The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 561 - No, I’m Too Poor To Lend You Money

Chapter 561: No, I’m Too Poor To Lend You Money

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The more Huo Ningxin was willing to spoil Fu Zhi with money, the more she was willing to scold Li Nanli.

Her voice was exceptionally sharp, and both Fu Zhi and Li Nani were stunned.

Huo Ningxin asked Fu Zhi, “Do you know that he’s a girlfriend?”

“Erm… Yes?” Fu Zhi replied.

Then, without waiting for Fu Zhi to say anything, Huo Ningxin went straight into the point and began her lecture, “You’re a girl, so you should know how to love yourself. Why do you have to stick your nose into other people’s relationships? Miss, I don’t want you to be another person’s replacement. Besides, my daughter-in-law is the prettiest woman in the world. She looks just like a fairy, and you… You’re just above average, so what makes you think that you can compete with her for my son?!


“Just name your price. How much is it enough for you to leave my son?”

“It’s not about money…”

‘I’m Fu Zhi…’


“Five million,” Huo Ningxin said.

“Madam, you’ve got it wrong. I—”

“Fifty million.”

“Alright, I’ll stay away from your son,” Fu Zhi said as she took her phone out, “You wire the money to me through WeChat, or you can transfer the money into my bank savings account, or you can just open me a cheque. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”

Li Nanli became speechless.

Just when Huo Ningxin was about to give Fu Zhi the money, an arm appeared in the video and took Fu Zhi’s phone away.

Huo Ningxin frowned and asked, “What do you think you’re doing, you ungrateful prick?”

Fu Zhi lifted her head and looked at him.

Li Nanli did not reply to Huo Ningxin. Instead, he grabbed Fu Zhi’s chin.

“Zhizhi, my heart is not good,” he said, “Do you want to become a widow at such a young age?”

Fu Zhi could feel the heat from his fingertip.

He switched on the light inside the car, and Fu Zhi squinted her eyes against the warm yellow light.

It was only now that Huo Ningxin saw Fu Zhi’s face clearly.

“Zhizhi? Aren’t you supposed to be at school right now? How did you get to Myanmar? Not only that, but you’re with Nanli? What is going on?”

“I’m here for a stone gambling festival,” Fu Zhi replied flatly.

“Stone gambling?” Huo Ningxing frowned.

‘Could it be that she doesn’t have enough money, so she went to Myanmar to earn pocket money through stone gambling?’

When the thought surfaced in Huo Ningxin’s head, she asked, “Are you a little short of cash lately?”


Huo Ningxin felt Fu Zhi was really such a good girl when she heard her reply. Even though she was tight on cash, she still assured her that she was fine. Just when Huo Ningxin was about to tell her daughter-in-law that she could tell her anything including her problems since they were family, she heard Fu Zhi continue in calmly, “It’s not just lately.”

Fu Zhi did not want people to misunderstand her economic conditions. “I’ve been always short of cash.”


Huo Ningxin became speechless, and she felt even more sorry for her.

“Ask Nanli to give you some money. He has so much money that he doesn’t have know how to spend,” Huo Ningxin said. After that, she turned to Li Nanli and asked, “How are you feeling now.”

She was talking about the assassination the other days. Although it had caused quite a big commotion, nobody dared to inform her until Li Nanli had recovered.

“I’m feeling pretty good now,” Li Nanli replied as he played with Fu Zhi’s finger.

“Is there anything you want to ask me?”

“I guess no more.”

“Well, I’m hanging up, then. I have to entertain my girlfriend now.”

Huo Ningxin became speechless.

‘I’m your mother, you ungrateful son! How can you not want to talk to your mother? What is the thing that causes our mother and son relationship on the verge of breaking?’

Huo Ningxin looked at Li Nanli expressionlessly and said, “Can’t you talk to me for a little longer? I haven’t seen myself laughing so much in a long time.”

Fu Zhi and Li Nanli did not know what to say.

