qiu finally heaved a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, Bai Junlin’s following words made him speechless. “Hehe, that’s great. After he’s done imparting it to you, he can impart it to me, too. I’m rich.”

Ye Qiu was instantly dumbfounded. Did this kid think so quickly? That wouldn’t do. How could he pass it to him without getting a return? Moreover, the cooldown period for imparting cultivation was very long. During the cooldown period, no matter how much you imparted, it would not trigger the return. That would be a huge loss.

“Hey, hey… What nonsense are you spouting? There are conditions to impart cultivation techniques. Usually, ten years or a hundred years is a cycle. You can only impart cultivation when the heavenly secrets mature. Otherwise, it will have a huge impact on your mental state. You can’t impart it casually.” Ye Qiu said it so profoundly that Bai Junlin didn’t quite understand.

“There’s such a thing?” It was a pity. Bai Junlin rolled his eyes. It seemed like he wouldn’t be able to eat this wave of benefits.

Seeing that he was a little disappointed, Ye Qiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He thought to himself that this kid had done so much hard work along the way.

Forget it, I might as well teach him lightning techniques now.

“Alright! Let’s not be discouraged. How about this? I see that you don’t have much skills. Every time you fight an opponent of the same realm, you will often suffer a huge loss. Today, I’ll teach you a heaven-defying lightning technique to compensate you.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Bai Junlin was instantly amused. He cast a disdainful gaze and said, “Big Brother, you’re joking with me, right? What lightning technique? You’re still too inexperienced to play with lightning in front of my Bai Ze Clan.”

Speaking of this, he was incomparably confident and completely arrogant. What a joke. His Bai Ze Clan relied on this divine power to make a living. How could he not be proud? How could he survive in this world if he didn’t even have this bit of confidence?

“Big Brother, I admit that your sword techniques and saber techniques are indeed not bad. However, forget about this lightning technique. I’m still very confident in this aspect.” Bai Junlin looked like he didn’t believe Ye Qiu and was very proud.

Ye Qiu was amused when he heard this. “Is that so?” He revealed a meaningful smile and said, “Why don’t we spar?”

“Come on, I’m not afraid of you. I might be afraid of other things. I’ve never lost in lightning techniques.” Bai Junlin was also interested. Seeing this, Ye Qiu knew that the time to beat this guy up had arrived.

He hurriedly stood up and stretched his muscles. He could let this kid broaden his horizons today and train him well. At the same time, he could beat him up to relieve the pressure.

Yaya looked at the two brothers in confusion. Why were they fighting? “Master, Second Uncle, you…”

She was just about to stop her when Bai Junlin turned around confidently and said, “Girl, don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. I won’t hurt your master.”

The corner of Yaya’s mouth twitched when she saw his serious expression. She muttered in her heart, I’m worried that you’ll be the one getting beaten up. She was too familiar with her master. Usually, when her master revealed such a smile, he would definitely have a chance of winning and was prepared to trick people.

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