The Oracle Paths

Chapter 885 Who Is The Monster? (Part 3)

Chapter 885 Who Is The Monster? (Part 3)

The Water Spirit Shield that Jeanie had been sustaining was abruptly extinguished, and the Mana Storm that was being kept outside of it rushed in, burying Jake inside. His body collapsed on the spot, merging with the Mana Storm.

"Is he dead?" The quietest angelic creature of the three suddenly asked, a dreadful pang of foreboding chilling his blood for the first time in his life. His appetite seemed to be history.

The Mana Storm suddenly condensed around its body, huge spikes of Mana shooting through it as if it had been thrown into an iron maiden. A huge hand composed of millions of separate Mana coalesced just above and slammed into the monster with the sheer destructive power of a 100 kiloton nuclear warhead.𝐟r𝑒ℯ𝘄𝐞𝙗nov𝚎𝙡. 𝑐𝘰𝘮

As the chaotic Mana titan finished taking shape, four enormous translucent, blue-electric wings reminiscent of the fairy wings of a dragonfly or a butterfly unfolded behind its back: Fairy wings. Jeanie's Wings.

An orb of crystalline light thousands of times brighter resumed its place between the titan's eyes, then scattered again, this time for good. His Aether Soul Core would not return.

Several supremely pure Aether and Soul filaments appeared above the two corpses. There was white, red, orange, yellow... but also black. It seems that his Oracle Device had not automatically activated its Aether Compression functionality to absorb and purify this Aether. His Aether and Soul Tribute bloodline ability had not been triggered either!

"How did the situation get so out of hand so quickly?

The corrupted Schwazen then concentrated all his energy in his eyes in an attempt to peer into the chaotic darkness of the Mana Storm making up this terrifying entity. Peeling off layer after layer of Mana as if it were an onion with utmost concentration, the fiendish creature's face dropped as his eyes fell upon another body inside the titan.

Around this body that was now nothing more than a stomach and a long small intestine suspended in the air, there were dozens, hundreds of Grade 4, 5 and 6 Aether Sun Cores and Aether Cores burning away. Whether it was the conflicting energies of the Mana Storm or the Aether contained in these Cores, it was being sucked in with the voracious appetite of a black hole.

Ignoring its mysteriously unhealing wounds, the impaled angelic creature condensed a ring of sharp black light around its throat, and decisively sliced its head off. The head rolled to the ground, continuing to bleed, and the Virtue shrieked in frustration. It couldn't even flee.


His heart was not beating, he was not breathing and his blood was not circulating in his veins. He didn't feel the need.

'Xi, where are you?!'

Jake didn't react immediately. He had just realized where this incredibly relaxing sense of silence came from. It wasn't Xi's silence, but something else much more burdensome.

Not only could he no longer detect his Oracle Device, but the liquid alloy forming an intricate network of microscopic circuits in his body was also nowhere in sight. There was no trace of it.

If he really had to say what it reminded him of... The image of a Digestor flashed immediately in his mind.

Jake finally opened his eyes. The Celestial City appeared in his field of vision, the Mana Storm not within sight. The city and its indestructible buildings were intact, true to their reputation.

He was alone.

To this already flattering and inhuman physique four translucent fairy wings of many shades of blue were attached to his back, as well as a steady halo of bluish light radiating continuously from his entire body. His wings were not "cute" at all. Their sharp, streamlined shape made them both majestic and intimidating. They were natural weapons.

The psychic wave spread rapidly at the speed of light over several million kilometers, mapping the entire solar system and it was only in a certain direction where it collided with a gigantic and impenetrable spiritual barrier that it finally dispersed.

Their eyes met and a dead silence settled.

When Jake asked himself the question, he finally noticed his claws covered in dried silver blood and a flood of memories suddenly surged in his mind.

His body convulsed on the floor, shock quickly decomposing his face as he discovered the incredible truth.

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