‘Then who’s the one who has to do a gastroscopy for laughing too much at a comedy show?’

“Listen, mom. I’m bonding with your daughter-in-law right now, so we don’t have to bond anymore and I can marry her directly and have a baby after she graduates from her school.”

Huo Ningxin fell into silence.

‘Well… You’ve got me there.’

She snapped herself out of her thought and replied, “Then, what are you still waiting for? I would be dead by the time you have a baby judging from your speed. Hurry up and do what you’ve to do!”

After that, she hung up the call, and silence once again returned to the car.

Li Nanli broke into a gentle chuckle as he stuck his hand into his shirt pocket, his fingers rummaged for a cigarette.

He was forbidden from smoking when he was serving in the military and he only got addicted to smoking after he took over the Li Corporation.

He lit the cigarette up, and a faint smell of tobacco filled the car.

Fu Zhi glanced at him and he was stunned. He thought for a moment and stubbed out the cigarette.

Fu Zhi had a hunch that Li Nanli was not in a good mood right now. However, she did not have the time to ask him as she could see Zheng Qu behind them through the rear mirror.

She took a piece of milk candy out of her pocket. Then, she grabbed Li Nanli’s hand and put the candy on his palm. “This is for you.”

The atmosphere inside Fu Zhi and Li Nanli’s car was intimate, but it was a whole different world for Zheng Qu and his group.

“Hurry! Hurry!” Zheng Qu shouted. He was behind Zhuang Mo, and both of them had been staying on the line ever since the match started. “D*mn it! We’re so close!”

Zhuang Mo said, “He drives like the driver I met the other day.”

Zhuang Mo was nearly pushed off the cliff by that driver that day. He did not say it out, but it did not mean that it did not leave him with psychological trauma.

For a professional racer like him, it was considered taboo to have fear of his opponent. After all, once the seed of fear began to sprout in his heart, he would not be able to make any breakthrough in his career anymore.

That was why Zhuang Mo was so hellbent on looking for the driver. He wanted to have another match with her or learn from her to overcome the fear in his heart.

“He was ambushed by the Phantom Lord that time! There’s no way he could be the driver! Just stay calm. You’ll be alright!”

In the meantime, Li Nanli was staring at the milk candy on his palm.

Just when they were about a hundred meters away from the red line, Fu Zhi unbuckled her seatbelt, crawled over to Li Nanli’s side, and planted a kiss on Li Nanli’s lips, causing his heart to race hard.

“Li Nanli,” she said, her voice gentle and seductive, “I’ve already given what you ask for.”

‘So, don’t be sad anymore.’

The veins on Li Nanli’s hand that was grabbing the steering wheel bulged. From his angle of sight, he could seemingly see stars in her beautiful eyes.

He smiled at her and said, “Okay.”

As he was talking, just when the yellow sports car was about to overtake him, he stomped on the gas pedal, and the purple sports car dashed forward.

“Wow, that’s so cool!” The woman beside Zhuang Mo exclaimed, but she soon shut her mouth after she saw Zhuang Mo’s face.

After they had crossed the red line, they came to a steady stop in the parking area. Then, they waited for a while longer before the rest of the young masters slowly arrived one after another.

Some of them then came out of their cars and went up to Li Nanli, “Congratulations, President Li. I didn’t know that you’re not only good at darts but you’re also good at racing!”

“That’s a nice match, President Li. Ms. Fu is good at cooperating with President Li as well, unlike my partner. She started to shout and scream the moment the match starts.”

“It seems like this is not the first time Ms. Fu participates in a car race. She doesn’t seem afraid at all!”

“Could it be that Ms. Fu has someone inside the Fu Corporation, so she has been driving around in the Fu Corporation’s sports cars?”

“Nope. I don’t know anyone from the Fu Corporation,” Fu Zhi said, “Besides, I’m too young for a driving license and I’ve never driven any car before. Honestly, I was terrified as well.”

