The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 780 - 780 You Have a Crush on Me?

780 You Have a Crush on Me?

Ye Qiu didn’t have the heart to care about that. He turned around and chased after her, wanting to see what the light Ming Yue was chasing was.

The two of them passed through the barrier at the same time. Ming Yue’s movement technique was extremely fast. Even if Ye Qiu used his Kun Peng Treasure Technique, he couldn’t catch up.

After the two of them passed through the barrier, they saw an incomparably desolate world. Here, there was yellow sand everywhere. The aura of ancient decay surged over, and many rotten weapons were buried in the yellow sand. The bones had already been corroded by time and appeared especially cold on the wasteland.

“Where am I?” Ye Qiu stopped and didn’t continue exploring. He didn’t know what Ming Yue was chasing.

There was a bright moon in the sky that illuminated the ground. Under the moonlight, a white figure stood in the yellow sand and looked up at the moon. That extreme light was already in her hand.

“Senior Sister!” Ye Qiu called out experimentally. Ming Yue didn’t react at all. There was no change in expression on her beautiful face. She seemed to be meditating, feeling the changes in the laws of the world and entering a strange realm.

Sensing this, Ye Qiu didn’t disturb her anymore. Instead, he silently watched. The faint light in her palm seemed to contain an endless power that was being continuously absorbed by her.

“What’s that?” Ye Qiu was puzzled. Back then, when Ming Yue left, she said that she wanted to enter the Primordial Mine and find her branches.

Judging from her actions, she seemed to have found some of her branches. That ball of extreme light seemed to be what she had once lost here.

Ye Qiu walked closer and discovered that the thing that emitted a strange light in her hand was a small glass pagoda. The little pagoda had intelligence. Even though half of the top had been cut off, that terrifying power still gave Ye Qiu an extremely terrifying pressure.

“Immortal Emperor Treasure?” Ye Qiu was shocked. Such a shocking divine artifact, even if it was already broken, could still have such a terrifying pressure. At its peak, it was at least an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, right?

Seeing this, Ye Qiu was shocked. Could it be that Ming Yue’s predecessor was once an Immortal Emperor? Was this the holy artifact that she had once lost here?

After being grabbed by Ming Yue, the little pagoda no longer struggled. Instead, it slowly obeyed and became much more docile. After meditating for a long time, Ming Yue finally woke up. In the next second,

Ming Yue suddenly opened her eyes with a bang, and a terrifying aura instantly erupted.

“Extreme Heavenly Venerate realm.” Ye Qiu was shocked. In just a breath, Ming Yue’s cultivation had reached the Extreme Heavenly Venerate realm. Moreover, Ye Qiu vaguely saw a faint open fire. It was a divine fire that only the Dao Sacrificial realm could ignite.

She had already begun to ignite the divine fire? At this moment, Ye Qiu couldn’t remain calm. Was this guy cheating? I used a hundred million years of cultivation to reach this realm, but you only meditated and reached it in one step?

Indeed, cheaters were simply unreasonable.

Ye Qiu never thought that the cultivation realm he had painstakingly surpassed would be surpassed by Ming Yue the moment he turned around.

The embryonic form of the divine flame had already appeared. Next, Ming Yue only needed to comprehend the profundity of the Dao Sacrificial realm to completely ignite the divine flame and reach the Dao Sacrificial realm.

Once that happened, the Eleven Heavenly Sanctums would fuse with the Dao. With her potential, she would reach a new height. At that time, no one above the Dao Sacrificial realm would be her match.

“Pervert!” He couldn’t help but curse in his heart. One had to know that Ye Qiu hadn’t ignited his divine flame yet. In fact, the embryonic form of the divine flame hadn’t even taken shape.

Ming Yue’s meditation made him fall into a difficult situation again, and the pressure increased again. After temporarily absorbing the power of the little pagoda, Ming Yue let out a long sigh of relief. Her exhausted body was slightly weak, making one’s heart ache.

A smile finally appeared on her cold and ruthless face as she looked at the small tower in her hand. Clearly, she was very satisfied with this outcome and silently put away the small pagoda. She had discovered this small tower in the sealed land. After she dealt with the ancient demon beast, she wanted to recuperate in the sealed land for a period of time.

Unexpectedly, she accidentally discovered this small pagoda in a ruin. Perhaps it was fate, Ming Yue had successfully taken back the intrinsic Dharma artifact that once belonged to her and the lost part of herself.

Her Dao seemed to be even more perfect. Currently, she only needed to silently wait for Ming Yue in the mortal world to ascend and reach the same height as her. Once the two of them successfully fused, they might really be able to break through to the legendary Immortal King realm.

Ming Yue roughly understood why she had made this choice back then. This was an extremely difficult path, but the benefits it brought were also huge. If she could complete her Dao technique and reach a perfect level, she might be able to break through the Longevity Calamity.

After thinking for a short moment, Ming Yue finally turned around and saw Ye Qiu standing silently behind her, guarding her. Her heart couldn’t help but tremble.

“Why are you here?” Ming Yue was stunned. She thought that she was hallucinating. She took a few more glances to confirm that it wasn’t an illusion and was a little puzzled. Shouldn’t Ye Qiu be bringing Yaya on the million-mile trial path?

Looking at her puzzled expression, Ye Qiu shook his head and smiled bitterly. “Senior Sister! You really make me worry. You dare to barge into the Immortal Ancient Ruins alone. Don’t you know that it’s very dangerous inside?”

Ming Yue was secretly delighted when she heard Ye Qiu’s reprimand. Then, she straightened her face and said seriously, “It’s none of your business.”

Ye Qiu was instantly rendered speechless. “Alright, alright, alright. I was being nosy.”

Ming Yue looked at Ye Qiu’s reaction and felt inexplicably happy. She thought to herself, “He’s worried about me?”

Ming Yue was in a good mood after subduing the little tower. A smile appeared on her face. She was actually joking. She said, “Something’s wrong with you. Could it be that you have a crush on me? You knew that I was in danger and specially came over to save the damsel in distress?”

Ye Qiu was stunned. He looked at Ming Yue in disbelief. Damn it, is this still the senior sister I know? Her image had collapsed. Did anyone care?

This familiar teasing, expression, and actions were more like something only Ming Yue in the mortal world would do. Ye Qiu couldn’t tell if this was truly Ming Yue.

“Senior Sister, are you alright?” Ye Qiu was at a loss. He went forward and touched her forehead, then his own. She wasn’t sick. Why was there a problem with her? It must be because of this small pagoda that the personalities of the two people had fused a little.

That had to be it.

Ming Yue also sensed that something was wrong with her, and her pretty face suddenly turned red. However, she did not care much. She had always been casual and dared to take responsibility. She pushed Ye Qiu’s hand away and returned to her usual coldness.

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