Li Nanli rubbed her head, pulled her into his arms, and comforted her, “Alright, alright. I promise you I won’t drive that fast anymore next time.”

Fu Zhi then replied emotionlessly, “Then I will try my best to overcome my fear.”

One of the young masters chimed in, “Really? It seems to me that you’re not afraid at all.”

“Well, I suffer from poker face disorder, so you guys won’t be able to see any expression on my face.”


The group of young masters became speechless.

Li Nanli rested his chin on Fu Zhi’s shoulder. He tried his best to keep himself from laughing but he failed. Fu Zhi pinched the back of his hand and reminded him, “Can you be professional a little bit?”

“Sorry,” Li Nanli said, still giggling, “I’ll try my best to keep up with you and not to laugh.”

Li Nanli knew Fu Zhi did not want these young masters to learn about the relationship between her and the Fu Corporation. Just as Fu Zhi remained silent towards the group of young masters, Li Nanli took over the key from the referee and reluctantly opened their handcuff. Then, he walked up to Zheng Qu and patted his shoulder.

Since they were standing quite far away, Fu Zhi could not hear what they were talking about, and she only saw his face suddenly turn ashen pale.

After a short while, Li Nanli returned.

While the rest of the young masters bid Fu Zhi goodbye and went away, save for Zhuang Mo.

He psyched himself up and approached Li Nanli, “President Li, can I have a few seconds of your time? Do you happen to know about the driver who owns the same sports car like this one and has participated in the race in Mount Qiu Ling the other days?”

Li Nanli lifted his brows and asked, “Why are you looking for her?”

Zhuang Mo’s eyes lit up. “You know her? If possible, can you give me her phone number? She’s the coolest driver I’ve ever seen in my life. I would really want to learn how to drift from her so that I win the world tournament!”

Fu Zhi did not know what she should say.

“Nope. Cannot. She’s not free,” Li Nanli replied. “She’s pregnant.”


Fu Zhi and Zhuang Mo were stunned.

“If there’s nothing else, please see yourself out, Young Master Zhuang,” Li Nanli continued.

Zhuang Mo was speechless. He did not want to leave, but there was nothing he could do.

Li Nanli turned back to Fu Zhi and said, “I’ve asked Gu Yanqi to prepare a gift for you, so wait here for a while.”

Then, he made a call to Gu Yanqi and asked him to bring the gift over.

While they were waiting for Gu Yanqi, Fu Zhi’s phone rang a few times from the embassy as well as the police station.

Fu Zhi answered the call from the embassy first.

The moment the call was connected, Fu Yuan went straight into the point, “Finally! I’ve been looking everywhere for you, niece!”

Fu Zhi fell silent for a moment before saying, “Who are you?”

“I’m Fu Yuan, your uncle. I carried you when you’re a baby and I’ve fed you milk before, remember?”

Fu Zhi did not reply.

Fu Yuan then continued, “You used to have a gold locket hanging around your neck when you’re a kid, remember? I took it away because I need money for my business, but then I didn’t compensate you for the gold locket when the business was successful and you cried for a few days because of your stupidity, remember?”

‘Oh, I remember it now. That stingy uncle.’

“So? What do you call me for?” Fu Zhi asked, her voice turned even colder.

“Well, here’s the thing. I’ve come across some troubles lately, and…”

“Nope. I’m too poor to lend you any money,” Fu Zhi interrupted before he could finish the sentence.


Then, just when she was about to hang up the call and put him on her blacklist, he hastily said, “Hey, hey, hey! Hold on for a second! I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about Matthew!” Fu Yuan hastily said, “I’m sure you know that Matthew has fallen into the net, right? However, after he was sentenced to death in the first trial, he made unrepentant remarks to the interviewer while being transferred, which caused public outrage and made him a hot topic on social media at home and abroad. In response, we want him to participate in a live recording and make him apologize for the crime he committed. We’re sure that he won’t cooperate, so we might need your assistance.”

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